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3holesslutwhore 19F  
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12/18/2018 2:31 am
My daddy steve

In my one post I say yes v sluts love hard cocks of daddies like dora slut s Steve mmm I m correct kiss kiss

cervantes4444 50M
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12/19/2018 3:24 am

yes see you me cock is hard

cum2daddy20000 57M  
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12/19/2018 8:55 am

Three way part 1

Dora, the whole family is in the living room and you're mom gets up to go upstairs to bed, as she is doing she turns her head and says have a good time boy's and carrys on. You're brothers mohanji and robin are sat at the table and your spread out on the floor playing on your iPod ALL you are wearing is a little skirt White boob tube too and white knickers (no bra as you don't wear them).

I'm sat in my chair looking right up your small skirt at your panties, BITCH get over here and you do as you're told like the good SLUT that you are Dora. Come up and sit on my papas you do so, we are now facing you're brothers, with one hand it move it to the hem of your skirt and part your legs and move it on to your panties and pull them tight to your little TWAT.

The boys eyes are feasting on your knickers, daddy Steve move my other hand to you're top and slips it under it feeling your tiny orange size TITS boy come closer I shout and before you know if they are both sat right up to us, licking there lips, SLUT you like mohanji and robin looking at your CUNT covers panties don't you and you just now and say yes daddy Steve. I start to run a finger up and down up and down your camel toe slit and lifting your boob tube up allowing your little tits to the air and carry on playing with them

To be continued

cum2daddy20000 57M  
142 posts
12/19/2018 12:26 pm

Three way part 2

Keeping running my finger up and down her crease, daddy Steve pulls you're knickers to the side exposing your bareless CUNT to your older brothers with me parting the sluts FUCK hole I sink a finger in her o so tight box and finger FUCK it, ooooooooooooo yessssssssss daddy Steve, she says.

After a while of that, I say to both the lads to sink a finger in each at the same time, so the too follow my orders and begin fucking you're whorthless body with them. So as the five fingers (2 off mohanji and 2 off robin and just the one of me) Keep bring you off, I say to robin stand up and strip for your SLUT of a sister and in no time at all he's naked as the day he was born the only thing that had grown was his hard cock. Come around here and give the bitchs mouth your meat and he does so, I tell your other brother mohanji the same and he too follows suit, your licking and sucking each in turn.

As they are both fucking you're whorthless mouth, I pull my hard throbbing PRICK out and run it around you're sweet twat before working my knob in those lips then thrust up into the little whore HARDER and FASTER RAMMING HARDER and FASTER, it's not too long before both boys are shooting there hot CUM in your fuck face mouth and down your throat, at around the same time I feel my SPUNK surging up my shaft to explode my HOT THICK CREAMY SPUNK DEEP in you're hairless oven.

ALL four of us panting like FUCK from cumming so much, in a few minutes I say to mohanji to go over and clear the table, me and your brother will bring the SLUT over, we both get a hold of one of your arms and your legs and bring your suspended naked body to it. Once we lay you down on it you immediately fling you're legs open and wide and can't wait for her daddy Steve's PRICK and mohanji COCK entering the slutty mouth to both FUCK it.

Robin is soon between your legs working his COCK around you're fuck box then rams it home in one and POUNDS away at your CUNT going deeper and deeper thrusting so hard in you until he can feel his cum bubbling in his BALLS before firing into you're CUNT of a body, both brothers swap places and mohanji force's his COCK deep in you're bitching CUNT hammering away bringing his whole pole practically out then thrust hard burying himself right in you before he too flood's your CUNT full. Finally it's daddy Steve's turn to what your brains out, as I manuver into place I don't piss about and thrust hard ALL the way in until I'm BALL'S deep in you're caused TWAT, RAMMING and pounding, thrusting DEEPER and DEEPER FASTER and HARDER slamming my meat away up into you're fucking whoreless naked body, that's screaming out for more and more, when you can between taking turns having you fuck Face rammed and filled, my daddy Steve's boiling HOT THICK CREAMY SPUNK blast's out filling your twat time and time again and again.

cum2daddy20000 57M  
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12/19/2018 12:30 pm


3holesslutwhore 19F  
40 posts
12/19/2018 8:10 pm

Thanks my fuckers daddy Steve and bros. Love u all and ur hard cocks really I m lil teen family bitch mmmmmm Mommy thanx too u mmmmmm

3holesslutwhore 19F  
40 posts
12/20/2018 3:09 am

Mom's hot love

cum2daddy20000 57M  
142 posts
12/20/2018 4:44 am

VERY nice my asain little BITCH, daddy Steve likes it

cum2daddy20000 57M  
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12/20/2018 6:03 am


Just a brief note to see if you want this to happen to you SLUT, Dora you're in your flat on the third floor, when you're mobile phone rings, on answering it BITCH you hear my voice. I tell you to go to you're living room large window, you do like the little FUCK toy that you are, looking out and I tell you to look down of and you see me at my car.the voice tells you to take your blouse off so that daddy Steve can see your tiny tits,

You tell yourself that you don't want to do that, but you also know that you have to follow ALL my orders from daddy Steve, and so you undo it and let the silk blouse fall from your worthless body, you're orange size TITS are on view to me now and I tell you to play with them.

As you are doing as your told, you hear me say good my BITCH, now undo and let that little skirt that you have on (an order is an order). So SLUT you do as your told once again and you're little skirt drops, so now the only thing you have on is in your little pale blue panties. I say you know what to do with them and soon the are on the floor with your skirt.

Now stand with your legs apart and start playing with you're useless twat with your other hand and put the phone in the crack of your neck so that you can still hear daddy Steve. Good now start finger fucking yourself now BITCH, as your doing so, I just say Dora think of the amount of people watching you right now lol don't stop unless I tell you so, and I want to see you CUM, your not far from your first arnt you WHORE.

cum2daddy20000 57M  
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12/22/2018 6:13 am

Woke to have fun

Dora, you woke the morning of the same day that you was well fucked by your daddy and both of you're brothers at the night time until nearly next morning. As I say you woke up, (naked like I had told you to start doing) thinking how good would it be/feel to have your daddy Steve and you're brothers fucking you (little did you know as you was going to find just how it felt later for real).

Your slutty mind began telling you to play with you're FUCK SLUT body, and you're hands are soon doing that, you begin roaming them over your little TITS playing with them, pulling and twisting the nipples before one hand leaves and starts to slowly travel down over your naked whorthless body, down over your slender stomach down to you're thighs running you're hand up and down them, not touching you bare CUNT yet, up and down it goes again and again, then finally it makes full contact on your FUCK hole.

Moving you're hand ALL over it gently, circle after circle before slowly running a finger down you're little slit, up and down up and down up and down it goes rubbing your sensitive CLIT and you know how much that gets you going don't you BITCH. You reach over to you're bed table and brings out one of your mom's dildos that she had given you, (you remember that it was STILL fresly coated in her FUCK juices when she did).

Bringing it to your body running it around and around you're orange sized TITS then snaking it down to play and tease you're CUNT, then begin to start working it around and pushing it in, the feeling as the firmness start's to fill you're box as you slide it in further and further, stopping STILL and wishing that it was daddy Steve's PRICK swelling you're twat that belongs to him. Before withdrawing it then reinserting it, now you starts to really FUCK it HARDER and FASTER RAMMING it DEEP in like daddy Steve does, (you're being so rough because that's how you like it).

BITCH after bringing yourself off so many times you let it finally slip out then you bring your legs right up and aim it at your arse hole, the dirt hole that daddy Steve had took its virginaty away only a few nights ago. CUNT you push and push it in until it's half way in, you didn't want to go as far as I had gone in, and you began to FUCK that hole nearly as rough that you had done to you now soaking wet CUNT hole, once again you brought yourself off before finally resting you're exhausted body on the bed but STILL tracing your hands over your TITS and CUNT. (Not even contemplating how used and recless you're whole body and FUCK holes would be like later lol).

3holesslutwhore 19F  
40 posts
12/23/2018 11:06 pm

mmmm thanx daddy Steve ccvv

cum2daddy20000 57M  
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12/24/2018 7:12 pm

Not grandfather's again

SLUT you was in your room getting ready for college, you whore exactly what ALL your family had told you to always wear and that is a short skirt White blouse or boob tube they don't have to say not to put a bra on because you never wear one at ALL and a pair of little white knickers and if not white then pail pink or pail yellow.

You mom shouted up that grandfather had phoned, like he does once every week to see if my BITCH would go around to either get a few things or do a few jobs before you carry onto your collage. As always mom checked you out, see could clearly see your little orange sized TITS and she pulled you're skirt up night by turning the waist band.

That's better Dora, your right now SLUT to go out, as you walk down the street, you hear the familiar wholf whistles like you hear everyday. Eventually go arrive at his home and let yourself in, he was going to have some porage and was going to ask you to go for some, then he had remembered that there was some but it was put away on the top of the shelves and he couldn't reach, so he asked you SLUT.

He never could stop staring at her and especially dressed like how she was, (little did Dora know that when her mom was your age that she was your grandfather's house SLUT), just like you are for your whole family. He liked looking at your little nipples as they poked out the fabric of your blouse, Dora there's some steps here, use these. Slowly you made your way up them, of course you're little skirt rode up leaving your knickers clearly on show, and your grandfather could clearly see you're slutty camile toe.
(To be continued)

cum2daddy20000 57M  
142 posts
12/25/2018 12:38 am

He soooooooooo wanted to run his tongue up and down your FUCK slit or do the same with your fingers or both, but ALL he did was look and put his head practically up to your panty covered CUNT to sniff the sweet aroama. FUCK BITCH you retrieved the pack of porrage and came back down the steps, your skirt some how snagged on them, making you lose your balance, thus ripping your short skirt.

You fell right into you're grandfather's arm's and he had made sure that one of his hands cuaght you right in the space between your sweet ARSE and TWAT, making sure he reamed you once there. O look Dora you're skirts ripped, take it off and that he will see what he can do (ALL the time thinking about seeing your knickers longer. SLUT you begin to undo and hand over your little skirt to your grandfather, let me get the knitting box (he keeps everything for such happenings) he didn't think he'd be getting a thread and niddle from it for his BITCH of a young niece.

Upon returning he glude his eyes on your even more now scantily dressed FUCK body, seeing your orange sized TITS (as usual) but now seeing every bit of your white knickers. he couldn't help not making a mmmmmmming sound, which made you blush a bit, sit down dora, you sat down on the chair facing his chair. He sat and started to pretend to fix the little piece of cloth (as that was all you're short skirt contained).

In between looking down at your skirt he also brought his head up to look at you too, upon him keep doing so, you couldn't help opening you're legs thus making sure you're panties rode higher into you, making sure it pulled into you're FUCK crack. At him seeing this, it made his FUCK meat bulge grow even more than it already was. At that moment the bloody phone rang disturbing both your little game's.

He got up to answer it and it was your mom and he started to explain to her what had happened, and all he could hear from his own whoring house SLUT these words when she spoke, I bet the BITCH looks as good as you had me, YES he replied, can you see the sluts CUNT slit, YES, we have her like that but mainly totally naked, just as I was for you.

Her nipples are poking out arnt they as I make sure that they do everytime she goes out daddy Steve and both her brothers fucked the DiRTY COW last night through to this morning, it's a wonder that she isn't still wet with there SPUNK, dark bet you want to FUCK her like you did me, YES was all he could say/repeat to his house SLUT of a doughter take the whore, ravish and roughly FUCK her BITCH of a body, do it as HARD as you still FUCK me, ARE YOU SURE DAUGHTER, yes mom replied OK, he continued saying that she'd phone the collage to make an excuse to why her Fuck TOY wouldn't be in today, GOOD was his answer.
(To be continued, merry Christmas to you AL

cum2daddy20000 57M  
142 posts
12/25/2018 3:47 am

SLUT your grandfather puts the phone down and comes over to the back of you sat down, he puts his hands on your shoulders and bends down to talk in you're ear, so Dora I hear from your mom that you good and busy last night, yes grandfather you shyly say, and what was you doing, ermmm I was kinda having fun, and what fun was you doing and remember you're mom told me on the phone, gulping you said I was having fun with daddy Steve's and mohanji and robin's COCKS.

Fucking ALL your FUCK holes weren't they SLUT, (it was the first time that he had called you a SLUT or anything like it), yes grandfather they ALL took turns fucking each hole of mine, hearing this coming from his little granduaghter he started to roam his hands down your front, slipping under your blouse to cup each little TIT and play and pull your nipples, bending right over you he just managed to kiss and SUCK you're little TITS and travel his hands down further to your knickers.

Running a finger up and down your crack slit then slipping his hands under them, directly on your bare CUNT, indeed he could now STILL feel some of daddy Steve's SPUNK and both of your brother's too and started finger fucking you, BITCH you like that don't you whore. Yes grandfather I do, you gulped and continued moaning away, finger fucking you're SPUNK filled box going HARDER and FASTER, sucking and biting on your TITS more and more.

BITCH your going to be a good house SLUT for me like your mom used and STILL is for her daddy, arnt you my whore of a granduaghter, YESSSSSSSSSS grandfather I will/am. SLUT let's go upstairs, pulling you up and along the stairs flinging the door to his bedroom open and roughly shoving you to stand in the centre of it. Coming up to you he nearly ripped your blouse off leaving you just in your white knickers and soon he had yanked them down to the floor where he kicked them away, now his FUCK TOY was totally naked before him.

You're grandfather lifted you up and through you onto his bed, spread you're legs and play with your hairless slutty CUNT like the whore you are. BITCH as you did what you had been told, you're grandfather started striping and was shortly naked sporting a nice sized COCK. Walking over to where you was lay and finger fucking yourself, not so slow he said, FUCK you're whorthless hole HARDER and FASTER, come on he shouted at his granduaghter.

(To be continued)

3holesslutwhore 19F  
40 posts
12/26/2018 2:08 am

Lil bitch feel herself very excited in grandpa s arms, fully naked lil slut whisper.. ya grandpa I enjoyed my first gangbang wth my dad's and bros hard cocks , they fucked my smooth pussy, silky ass , jusy mouth great.
No doubt daddy Steve's cock big,thick and hard. He knows all... I m lucky.. he take my verginity

3holesslutwhore 19F  
40 posts
12/26/2018 4:30 am

I was sitting in grandpa's lape. We both were totally naked , grandpa's hands on my orrange size tits , I feel his hard cocks heat on my ass cheeks. He planted a soft kiss on her teen granddaughter s ear and asked my lil slut I m happy u liked ur daddy's cock but why? Dora blushed.. she whispered grandpa daddy Steve fucked me with his hard cock with artistic styles and soft kisses

3holesslutwhore 19F  
40 posts
12/26/2018 7:59 pm

Now grandpa's fingers in my pussy , he asked and wt ant ur bros cocks?
.. humm mohan jis cock not big thick.. yes but he good for anal.. ya robin ok but some training needed.
Grandpa smile bitch I trains u for bdsm too

3holesslutwhore 19F  
40 posts
12/26/2018 8:48 pm

Doora giggle really grandpa!!
Yaa ur mom my real bitch..

3holesslutwhore 19F  
40 posts
12/26/2018 8:50 pm


cum2daddy20000 57M  
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12/27/2018 4:41 am

Mmmmmmmm now that's being a good BITCH for your daddy Steve

cum2daddy20000 57M  
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12/28/2018 12:35 am

Grandfather came to sit on the bed, watching you finger fucking you're CUNT hard like he told you to do. mmmmmmmm good girl, good BITCH for following orders, then all of a sudden he slapped you're hand that was at your box away and replaced it with his. SLUT you was doing really well but grandfather is going to show you how rough I want you to FUCK you're smooth PUSSY, for me my little house number 2 SLUT.

With that he RAMMED HARD and HARDER RAMMING and RAMMING his fingers in your whorthless body, as he slapped you're little TITS. Dora you're whole body is shacking and your yelping louder at what he's doing, he asks as daddy fisted ✊ you yet? No he asnt grandfather, replying he said that he will have to tell daddy to get a move on, so I can ✊ you after. And as daddy played with you with his toy's yet? No grandfather, then that's another thing he as the honner of doing first.

He leans forward and chews on your nipples HARD while STILL reaming your CUNT, then he climbed up onto the bed, BITCH you fling you're legs open wider before grandfather does. I too have a special toy room like the one you're daddy as, I can't wait to show you it SLUT, and with that he just RAMS his COCK DEEP up you in one HARD THRUST and POUNDS and POUNDS away, God BITCH your STILL so tight, but your daddy Steve will fix that and laughs.

Dora you know that I and you're daddy have friends at the hospital in case one of us knocks you up and they will fix you, yes daddy Steve as already said that grandfather. hearing this he fucks your used body more and more, HARDER and HARDER, FASTER and FASTER RAMMING ROUGHLY in his SLUT of a granddaughter, then releasing his grandfather hot seed to fill you're FUCK hole.

Dora you think to yourself that you have my daddy Steve's CUM, both mohanji and robin's CUM and now I have my grandfather's CUM in my CUNT, what a lucky BITCH I am sniggering. Feeling him pull out for her to use that slutty mouth of yours to CLEAN and DRY is COCK off. Now SLUT get dressed throughing what clothes you have, at you, I'll phone you're mom and let her know that your on your way home and used.

cum2daddy20000 57M  
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12/29/2018 7:19 pm

WHORE as you walking home, you're grandfather's CUM was running down your legs from where he had deposited it in you're FUCK hole. You had just walked through the door of the family home after being and having sexy fun at grandfather's especially with him lol, your mom walked straight up to you, lifted the front of your little skirt and her hand went right down your panties. And she instantly inserted two fingers in you're CUNT, mmmmmmmm nicely filled up with my dad's CUM isn't it BITCH.

Soooooooooo much mom, you should know you replied, yes I do she said and now we are both his house sluts, as well as us both being house sluts for your daddy Steve and brothers too. You're mom started to finger you're little CUNT more now sending you into pleasure, you returned the favour by slipping you're hand down her knickers too and began finger fucking her hole now.

So SLUT daughter and SLUT mom stood in the middle of the room fingering each other off to a climax, both yours and mom's legs began to wobble both you're FUCK bodies shake as climax follows climax. As your mom fell to her knees, she brought your skimpy white knickers down too and glud her mouth licking and tonging you sucking and eating you're FUCK juices, sending her whorthless body into pleasurable bliss.

Dad says that you told him that mohanjis COCK was good enough for your ARSE, and that robin needs teaching how to FUCK better. Yes I did mom and yes they do, well mom said, we are both going to educate him to FUCK us the right way. Cow you really love daddy Steve's big THICK HARD COCK in ALL your CUNT holes, should know I do lol.

cum2daddy20000 57M  
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12/29/2018 7:25 pm

Forgot to put the title to that last story that I started, it's called coming home and it is to be continued too whore

cum2daddy20000 57M  
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1/7/2019 2:50 am

Professor tare

Arriving at your university (after your morning FUCK from your daddy Steve) my warm SPUNK STILL seeping down your slutty legs, you make your way to the class room (late as usual, yet again). Good afternoon says professor tare (sarcastically) it's good of you to show up. Sorry sir, I had to help my dad (if only he knew how lol), and I didn't think I'd be late, you say. That's no excuse, see me after school, he lears at you dressed in you're usual attire of practically see through blouse and VERY VERY short skirt.

Later at lunch time, you rush to the toilets and into one of the cubicles and at once, your little white knickers are down and off, you sit and fling you're legs open. Immediately you're rubbing your sensitive CLIT (thinking how you lasted so long). BITCH you're fingers are soon in you're CUNT, finger fucking yourself in you're wetness, shoving them in DEEPER and FASTER, they're covered in you'rs and daddy Steve's FUCK juices.

SLUT you think it's no good, and bends down to pick up your knickers and stuff them into your slutty mouth, to hopefully muffle some of the noise (pointless really as a piece of string in wider than they are), but you do so and the your fingers have never left you're filthy bare CUNT. (Thinking about how your daddy Steve fucked your whorthless body, pistoning in and out of your CUNT hard and fast, then how I RAMMED your little ARSE open and so deep and how I'd pulled out and blasted my daddy SPUNK ALL over your sweet face and in your black eyes and black long hair).

You're fingers are like lightening flashing in your FUCK hole and enevertably your orgasm's build and build until you explode, biting down on your bit of cloth that's in your FUCK mouth. After a few minutes of coming around getting up exhaustedly, Dora you step in and pull your wetter than before panties up, and smooth and adjust your skimpy whoring cloths before you leave and have a bite to eat.

Later after your physiotherapy lessons your about to rush home to be ready for me like the house SLUT that you are, you remember that you STILL have to go and see professor tare and see what he wants you for.

(I think we ALL know that question lol) to be continued and I hope you like so far BITCH

cum2daddy20000 57M  
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1/8/2019 7:38 am

Professor tare part 2

BITCH you knock on his class room door, and hear him say enter. Sit down Dora, as you do SLUT your short skirt rises up even further (if that's possible) showing off you're knickers easily to his gaze. He stands behind the desk as it's the hight to hide the bulgness that's started to rise, Dora we are going to have to do something about the lateness, you have been late for class 3 time's this week alone.

Before anything I think you need you're bums spanking for being naughty come around here, you do so a bit reluctantly, once you have you can clearly see the tent in professor tares pants. Bend over my knees, he says, you do so and as soon as you do, he lifts up you're bit of skirt, takes hold of a ruller that's on the table and starts bringing it down to slap your SLUT bum hard then HARDER.

After about 6 slap's of your little bum with it, he throws the ruller back onto the desk and start spanking you with just his hand, in-between slap's he roams his hand over your skimpy knickers, going around and around then dipping it down your crack to the bottom of your panty covered SLIT. You're tear staind face now starts to moan louder and louder, ooooooooooooo sirrrrrr that's so gooood, and wrigle some more on tares knees.

Pulling you're white cloth to one side revealing your sensitive whoring CLIT, slowly running a finger down it before being it back up to slide into you're crack, obviously giving you some welcome relief, mmmmmmmm you are a little BITCH arnt you Dora, he says, ooooooooooooo yessssssssss professor I am a DiRTY SLUT, my dad says so, he's right, tare quips. And carrys on spanking and rubbing you down the.

SLUT stand up while I take those knickers off as you won't need them, once done, he says for you to get on your knees, once you have done, he stands and says BITCH you know what to do. FUCK doll your hands go up to roam around the shape of his bulge, running the under the crotch of his pants, rubbing his swollen covered tool ,
putting your head to it, you begin licking the hardness, you then unbutton his pants then pull his zip down with your teeth.

Now his pants are around his ankles, SLUT you whip down his underwear to land on top of his pants, COW you lick your red lips as you feast your black eyes on his hard meat jutting straight out. At once you slutty ruby lips and mouth open wide and engulf him, wanking and playing with his BALLS as you SUCK his pole, burying ALL his hard meat in until you're lips are touching his swinging BALL'S and he's right DEEP down your FUCK pipe.

To be continued BITCH

cum2daddy20000 57M  
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1/8/2019 7:39 am


cum2daddy20000 57M  
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1/11/2019 6:56 am

Professor tare part 3

Mmmmmmmm yes BITCH FUCK my COCK more with your throat, wench take it ALL, ooooooooooooo FUCK yessssssssss that's it CUNT. He pulls you're head back by your long black hair and starts to drive his hard meat DEEPER and DEEPER, face fucking you HARD and FAST, SLUT you're choking on his hot muscle as he rams his professor COCK down in you.

Up you get Dora and he yanks you up and bends you over his desk front first, mmmmmmmmmmmm two tight small holes for your tare to fill SLUT. You're bare CUNT is going to feel me first, he shouts, you feel professor tares purple knob at your slick FUCK hole entrance. Around and around then you feel it starting to prize you're FUCK tube open, ooooooooooooo yessssssssss sir FUCK me, you cry out.

And processor tare body draps over your back as he begins, rutting in and out of you like the FUCK toy that you are. HARDER and FASTER you shout out loud, you love being fucked don't you Dora you little tramp, yes sir ooooooooooooo yessssssssss professor. That's a good DiRTY COW and withdraws from one hole to drive in your ARSE hole as he prizes you're cheechs apart, not taking it gently, but thrusting his iron pole all in your dirt hole in one and making you scream as he does so.

He can't help looking down at your little ARSE, seeing his rod pounding in and out of you, BITCH you're arse wall's are so fucking tight on my COCK. He reaches down over you and pulls you're head back again as he spear's and spear's and spear's you're sweet BITCH ARSE. BITCH get ready, he says, as he THRUSTS and THRUSTS and THRUSTS really banging you're back passage.

RAMMING and RAMMING and RAMMING so hard making you cry a bit, then all of a sudden you ear professor tare roar and roar as his CUM shoots and fire's deep in you're hole. He whips his COCK out, and pulls you to you're knees by the hair, and smears his wet COCK all over your lovely face, your professor tares phone rings, yes she's ready for second's.

cum2daddy20000 57M  
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1/12/2019 3:09 am

Already home

Iv not been to work instead iv been working from home instead for once and as you can guess WHORE that all the while, iv been naked doing it, as well as wanking (of course) while thinking about you my little house SLUT. ALL of a sudden I hear the front door open, I look at the time and didn't realize that it's the time that you get home from college and from where I am, I see you walk in.

Seeing you Dora, gets daddy Steve's PRICK HARDER than it already is and gets it throbbing like hell (not even you're mom, gets me like you do , my little house SLUT). You can't see me from the angle that I'm sitting, but obviously I can see you easily, BITCH you know what to do as iv trained you, and you put your books down and take off your coat and start to undo you're thin blouse, but leaving just your tie on as you never wear a bra, so those little orange size TITS are on view.

You get on your knees like you always do, facing the door waiting for me to get home from work with your mouth open as I walk through the door. STILL looking at my BITCH, I think your a good SLUT in doing what you've been ordered to do without question. Dora you're slutty mind is concentrated on the door, so you don't hear me silently tip towing naked towards you.

Upon reaching you I place my hands on your shoulders making you jump as your not expecting this, your heads moves back looking up to see who it is, and your happy to see that it's your daddy and especially happy to see that I'm naked too. BITCH you put your head further back to between my legs, you strategy to lick and SUCK my swinging BALL'S while lifting your daddy Steve's solid PRICK.

Mmmmmmmmmmmm that's a wonderful SLUT doing so good, I'm holding you're sweet head and you reach back to WANK me propper, turn around on your knees so that I can see my little girls tiny tits that daddy loves, in you doing so, I see your tie running down what little place there is between them and it looks soooooooooo fuckably good

I crouch down a little a run my PRICK over and down the slight crease of those luscious little TITS, CUNT you feel so fucking good to me. Yanking you up I start pushing you towards my office room that I have at home, watching you walk in just that little slutty skirt and tie into it.once in there (Dora you know that you shouldn't) you ask me if you can wear a propper school skirt like the rest of the girls wear (the moment that you said that, you knew it was wrong).

No BITCH you can't ever, you're mom cut that skirt of yours in half so that your knickers can be seen, I'd have cut it even shorter if it was up to me, you know the whole house likes seeing you in that, so don't ever ask a stupid question like that again ok WHORE, yes daddy Steve and I'm sorry, you say. As you do so, I flip what piece of skirt up revealing more of your white little panties and see quite easily a stain in them where you're cunting FUCK juices have leaked.

Mmmmmmmm you nuaghty cow being so wet for daddy and I start running and rubbing your wet camal toe, more and more before yanking and ripping them off, now that's even better isn't it my FUCK doll, I say. Yessssssssss daddy Steve HARDER please you beg, I do so and press a bit deeper in your loving slit too, playing and rubbing your sensitive CLIT as well.

The moans coming from my little whore make me throb HARDER in your ✋ and you WANK me even FASTER and FASTER running and rubbing the head of it, having me moan too now also to join in you'rs. Flipping you around and pushing you down on the table that I have in there, your small ARSE pointing out at me, I start slapping it making you yelp a little bit.

To be continued, does my whores CUNT like the beginning of this story?

cum2daddy20000 57M  
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3/16/2019 11:29 am

Late night trip to grandads part 2

As I said grandad went over to the corner and wheeled this machine out, and wheeled it to the end of the bench that you was spread eagled naked on. SLUT you could see that it had two long round metal poles jutting out from the bottom and top of it, he turns around to get some thing and once grandfather turns back around, you see that it's two dildo sheeths, and starts to slip them over each pole.

Both of the poles look menacing to you even more now than before, he moves them closer and closer to your holes, you know even more now what they're for. He reaches out and brings a bottle out, opens it and starts to pour lube ALL over each dildo, once done he does the same with another bottle and pours lube ALL over your CUNT especially you're slit and it seeps down into your arse crack hole.

Once done he rubs it into both of your FUCK holes, working his fingers in DEEP in both holes, and then he runs his hands around both dildos making sure that they are both well covered for there job's. WHORE you can feel the tip of them at each of caves and you glance at your grandad and see that he is holding what appears to be a little remote, he switches it on and both poles start to move and you feel the dildos start to enter you're CUNT and ARSE.

They start to move at different times one going in of your FUCK hole while the other in you're ARSE move out, when they go in and out you can feel them picking up speed then slowly down a bit, they keep chopping and changing. And you're moaning and enjoying the sensations, building the sensations up and then letting them down. You hear him say, does my little BITCH of a granddaughter like it? Ooooooooooooo yessssssssss yessssssssss grandfather YESSSSSSSSSS YESSSSSSSSSS YESSSSSSSSSS I do.

Dora you're soon screaming out in total pleasure as you absolutely love your CUNT and especially you're silky young ARSE hole being fucked too, and being done both at the same time is especially feeling great to you. Your wondering why asnt grandad done this to you before now, your being fucked beautifully, really enjoying the sensations.

Then all of a sudden both dildos start to move FASTER RAMMING ROUGHLY in you, BITCH you yell to him to slow it down a bit, he just grins and turns the dial up even more now they are both REALLY REALLY fucking you RAMMING and POUNDING in and out of you going FASTER and FASTER and FASTER. You're little body is thrashing around and around trying to get away from this onsult that's happening to you, but to absolutely no avail. Tears start to well-up and begin to flow at the ROUGH POUNDING that you're slutty holes are receiving.

As the asult continues, grandad shouts up for robin you're brother to come down and join us, CUNT you hear the clambering of feet as robin comes down the stairs, and he stands gorking at you at what's happening, he's grinning from side to side at you. Your grandfather tells robin to start stripping off until he's naked like you are, robin's thinking that he's going to be fucking you're slutty mouth, while the machine fucks your CUNT and ARSE. (How wrong could he be).

Once naked with his COCK jutting out strong and hard, he starts to make his way to you, but grandad grabs and pulls him back saying sit in this chair. Grandfather start to strap robin to it tying him up more and more to it, both feet are pulled wide and restrained that way with a bar. Grandfather goes around the back of the chair and pushes some kind of machine to hover over robin.

Attached to a long metal tube is a silander, grandad start to smear the silander with lube and once done he grabs a hold of robin's hard COCK and smears that to with the lube and begins to WANK it. While doing so he starts to bring the silander attached to the pole down and slides robin's cock into the silander, the fitting is like some kind of vacuum.

Grandfather is now holding another remote and turns it on and once he does the pole starts

Shall I carry on with the story BITCH?

cum2daddy20000 57M  
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3/16/2019 3:25 pm

A silander something like this

cum2daddy20000 57M  
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3/17/2019 12:20 am


3holesslutwhore 19F  
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3/17/2019 8:55 pm

Oooooo great daddy

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