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Things I've Learned My First Two Weeks Back On ALT
Posted:Jan 12, 2019 9:27 am
Last Updated:Jan 12, 2019 9:30 am
A few years ago I wasn't finding compatible others here, and I was getting a lot of spam, so I left Two weeks ago I decided to give it another try. Here's what I've learned since rejoining.

1) A photo taken professionally by someone else, especially one that prominently features an ass in a thong, is a pretty good indication you're dealing with a professional.

2) Email that wants to know lots about you, with phrases such as "I am not here to talk to you about general things such as partying, the weather, sports, e.c.t. I want to learn about you and what makes up your heart and soul" is a pretty good indication that you're dealing with an identity thief.

3) A well-written profile followed by an initial contact message with poor grammar is a pretty good indication you're dealing with a scammer.

4) A per who presents as a submissive and then asks if you want to be their sex slave isn't "testing" you; they're serious, and probably a (male pretending to be female) findomme.

5) Many initial contacts I receive include spelling and grammar errors characteristic of native speakers of Eastern European languages, for whom English is a second language. I know this because I speak some of these languages, and my ancestors spoke them natively. The associated profiles often include phrases like, "Seeking for my soulmate." I've found these are pretty good indications you're dealing with (e.g.) a Ukrainian Bride.

6) I deliberately use a small town with little business as my profile location. A surprising number of people who contact me are going to be in my town on business and want to meet up. This is a pretty good indication that something organized is going on, or that they're catfishing.

As I expected, all of the reas that I left ALT are still here, and more brazen than ever.

These past two weeks I've had some lovely contacts with people genuinely interested in non-transactional relationships at face value. That's wonderful! I'll stay a while, and listen.

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