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Finishing School 7 - Ladies - Mr. Styles Don Brown 2018

Welcome back to Calder House, the place Ladies are finished and stair girls are whipped into .

The staff are also dealt with harshly should they step of line by Mr. and Mrs. Broadwood who ruled the staff as well as the inmates with the strap.
The only difference was the staff were whipped in private for any indiscreet actions, private being the disciplined one of the couple and the other holding them down.

Mrs. Broadwood dealt with the men and Mr. Broadwood the ladies.
Mr. and Mrs. Good, he taught manners and she was matron.
Mr. and Mrs. Styles, he taught posture and she was the house secretary.
Mr. and Mrs. Ellis, he the Physical Education and she was cook.
Mr. and Mrs. Jones, he was Mrs Broadwoods deputy, taught deportment and she was in the laundry.
Mr and Mrs. Harris, he was the groundsman and she was assistant cook.

The stairs girls had to wait on the Ladies and be their beck and whenever needed as well as doing their household chores.

On the Ladies second they had a morning and afternoon with Mr. Syles. His title was Posture and included all manner of things, but his Tuesday was his favourite.

In the Ladies -week course every Tuesday they would learn a different way of being punished by a future husband.
It went without saying they would all marry well, never have to work and when they promised in their vows to obedient, then obedient they had to be.

Mr. Syles began his lecture.

In almost all marriages of the Gentleman and Lady scenario discipline was right the top of their lists.
The husband would punish the wife and the wife would make sure the house staff had consequences for their actions.
This usually fell to the housekeeper and was either in private, as the scullers was at Calder, or in front of the Lady and/or Gentlemen of the house.

Most houses enjoyed the latter, the favourite being the errant or would be naked on the head footman's back with their arms wrapped round his shoulders.
The implement would be, belt, cane, whip, crop, whichever the housekeeper chose.
The Master would give the , usually .
The housekeeper would say the end and the Master would inspect.
His reply would be either, done, or more and give a .

The housekeeper kept a record of all beatings and made sure they were all dealt with regularly.

Sometimes the Master would have the crime perpetrator over his knee and then over his snooker table in front of his house guests, as entertainment for a very severe caning.

It was not unheard of that the Lady of the house would have a maid or servant strung up in the stable for her to whip and in some cases, torment.

So you see Ladies, the importance of obedience and discipline.

Now, hands up any of you who have ever been punished, not one of the first moved.

Dont worry, that's pretty normal.

To my left and your right you will see various pieces of furniture, you will all be trying them this lesson, all 5 ladies gasped.

As one of this -week intake found yesterday, insolence, talking in or bad behaviour of any kind will result in the Master spanking you in front of your , do you all understand?

They all nodded, yesterdays spankee was from the other of five, she talked of turn and was spanked by Mr. Good.

Any questions all, bearing in mind all I have said?

No, well hands up any time, now all strip naked, put your clothes neat on your chair, an untidy pile will earn an extra spanking to the ones you will be getting this morning, and every Tuesday morning for the duration of your course.

From experience, only the very, very lucky Ladies will only get spankings whilst they are here.

The Ladies were stunned but did as they were told. When all naked, would you believe a visit by Mr. Broadwood and with him Mr. Hargreaves and Mrs. Winters who were investors in Calder House and often popped in to see how things were running. Tuesday appeared to be a popular day for investor visiting.


Cook told Jean Happs, 8 to stay behind after . She announced it in front of everyone for maximum effect.

Jean was a who kept herself to herself, she had been Calder House over a year and had already failed 4 job interviews with prospective homes.
The only times she was over the scullery table was when cook felt she needed a good shake up, it seemed to work too.

She was from Irish parents so brought up a strict Catholic and never ever missed Church for the Sunday evening .
Her parents brought her up very strict, as her had with her siblings and mum, she once told cook her mummy was often over the kitchen table for a belting, but it was normal in hers and hundreds of other homes in her town.

The Priest had the power to deal with any errant female in his congregation, most sent to him by the Master of the house if he thought they needed extra religious instruction.
Jean had only ever been once and she was 18, she told cook she went over His housekeepers knee and he strapped her over her dress and knickers, but , could he lay a belt, the thing which still makes her laugh is he kept saying, " up to heaven, the Lords watching over you" I thought, wow of all the times God had to watch me and Im getting spanked!

"So Happs, what have you to say for yourself?"
"Nothing Ma-am."
"What would you say if I said I was going to beat you over my table, spoon and belt, then send you to Mr. Broadwood?"
"Should I remove my dress Ma-am?"

Cook slapped her , first one side, then the other.
Happs made no attempt to shield herself, she was taught by her accept all compliments gracefully and all punishments with grace.

"Whats up with you ?"
"Please Ma-am, I have been really naughty, and I mean really naughty."
"Explain whilst I get my baking spoon."
Happs winced, Yes Ma-am."

Happs let a huge sigh, "I have been stealing food every from the kitchen."
"Stealing is stealing and one of the worst crimes and you will be punished accordingly, remove your dress."
"Ma-am, can I talk to you before you spank me, pleaseeeeeeee."
"Yes of course, you can leave your dress off, you have a lovely body."
Happs blushed and lowered her head.
"Now, you have minutes."


"You will soon see the way it works,you will gather round as I demonstrate, and by demonstrate, I mean actually spanking.
Then you will all be dealt with in turn, I will not hold back, you will all be spanked hard, and more than once."

The first piece of furniture we will use is the straight back chair and I will use one of the stairs girls to show the different positions you will be expected to assume depending on the instruction given to you.

He opened a side door and Wilson came in. "Strip Wilson".
Wilson was 19, a really pretty girl who looked 5 years and the body of a .
Slender hips orange sized tits and puffy<b> nipples.
</font></b>Mr. Styles gave Wilson an instruction using the -backed chair, " Cane Wilson."

Wilson put her hands on the back of the chair from the seat side. She shuffled back and bent at right angles to the chair. When she was happy with her position she spread her legs.

" As you can see the took up the position immediately, hesitation would mean extras.
She placed her hands and moved her feet back to form a pleasing sight.
Her legs open for two reasons, stability, and he touched her split lips with his cane, poking it in and opening her lips even wider, making her body pleasing to her Masters eye, he may even have guests witnessing."
The Ladies gasped again.

"Before I cane her come and see the marks she already has, lets see if 1 can distinguish them and who by.
Wilson were you over Cooks scullery table this morning for a strapping?"
"Yes Sir, I was."
"Would you like to know why Ladies?"
One lady spoke first, "Yes."
Mr. Styles pointed to the Lady, "You lady will go first when i have caned Wilson and will receive 5 extra, being generous as its your first time.?

"Now that 5 has become extras, politeness, I am Sir to you and you should use my title every time you speak to a Master."
"I apologies Sir, I never realised, I just my Sir."
"Let us know why cook leathered you Wilson."

"I deserved it Sir, I broke a cup."
"He showed the Ladies the brighter coloured marks. Looks like a bedtime spanking from Mr. Ellis last evening."

"Yes Sir, Mr. Ellis said I was well overdue Sir."
"And were you?"
"Yes Sir I feel i must have been if he said so."
He pointed to the darker lines.
The Ladies were gobsmacked.
"And lastly caned 2 days ago, maybe by a Lady", he pointed to bruised stripes.

"Yes Sir, it was her last day and had not spanked anyone so borrowed a cane from Mr. Broadwood."
Mr. Broadwood nodded and smiled, " more tomorrow Wilson, my office 9.30am."
"Yes Sir, thank you Sir."

All this time the audience were looking 2 virgin holes displayed openly and without shame.
"Stand back girls, Brace Wilson," Wilsons knuckles whitened as she griped the chair back.
"The count is 5 Wilson."
"Yes Sir, thank you Sir."

Mr. Styles tapped her bottom, for 2 reasons, one to make sure he was the right angle, and when to tapping stopped she knew the rod was falling, and it did, Whoosh, Crack, 5 times.
Wilsons bottom highlighted the 5 stripes. She was crying after 2.
"Corner Wilson."

Her hands shot to her head.
"Did you see what her hand did?"
"Went straight to her head Sir, may I enquire why Sir?"
"So she does not touch her bottom without being told, anyone know why?"
"Extras Sir," said the Lady who had earned .

"Wilson corner, now usually its nose and<b> nipples </font></b>touching the wall, but as she has had a caning for doing nothing wrong, she can watch."
Wilson chuckled to herself, most of the beatings were for nothing and she relished seeing the posh bitches being caned, she will volunteer again.
Mr Styles pointed at the "Extras" , Cane ."
She stood, gracefully walked to the chair, placed her hands on the chair back and took position.
"Anyone see what she has done wrong Ladies.
It was all quiet.

"Please Sir, she has not split her slit Sir."
The Ladies all laughed at the word, Slit.
"Wilson means pussy Ladies, its the word used by the stairs girls."
The Lady opened her legs till her lips parted.
"Hang on to the chair tightly, this will hurt like a hundred bee stings girl."

She braced herself as the tap, tap began, then nothing, then, Whoosh Crackkkkkk
5 Whoosh Crackkkkks and 5 loud Owwwwwwwwwws.
Sir went up to her, rubbed her bottom, "Stand."
The girl stood and her hands shot to her head.

Sir pinched her<b> nipples </font></b>hard, she squeaked, "Nose and<b> nipples </font></b>to the wall girl, guess what happens if any of the 3 come off?"
She managed a giggle through the tears, "Would that be extras Sir?" She walked to the wall and stood against it.

He pointed to another Lady, "Cane Girl."
He went through all 5 Ladies, all with similar results.
He called the Ladies back over.

Wilson, Spanking.
Wilson ran to the right of the seat and Sir sat down and tapped his knee.
Wilson draped over Sirs knee and gripped the chair legs and her leg splayed like a star fish, again the girls gasped.
"We will just see Wilsons spanking and then move on, next on the list is Mr. Ellis in the ."

Mr. Styles gave the talk spanked Wilson to tears and went through the Ladies in turn.
Finally, "Wilson, Belt."
Wilson arched her body over the seat of the chair, again gripping the chair legs and was given hard lashes, then excused.
Mr. Broadwood was saying goodbye to his visitors as Wilson was passing, "My Office ."

Wilson removed her dress and folded it over her arm to save time and waited outside for Mr. Broadwood.
He went in and she followed, "Kneel on my desk bottom sticking up and head touching the desk arms outstretched."
She got on the desk and followed instructions.

He rubbed her bottom roughly giving her half a dozen spanks over her fresh stripes.
He pushed her legs wider and bent behind her.
She felt his tongue probing her open pussy so she pushed back, his tongue then rimmed her bummy hole, again she pushed into him. He nipped her clit as he licked and sucked.

He then gave his attention to her tits and<b> nipples </font></b>as they hung loose, slapping and trying to bite her<b> nipples </font></b>as they swung.
She stifled a giggle as and they bobbed up and down in the water she thought of her parties of ducking for apples as they bobbed up and down in the water.
"He slapped her bottom really hard, time for your 30 stripes from my senior cane."
She had been here before, "Oh please sir, anything but the cane."

"Yes Sir."
"Lay on your back, with your head just hanging over the end."
She lay as he said, she felt her<b> nipples </font></b>pinging hard and a tingle in her slit.
She looked backwards and saw Mr. B. drop is pants and release his beast,
He rubbed his cock and placed his balls over her mouth, "Lick and suck , this is the prelude to the main event."

She licked and sucked and managed one of his balls a time in her mouth.
He moved back a little, "Open wide, no need for your hands, I will gently fuck your mouth, she felt a slight squirt between her slit lips.
He was gentle and even told her when he intended to gush her with his .
When he had done he made her go over his knee, up whilst he brought her to a , with his skillful fingers.

He leant forward sucked and licked her pussy clean, then his fingers.
"Please Sir, would you spank this naughty ?"

He flipped her over and spanked her to tears and sent her to cook. "When you get to the scullery tell cook Mr. Broadwood says she is to give you a leathering for being slutty."

Would her bottom never stop being spanked today, she hoped not

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I love this series of stories Sir, they seem so touching, if you see what I mean. x

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