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Is this YOU?
Posted:Mar 14, 2019 10:56 am
Last Updated:Mar 18, 2019 5:23 pm

After many years on and off in the BDSM lifestyle, I've formed my own list of my "perfect match". And note, I'm well aware of the lack of any absolute "Perfect"

You live within an hour's drive from Duluth or are willing to relocate.
You love big dogs. I have four canine children, so this is a must have.
You're highly intelligent. I'm sapiosexual, so for this to work, you have to be smart.
You support herself financially with a successful career.
You have a beautiful face with kind eyes and lingering smile.
You have a trim hard body with perky tits, a flat belly, and a bubble butt.
You have a sincere disposition and a big heart.
You have a sense of compassion and empathy for others.
You have a great sense of humor and love to laugh.
You should have a strong desire to please and be motivated by being found pleasing with my praise.
You're honest to fault and trustworthy.
You're a good communicator and a good team player.
You're family oriented.
You're emotionally stable, an optimist who sees the good in others, and lives her life from a positive outlook and perspective
You're a gamer (or at least can appreciate the interest).
You love sex and have a very strong libido.
You're sexually adventurous and love kinky play.
You're bisexual and love playing with females.
You're naturally submissive. Submissive is not a role for you, it's who you are.
You're in search of a strong Dominant and a D/s relationship.
You're not married or in another romantic relationship.
You have experience with and love playing in the BDSM arena.
You're very romantic and love to cuddle.
You love music -- bonus points if you play a musical instrument (I play gtr/bass/piano badly).
You're independent and take care of yourself without relying on others for support.
You're spiritual in nature, but not overly religious or closed minded.
You're neat and well organized.
You're open-minded and socially liberal, conscious of social issues and support needs.
You're thrifty and conscious of budgets while working to save where it's needed but not being overly miserly.
You choose to eat healthy.
You like wearing dresses and showing your femininity.
You have an active physical lifestyle by running and practicing yoga.
You like outdoor activities like hiking and rock Climbing, and whatever else to enjoy nature.
You can speak on current event issues, and add input and insight into decisions major and minor.
You don't get your news from Fox and you're not a Trump supporter.
You're socially outgoing and have a good base of friends and family.
You're a little nerdy and is into scifi, cosplay, and going to cons.
You're 420 friendly.
You don't use tobacco products.
You're a light to moderate drinker.
You're free of STDs and are careful to stay that way.
You like going to concerts.
Long term, you like the idea of being in a Nouveau 1950’s lifestyle.
Long term, you'd like to be married and raise a family.

You're patient and willing to take the time needed to build a foundation under our relationship. I'm not in a rush, so you shouldn't be either. Trust and emotional connection take time to build (I'm demisexual), so you should plan to be in it for the long haul and not immediate gratification.
If all of this mostly describes you, don't be shy. Please reach out and let's talk. We can meet over a cup of coffee and see where things go. The worst that can happen is you make a new friend.

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