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Redrigo78 20M
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8/2/2019 11:22 am
My Adventure with a Senior

Today was a good day.

An older man had come over to give me the punishment I deserved for being a dirty boy. Unfortunately, not only did he have a limited amount of time, he was suffering from erectile dysfunction.

But that didn’t mean that he didn’t know how to give me a good time.

First, he tied me to my chair. Not on it, behind it. He tied my hands and wrapped one of my old ties around my neck. He blindfolded me and put my homemade humbler on my balls, and also put pins on my<b> nipples.

</font></b>He couldn’t stick his dick in my mouth or my ass, but he could fuck me with a marker and make me suck a plastic beaker. All the while, he jerked me off until I came.

He left me after a little while. I was still tied up when he left, but when I untied myself, he sent me a picture he had taken while we were playing.

Man, that was fun.

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