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SaraBrown 20F  
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8/11/2019 4:06 am
Special Times by sara brown

A couple of weeks ago we all went out to a local restaurant on the Friday night for a meal, not a celebration or anything, just Daisy was fed up of cooking.
She told Sir the week before she was not doing the evening meal and after a visit down the corridor to Sirs punishment room soon changed her mind.
I did not watch, was not invited, but Sir purposely left the door open and so I heard her screams pleas and promises.
She was well marked when she came back to the kitchen, looked like, belt, tawse and short handled whip had been put to work.

"Do you see what can happen to a girl who thinks she is bigger than the house sara?"
"Yes I do Sir and I am sorry about ."
Sir patted his knee and I stripped naked and went over for a hard spanking, I guess as a warning but whatever it was for it was hard and he let Daisy and me cuddle each other a while before calling us into the lounge.

We both knelt before him, Daisy lowered his zip and I took his cock out.
We shared duties, as we had in the past, we alternated with each other, cock or balls.
"sara, fuck Daisy."
It was not a question but an instruction.
We both knew Sir liked to wank watching us two preform for him and we both loved giving each other a "seeing to" as we say in Yorkshire.

Daisy adopted the missionary position and my tongue got to work on her delicate inner lips and clit.
She was like me, rarely needed it coaxing from its hooded shelter.
I licked and sucked as she massaged my tits and nipples, we have played long enough now to know each other’s key points and love what we have to do.

Towards the end Sir decided on a new twist.
"sara," I looked up and sir offered his cock towards me and knelt over Daisy.
I wanked him for a while till he was ready to and pushed him towards my mouth.
"Over Daisys tits sara."
I guided Sirs squirty cock over Daisys tits, looks, like he had saved quite a bit up.
I pulled and squeezed him dry and he held the back of my head and pushed me down.
"Every drop sara." he emphasised it with a slap on my bottom and out of the corner of my eye saw him remove his belt from trousers so I pushed my bottom up as as I could.

It was not a hard belting so one which made me tingle so I took my time cleaning Daisy up and enjoyed biting her<b> nipples </font></b>and making her squeal.
We all cleaned up and I had a clitty wank in the shower, well, 2 actually and we went for our meal, it was an Indian restaurant and was delish.

Two nights after, at dinner, Sir said I was to be a bed warmer night, a young boy who was the of one of his business partners who had just come of age and needed breaking in.
I loved the thought of being a boys first encounter into love making.
The boy, Jamie, arrived at 8 with his father and we were introduced.

"This is sara, Jamie, tonight she will take you through the process of leaving boyhood and into manhood."
He looked terrified, obviously new nothing about it but like good Christian boys did as he was told or face the consequences.

The adults talked in the lounge and we sat in the kitchen talking.
"Hello Jamie, nothing at all to be scared of, we are almost the same age,"
"May I ask why you are going to do this; will father you?"
I smiled, "No Sir, I am Don and Daisys house slave, of my choosing I might add. and just do as I am told, please ask me anything at all."
"And you can ask me anything."

I tried to put him at ease, "I girly wank 2 or 3 times a day, how about you Sir?"
He looked over his shoulder to make sure we were alone, "Much the same I suppose."
I leant forward and reached over to his jogging bottoms, "May I Sir?"
He blushed up again, and nodded.
I undid the ribbon bow and reached my hand in to his cock, it was as you would expect, fully charged.
"Would you like me to wank you now Sir, discreetly of course?"
Again he looked behind him then nodded.

I went to the kitchen counter and tore off 2 pieces of kitchen roll and placed it in his hands.
I pulled his joggers and jockey shorts down and wedged them under his balls.
I began to sensually rub his shaft, flicking his balls with my little finger on every other downstroke.
"Has anyone ever done this before to you Sir?"
"Only in my dreams sara."
He soon filled the kitchen roll, I straightened him up and put the evidence in the bin.
I chuckled to myself thinking it would be less to swallow later.

We joined everyone in the lounge, Sir and Daisy smiled at me and I smiled back, I guess they knew what I was doing.
"Right, time I was going, have a good night ."
Jamie blushed and looked down, "Yes Sir."

"Up to bed sara, Jamie will be up soon."
I stood and kissed Sir and Daisy night, night and went to my room, peed, undressed and lay in bed waiting.
I heard voices, "Yes 's saras room Jamie, enjoy your stay."
"Thank you Mr. Brown."
Jamie came in and stood my bed, I pulled my covers back and pulled back my duvet, "Have you ever seen a naked girl Jamie?"
"Only partly, my twice in the shower when she had not closed the bathroom door closed."
"And what did you do?"
He hesitated, "Wanked."

I smiled and put his left hand between my legs and his right hand on my tit.
"Can I shower you Sir."
He nodded and began to take his jumper off, I stopped him and put his hands his side.
"My job Sir."
I took his joggers off first then his jocks, to see a cock hanging below a shirt, like, just dangling is a real turn on for me, I gave it a quick rub as I went for his jumper and shirt.

I held his cock as I led him into the shower, I washed him all over then knelt and sucked him to a .
I stood and he played with me a little.
After drying him, "Would you like to spank me dry Sir?" I went to go over his knee.
"No will be fine, I will wait in bed."


I dried, "May I ask a question Sir?"
"Yes, anything."
I climbed next to him. "I noticed strap and cane marks on your back and bottom Sir, may I ask who off and why Sir?"
He remained quiet for a while.
"The strapping off mum and the caning off my father when he got home from work, my school grades were not as they expected."
"Wow, looks a lot Sir."
" To be exact of father and it was 3 nights ago."

I put my hand on his cock and moved my tits to his face.
"Please lick or bite as you wish Sir," and he did.
"This will be a sensual wanking Sir, as I do for Sir when he is stressed, my body is yours Sir, please explore as you wish."
He was very good in not cumming as quick as downstairs with the of the odd ball squeeze and nip at the bottom of his shaft when he grunted slightly.
I decided to make him so increased the stroke and put my mouth over his bell.
As he shot I put him further into my mouth.

We lay and talked for ages about all sorts, the main interest to me was he was at a boarding school who still used the ruler, tawse, strap and cane.
He said it was unavoidable, at least once a week of a teacher or the prefects, who also had yo wank to see who could squirt the longest.
"Did you hate Sir?"
"Not sure sara."

My hand went to his cock again, "Pleas Sir will you fuck me when I have you stiff?"
He smiled, I lay down and put him on top and I guided him into me, bit bit.
"Pleas also use you tits and<b> nipples </font></b>Sir."
Got to say for a first shag he did very well.
I cleaned up and we slept.

Around 3.00 I woke him wanking him and when stiff rode him like a wild stallion.
He did not need telling about my tits, he made proper use of them.
I woke him again at 7.00 sucking his cock and he at last, fingered me, a bit rough but with my hand guiding him he soon brought me to a .
"Lick your fingers Sir, taste the sweetness you have just wanked out of me." He did and his head was soon below with his tongue bringing me off again.
Time to bring him to a with my hand wanking him.

We got up at 7. and I showered him, "Would you like sucking Sir?"
I knelt and managed a little more spunk from him.

I dried and dressed him and took him the hand for breakfast.
"Hey your still naked sara!"
"Yes, I usually get a spanking of Sir at breakfast so not allowed clothes till I have cleared the table."
He sat down an di went to a corner.
"What do naughty slaves receive in a morning sara?"
"A hard spanking and her Sirs belt if he is not happy with her Sir."

Sir gave me hard spanking but no belt.
We ate and I cleared the table.
Sir and Daisy left to go into the lounge.
"Would you like one last relieving Sir?"
He followed me to my room, "Wank, suck, fuck or all 3 Sir?"
"I do believe I owe you a spanking sara."
He sat on my bed and I went over his knee, he did not have much idea so a squealed and cried for him as some did hurt.
I went onto all fours and guided his hard cock into my wet pussy for a more than adequate final fuck.

After he had gone Sir removed his belt and I went over the counter, hovering over Daisys pussy, I had the belting and then Sirs , boy were we all hot.

None of us dressed morning, Sir called it free and easy, we all had free choices, I had two sits on Daisys mouth, sucked her and Sir off and finished riding Sir.
I slept night alright till my phone pinged, not 6.50 already was it.
I got up, had a pee and went to wake Sir and Daisy.

For the record, Sir was more than happy with a hand wank and final suck.

assdaddy3 65M
18 posts
8/11/2019 5:08 am

Sounds like that boy got a great start on how to properly use a young slut

SaraBrown replies on 8/12/2019 7:08 am:
I am not a slut Sir, but a slave who responds to orders, big difference Sir.

lookingforrealDd 48M
13 posts
8/11/2019 1:19 pm

only if i were young again

SaraBrown replies on 8/12/2019 7:08 am:
Me too Sir, Im turned 20 now! x

Ddkinky 50M
37 posts
8/12/2019 5:05 am

luv this story

SaraBrown replies on 8/12/2019 7:09 am:
And its all true Sir, bet you wish you lived with us, lol x

allantheman 66M
5 posts
8/13/2019 8:13 am

Sounds like a very nice day & fun had by all

SaraBrown replies on 8/14/2019 6:57 am:
Yes Sir, I thing all were happy. x

281 posts
8/14/2019 8:36 am

Tal greets girl smiles an hello to sara hopes you and yours all fair well and see you going from strength to strength in your experiences smiles makes for good reading x fair winds safe journies always girl smiles x

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