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My Defilement and Violation
Posted:Nov 14, 2019 7:00 am
Last Updated:Dec 15, 2019 3:44 pm

Here is a fantasy I just shared with a member. Obviously I would prefer women to be involved, but that is not likely unfortunately. Anyone local who likes this, please reach out and let me know about it. I would like to meet locals:

Wow...I really don't want to settle for just a guy...I really wish a woman could or watch...bit that seems so difficult to arrange.

Every time we though...I find myself fantasizing...about knocking on a my fantasy, there is no fact...I may even keep my eyes closed through most of my ordeal...the person opening the door immediately violates me...touching me between the legs and either opening my zipper and pulling my dick and balls out, leaving me hanging and exposed, or I just have running shorts, pulling them down so I am fully exposed and naked...probably limp and retracted with anxiety and embarrassment.

I am then shoved into the house, and I hear the door close and lock behind me. Hands are all over me, feeling me, violating me inserting objects inside of me...I am stripped naked and I feel my balls being pulled between my legs from behind, being stretched and squeezed tightly. It hurts so good as my balls are hit and handled roughly...I am so hard then.

I realize my user(s) are naked as I feel them press against me. I can feel a hard penis rubbing on my face, humping my torso and ridding my legs or even my butt crack...almost penetrating me but that is a hard limit.

It would be ideal to feel a woman pressing against feel her tits on me and to have her straddle my face and ride hear her laugh at my violation and humiliation...and treat me pathetically...

Then I would be forced to ....maybe made to masturbate myself while the violator(s) watch me use myself and cover myself in my own ...
Finally, as I lay there now drained of any arousal I may have had, humiliated and violated, wanting to hide myself, cover myself clean myself, feeling shamed and used, I am made to open my eyes and watch as my face is humped, seeing and feeling a hard penis thrusting against my face, balls dragging on my lips and forehead. My face is fully being used

Finally, feeling fully violated because any arousal I was feeling this humiliation has now drained from me in my orgasm...I am forced watch as an hard penis and balls are humping my face, feeling my face being used for pleasure....and finally my face being glazed in wave after wave of ....thrust after thrust as I clench my lips and try to keep it out of my nose and eyes...then have to lay there as the penis, going soft...continues to writhe and pulsate against my face, painting me fully in .

I am made to lay there, humiliated, shamed, feeling violated....wanting to hide, to clean myself..but listening to the taunting and laughter of my violators...hearing a woman giggle at my exposure....touching prodding and splaying me open for they enjoy a relaxing drink or a snack...

Finally the allow me to put clothes on...and force me to leave still covered in my own and my face in drying and dripping from his...please make this happen.

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