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Keeping Up Appearances

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So glad you could attend.
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Come inside!

Happy Birthday Jacqueline - Part 26
Posted:Jun 2, 2019 7:50 am
Last Updated:Jun 10, 2019 9:49 am

Charlie had got as far as removing his shirt and Shona had lowered her legs and gingerly edged herself to the end of the bed. She looked up at Charlie, held his gaze and ran her hands over his smooth tanned chest. Charlie was into his grooming, Shona thought to herself. She didn't mind a hairy chest on a man - hairy backs however were a real turn off.

Her nails gently scratched their way down over his tummy until her fingers rested on his belt buckle which she very slowly and deliberately loosened. Before unzipping him, she took the time to explore his bulge - rubbing slowly at first then gently feeling her way back and forth checking out his hardness and length - imagining what it would look like. She loved the sharp intake of breath Charlie took and the feel of his hardon flexing at her touch.

Her teasing of him - and herself, if she was honest - wasn't quite over yet. Eventually, she slowly tugged at the zipper and eased it down. Another intake of breath and more twitching followed when she inched a hand inside and repeated her previous actions inside his trousers but outside his shorts. His hardon was more well defined in her imagination now - she didn't think she was going to be disappointed.

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#3 In an occasional series.......
Posted:May 29, 2019 1:03 pm
Last Updated:Jun 11, 2019 10:54 am
Some of you may remember I've fallen with Alt's murdering or twisting of the English language in their login screen adverts, a couple of times in the past.

The first time - where they tried to tell me a certain game "Is fucking addicting".

Even worse, they then tried to encourage me to take my "hooking up to the next level".

Today's little bit of ambiguous, nonsensical and meaningless English is aimed the membership - well, going by the uneasy looking youth in the picture trying to look sexy but failing miserably. (I say this because he certainly does nothing for me!)

I've no problem with cam models as such - they're not people I'd watch myself but there is obviously a market out there so good luck to them.

No, my issue is with the wording. "Use your social media to earn up to 1 0 0%"

1 0 0% of what exactly?

"Up to 1 0 0%" actually could mean any figure they like up to 1 0 0%. It could be 80% - or it could be 8% for example.

Now I don't know how these things work but presumably you sign up to the site with your little webcam, the "watchers" to the site (by buying credits or tokens or something similar) to watch you do your thing (infront of complete strangers wanking themselves silly), then monthly, weekly or whatever, the site gives the model their cut.

"Up to 1 0 0%" is a great way for the site to cover themselves when the model discovers their "earnings" might not be as much as they're maybe expecting.

The words "up to" would tend to suggest it's not a fixed payable to the model show or viewer and is therefore variable.

If "1 0 0%" actually was handed over to the model, the site wouldn't be making any . 's not going to happen. They're not a non-profit making organisation and certainly not a charity.

It just doesn't make sense.

At the end of the day, 1 0 0% of "fuck all" is still "fuck all" isn't it?

I kinda miss all the random lyrics.
Posted:May 27, 2019 2:26 pm
Last Updated:Jun 12, 2019 2:48 pm

Yeah, I know Vlad the Impala (well that was my wind-up name for him) was a pain when he was plastering random g lyrics all over everyone's profiles - but I do kinda miss him.

I went looking for his profile a few days ago but it just said "Profile Unavailable" - so I've no idea if he just decided to leave, was kicked off the site or he's just lurking out there somewhere. Hiding.

We had our verbal fallings out but eventually we were on pretty polite terms - well, we'd progressed to simple point-scoring instead of the out-and-out insults we traded in the early days.

The thing was, he complemented Ally's attempts at improving my musical appreciation by bringing "new" gs to my attention. OK. New to me at least.

I'd read some of the lyrics and think "Yeah. I might like t h a t" then go and see if I could find it and have a listen. Admittedly, most of the gs didn't float my boat at all and some were just awful, but there were one or two gems in there which I'd never have come across otherwise.

So, in the spirit (and memory) of Vlad, here are the original lyrics of the Eurythmics "Sweet Dreams" before they decided to make the g more commercial.

Annie Lennox is from Aberdeen by the way - I may have mentioned that before but it's one of those things you can't mention too often

Happy Birthday Jacqueline - Part 25
Posted:May 27, 2019 10:30 am
Last Updated:May 29, 2019 1:14 pm

If Shona had been more than a little wet before, she was now positively seeping into her panties. Charlie had been amazing. He'd improvised beyond their basic scene perfectly. He'd raised and lowered his voice at just the right times - showed his anger but never gave the impression of losing his control. He'd even unknowingly been telling her off for sleeping with her best friend's dad. Something she had done for real several times before and, after talking to him again earlier, was even considering doing again.

He'd even given her a choice as to how to proceed. She stood silently before him while she decided - actually unable to hold his gaze. If this had been a Saturday night with Bill, she'd have resisted and drawn it out a little further but it was getting on for two in the morning and the attraction of going over Charlie's lap was too strong to put off any longer.

"Well young lady? What's it to be?" Charlie finally broke the silence.

[Continued in Comments section below.]
Happy Birthday Jacqueline - Part 24 - Take 2!
Posted:May 24, 2019 3:06 pm
Last Updated:May 27, 2019 10:22 am

OK. Part 24 hits the blog for a second time. Hopefully it'll stay posted this time.

Something a little different in how you have to read it however - the opening four paragraphs are posted below, the rest is posted in the comments section.

Thanks everyone for your support after my little rant. I really do appreciate it {=}

Shona and Charlie were walking down the corridor to Charlie's room - still hand in hand. As they stopped at the door of his room, a dull but repetitive "Thump, Thump, Thump" and matching "Uh! Uh! Uh!" could clearly be heard from the room opposite.

"It sounds like they never even made it into bed!" Shona laughed. "They'll be through that wall if they're not careful!"

Jacqui and Steven must have gone straight to their room after Louise had heard Jacqui's "delightful squeak" in the function room. Shona hadn't noticed them sneaking out but could understand their haste to get upstairs and get down to business. She could almost picture Jacqui - her dress around her waist - her legs around Steven's - her bottom in his hands while she hung on around his neck - getting her pussy pumped against the wall by the hardon she'd spent at least twenty minutes massaging to bursting point downstairs.

"She's remarkably energetic and robust for someone with such a petite body is Jacqueline - I hope you are too Shona." Charlie smiled as he opened the door, showed Shona inside and closed the door behind them...……...
A tiny wee rant. Well, not really tiny.
Posted:May 21, 2019 3:54 pm
Last Updated:Jun 18, 2019 11:36 am
Sorry folks, but it is with a heavy heart and a great deal of fucking anger the "Happy Birthday Jacqueline" story some of you have been following has had to be brought to a premature end - and put an end to any future stories as well.

The latest part has been "Denied" and taken down by Alt (after being fine for 4 days) for containing "Banned Topics - hate/weapons/under age).

I have been given the opportunity to update it and get it "re-reviewed".

Sorry, but after all the grief and time it took to write, type and attempt to circumvent all Alt's frankly bizarre list of already weirdly banned innocuous words and numbers, I honestly can't be bothered re-writing it AGAIN and have to rely on some prick with fuck all else to do randomly deciding it may (or may not) be "OK now" and not offend anyone's ish sensibilities.

To make matters worse, I've got another part and a half written and ready to go which will now never see the light of day.

This is a BDSM site for fuck sake. There is NOTHING in this story which I haven't covered before in other blog entries and stories. Some of the outpourings of others on this site make my stories look like they were written by Enid Blyton!

No doubt this entry will be being vetted too so, for the record, I would like to point out for Alt's benefit :-

ALL characters in the story are 18 (EIGH) years of age or above.

ALL acts in which they take part are CONSENSUAL and LEGAL. (I am in Scotland where they're legal at 1 6 (S I X T E E N) )

The main characters in the part of the story you've just "Denied" were ROLEPLAYING.

I find your "holier than thou" attitude not only laughable but hypocritical. Take a look at the list of "Groups" and "Chat Rooms" which you actively encourage and the "Sites", the "Videos" you want people to subscribe to and "Simulators" you flash up on the login screens.

You send emails on an almost weekly basis which tell me :-

Members like you make ALT the kinkiest site on the Internet. To show our appreciation, we're giving you 2 weeks of FREE Gold membership starting xx/xx/xx. We extend this benefit to our most popular members on the site...members like you!

I've had so many of these lately my "Membership" now doesn't expire until some time in October!

And then you go and do something like this.

Thanks a fucking lot.

Do you think I am throwing my toys out of my pram over this? Bloody right I am!

To paraphrase William Wallace, "Get it RIGHT up ye!"

I'm not one for making political statements but........
Posted:May 18, 2019 7:40 am
Last Updated:May 24, 2019 11:08 am

This will probably mean more to UK readers but as Teresa May's tenure as UK Prime Minister looks like coming to an end - later rather than sooner unfortunately - I'd just like to throw my weight (such as it is ) behind Rick Astley as her replacement.

To me, the reas are obvious.

Now, if I could just get that bloody g out of my head...….

Friends of Dorothy more than welcome.
Posted:May 18, 2019 6:42 am
Last Updated:May 22, 2019 1:13 pm

Those of you who have been reading my blog from way back when will know that although I'm not totally averse to a guy who - to use a snooker analogy - decides that he'd like to go for the tight brown rather than the easy pink for a change, it's by no means at the top of my list of my favourite things. If it was limited to Birthdays, Christmas and Public Holidays as a special treat, I'd be more than happy

As a welcome to a city though, although a novel approach, I really hope it's not compulsory...…..

Happy Birthday Jacqueline - Part 23
Posted:May 12, 2019 8:46 am
Last Updated:May 22, 2019 1:14 pm

"You ready to go then sweetheart?" Hannah's dad called from the rolled down window of his car.

"Um Daaaad...... Does this look like Emma?"

"I'm never completely sure who you're taking home Hannah. Sometimes I wonder if YOU are. Shona, it's so nice to see you again."

"Mr. Stewart. Hello." Shona replied abruptly as Hannah looked on - a little surprised by Shona's sharp and formal reply. She'd been calling him Bill for years when she stayed over.

"I'll um...... go and fetch Emma then...... and leave you two to........ whatever."

"I'm still not forgiven then Shona." It was a statement rather than a question from Bill.

"I've not given any thought what-so-ever Bill." Shona replied dryly but did step closer to the car window - leaving the possibility of further conversation a possibility.

In her weaker moments, Shona missed her times with him. To be fair to Bill, she'd been the one who had done all the chasing and all the teasing. When the moment had been right, she'd served herself up on a plate to him and she'd loved every second after he taken his first tentative nibble - and all the subsequent hearty bites had followed which she had encouraged.

"How's your friend? Louise isn't it?"

"She's good. We're still together. How's Ali and Michael?"

"They're well. They both miss you being around - we all do."

"You made it impossible for me Bill. I couldn't face you after what happened. Your treatment of Louise was unforgiveable."

"Shona, I've apologised all I can for already but she was the problem. It was your idea for her to join us - and my mistake was letting it happen. The opportunity of having both of you together was too much for me. I should have been stronger."

"Maybe so.... but there was still no need for the way you behaved."

"Do your parents still go to the Golf Club on a Saturday night?"

"Yes. Every Saturday without fail." Shona smiled. She'd taken advantage of them being out of the house and been left to amuse herself for the six or so hours they were away, many, many times. It had been the gateway to the active sex-life she'd enjoyed since her mid-s.

"Maybe I could come over one Saturday and we can put things right between us?" Bill said quietly. "Even if we just talk about it - No strings. No pressure. No Louise." He added.

"I'm not sure if 's a good idea Bill."

"Think about it Shona. Please. Do you still have my mobile number?"

"No....... I......... um....... deleted it."

"Yours still the same?"


"I'll send you a text later tonight then and you can add me again. I didn't delete you." Bill smiled. He wasn't giving up easily.

"OK Bill. Do . I'll think about it. I'm not making any promises though."

"It's all I can ask Shona. We were very good together you must admit."

Before she could confirm or deny , Bill started talking again. Louder than he had been.

"Well it was good to see you again Shona. Tell Louise I was asking for her."

"Um..... Are you sure about ?"

Bill gave a little cough and nodded. Shona looked over her shoulder and saw Hannah and Emma hurrying hand in hand towards the car."

"Nice seeing you too Bill. I'll do ." Shona recovered.


Both girls gave Shona a kiss on the cheek as they got into the back of Bill's car and said their goodbyes and she gave them a wave before turning and heading back inside to the warmth of the reception.

She smiled to herself as she thought of them making out on Hannah's big comfy bed. It was never boring in bed with Hannah. The last thing you did was sleep. Even when you eventually did manage to drift off for a couple of hours, you'd be woken either by her fingers trailing gently over your skin or her lips planting soft kisses in a trail down your body - and it would start all over again.

It had come as a shock to them though when they discovered Hannah's parents had been well aware of what they had been getting up to during their "sleepovers" but had been far from disapproving. On her sixth birthday, they'd actually allowed Hannah to have boys in her room too.

There were rules and conditions attached obviously. Never on "a S c h o o l Night". It couldn't be just a constant stream of different random boys turning up - established boyfriends only - and they had to be dressed and out of the house by eleven pm, so no overnight stays for the lucky guys concerned.

It wasn't her mum and dad were actively encouraging her to have an active sex life - they were just savvy enough to realise now Hannah was "legal" and was going to have sex anyway, she might as well have somewhere safe and private to indulge her desires. At least they'd know where she was and wouldn't have to worry about her safety. It didn't completely stop Hannah from exploring the back seat of the odd car or three but it was a benefit of which Shona was extremely jealous.

On the odd occasion Shona even managed to take advantage of the arrangement herself. While Hannah was "entertaining" her curfriend in her room, she could often be found making Hannah's brother Michael's night a lot more fun for him.

All this had been happening in parallel with her affair with Bill. It had started with curiosity but had rapidly developed into a lust driven series of bouts of spankings and sex which had blown her mind. The risks they'd sometimes taken to indulge their need for each other had been crazy - but had added to the excitement for her.

They'd even fucked in the house while Ali had been making their evening meal in the kitchen and Hannah and Michael had been in the lounge watching TV - leaving Shona to sit at the table with them all while they ate with Bill's cum still feeling warm inside her.

There had been many of these jeans down, cock in "quickies" which lasted only a matter of minutes - but even during those, Bill ALWAYS made her cum before he did. They were quick, stolen moments but she'd loved them - and kept the affair going between their far longer and far more intense naked, full-on, lust-filled sessions which left her completely sated and buzzing for hours afterwards.

It had been her experiences with Bill which had been Shona's main motivation for pursuing a night with Charlie. Until Bill, "older men" had never been a thing as far as she'd been concerned - and she'd never been with one since. Louise's attention to detail when it came to "disciplining" her couldn't be faulted but her hankering for a firm, experienced, older hand - and cock - had never really gone away. It had nagged away at the back of her mind like a constant dull ache she'd had to try and ignore before it drove her mad and affected her relationship with Louise.

The temptation to take Bill up on his offer was certainly there - but she'd deal with quandary when there was a decision to be made. She had more important things on her mind at precise moment. The anticipation of her night with the hunky and fit Charlie was building nicely but so was her curiosity about his "private" conversation with Louise - which was STILL in progress as she passed the lounge once more. What the fuck were they discussing was taking such a long time?


Through in the function room, the party was in its' final throes with only a few hard-core party animals and drinkers determined to see it through to the bitter end.

Jacqui's mum and dad, Shona assumed had already retired to their room and although there were still a few faces in the function suite she recognised, there was only Jacqui and Steven she knew well enough - or wanted - to sit with. She started to head towards them but veered off as she got closer when she noticed although they looked like a couple just sitting at a table having a drink, they each had a hand under the table - Steven's giving Jacqui a slow fingering between her relaxed, open legs and Jacqui's rubbing what seemed to be an impressive bulge which had developed in Steven's trousers.

She'd been in similar positions herself now and then - not just with boys - and knew this was one of those times when interruption just wasn't appreciated, so she headed to the bar for want of somewhere else to go.

As if her head wasn't buzzing enough with everything had happened - and was going to happen - night, she didn't know whether to be flattered or angry when the barman asked to see her ID before serving her.

He'd been serving them drinks all night without a care. It had only been because now it was quiet and she was by herself he'd decided he needed to check on her age.

She'd opened the card section of her purse and slapped her Driving Licence down on the counter and glowered as he picked it up and examined it carefully.

"You're only JUST eigh..... Shona......" He grinned as he handed it back.

"Can I have my Spitzer now...... Andrew.....?" Shona replied - without a smile and reading his badge.

"Of course."

Shona perched on one of the vacant stools lined the bar and held out a £5 note to him as he served her drink.

"Have it on the house Shona. I've already cashed up the till."

"Very kind of you. Thanks." The fiver was returned to her purse with a faint smile.

"Your boyfriend deserted you?"

Shona had been expecting either or a question very similar. He'd only wanted her ID to get her name.

"I don't have one."

"Really? 's surprising."

"Is it?"

Shona could the game as long as he wanted. He was pleasant enough - easy on the eye - in his mid-twenties. If she hadn't made other arrangements, he just might have been in with a shout for a bit of meaningless sex but he was going to be sadly disappointed.

"I would have thought a pretty little thing like you would be beating men off with a stick."

"What makes you think I don't? Just because I've not got a boyfriend doesn't mean I need a steady one." Shona smirked. "Like you said, I'm only JUST eigh. Why would I tie myself down when there are so many men I can take for a test-drive?"

"Well I finish in half an hour if you need a run home......."

"It's very nice of you to offer Andrew but I'm a resident so 's not necessary." Shona grinned back.

"Even better. I could see you safely to your room. I know how to fiddle the mini-bar." Andrew winked as if getting a few over-priced and under-sized bottles of booze for free would seal the deal and get him into her panties.

"Oh awesome!" Shona feigned her delight at the revelation. "But I don't think my girlfriend would approve.........." She added coyly as Louise appeared in the doorway and made a bee-line for the bar when she spied Shona.

"Your..... girl.... friend.... Ah...."

"Sorry Andrew." Shona said softly. "Any chance of another Spritzer? Please?"

"Another Spritzer coming right up ....." Andrew replied - his disappointment already forgotten - as Louise joined them at the bar.

Sitting on the bar-stool, Shona was able to easily turn and kiss the taller Louise without stretching.

"Hey babe." They said together. Louise adding an "Oh. Thanks." to Andrew as he put her drink down infront of her. He made no attempt to ask for payment and Shona made no attempt to pay. Andrew simply nodded and went back to filling the glass washer and re-stocking the bar for the next day.

"Let's take our drinks over there." Louise nodded to an empty table away from anyone.

"Jacqui squeaks when she cums, by the way - it's really a quite delightful sound. I heard her as I passed her table." Louise whispered.

"About time too. Steven's been diddling her for ages. They were already at it when I came in."

"We'll be hearing it a lot in the coming weeks."

"I know!" Shona said eagerly.

"How do you know? I've only just arranged it all with Charlie."

"She told me earlier she's decided to join us. Wait - What have you arranged with Charlie?"

"It's too complicated to tell you everything just now babe but you'll never believe what he has in mind for Jacqui. You're free tomorrow afternoon are you? You don't have to do stuff at home or anything?"

"I'm all yours babe. What've you got planned for us?"

"We're going to the Marycliffe with Charlie and Jacqui. Shit. Here's Charlie coming. Listen - If I get all bossy and demanding with you in the morning - Just go along with it OK? Now - look suitably chastised."

Shona immediately put on her best pout as Louise added "....and don't show me up like infront of others again."

"I'm sorry Mist.... um... Louise. I won't. I promise."

"It's OK. You can address me as Mistress in front of Charlie here. He's well aware of our relationship. Now apologise to Charlie too."

"I'm sorry Charlie...... please forgive me. I shouldn't have talked back to you both like I did."

"You'll be saying sorry a lot more before tonight is over young lady - but you're forgiven. For your outburst at least."

"Thank you Charlie."

"Shouldn't it be Thank you D a d d y?" Charlie's voice softened just a little.

"Yes . Thank you. D a d d y...…." Shona grinned back.

"Have you been filling young Shona in with what we discussed?" Charlie asked turning back to Louise.

"Not yet. I've not really had time. I decided reprimanding her was of more immediate importance. I would prefer to explain everything to her myself however. I'd be grateful if it wasn't a topic of conversation between yourselves during your time with Shona tonight."

Shona hated being talked about as if she wasn't there but bit her tongue. The pout she'd put on was returning but wasn't pretend anymore. Not knowing what the pair of them had cooked up together was killing her.

"Quite right. You can have no fears on matter Louise." Charlie nodded. "Well young lady. I think it's time for D a d d y to have a little chat with you about your behaviour, don't you?"

"Yes D a d d y ......." Shona said as she stood up and leaned and kissed Louise softly on the lips then slipped her hand into Charlie's.

"Have fun Shona." Louise said. "Do what your Da d d y tells you now." She added with a smile.

"You too.... Mistress...." Shona winked out of sight of Charlie. "I hope Matthew lives up to your expectations."

"Goodnight Louise. I'll return Shona to your care in the morning and we will talk further." Charlie added his smile.

"Goodnight Charlie.......Remember what I said about consequences." Louise said quietly as they turned to leave.

Charlie didn't reply. Louise really didn't have any fears for Shona's safety with the man - he needed both of them on-side if his plans for Jacqui were to be accelerated in the way he hoped - but there was no harm in reminding him.

Louise sat for a few minutes after they disappeared and finished her drink. She looked at her watch. It was five past the hour. Matthew would be making his way to her room in about ten minutes. It was time to head upstairs herself and slip into something a little easier to get out of.

Happy Birthday Jacqueline - Part 22
Posted:May 5, 2019 4:50 am
Last Updated:May 8, 2019 10:31 am

The kiss Jacqui and Shona both wanted never got to happen. The sight of Steven accompanied by Emma returning from the dance floor caused Shona to pull back and whisper "Laters Babe."

"I'd like that." Jacqui replied blushing slightly who then stood up as Steven sat down and planted herself on his lap.

Shona watched his arms wrap around Jacqui's waist while one of her's went around his shoulders. The quick kiss they shared led to another and another slightly longer and more intimate. They looked good together and Jacqui didn't look in the slightest like she was only paying Steven so much attention because she'd been ordered to by Charlie.

The couple's intimate moment was interrupted by Jacqui's mother and father coming over to fetch her to help carry the tableful of presents up to their rooms - leaving Shona sitting with Emma after Steven dutifully followed Jacqui to help.

"Has frosty knickers deserted you?" Emma asked Shona with a nudge.

"Sorry? What?"

"Louise. Or is she away sharpening her claws?"

"What are you on about? She's through in the lounge talking to Jacqui's Uncle Charlie if you must know. And there's no need to be like that about her. If you actually took the time to get to know her you'd realise how unfair you're being."

"Yeah well, you would say that wouldn't you? You practically live in her bed at weekends. So what does she want from Jacqui's uncle? It can't be his money - she has plenty of her own. And it can't be his cock because you're here!"

"Fuck sake Emma. What is wrong with you? Did you hit on Louise or something and she tell you to fuck off? And what if I do spend my nights in Louise's bed at weekends? We don't hide the fact we're together. You and Hannah are just the same. You took great delight telling me earlier that you're staying over at her's tonight. Am I freaking out about that? I think you two are a great fit."

"Me? Hit on Louise? She doesn't even talk to me! As for Hannah, she's NEVER got over you. All the time it's "Shona and me did this. Shona and me used to do it this way. Call me Hans. Shona used to call me Hans. Did I ever tell you about the time Shona and me did whatever?" I'm living in your fucking shadow Shona."

"But sex with her IS sen-fucking-sational though isn't it?" Shona said softly with a smile.

"Well yeah, it is....... I love her to bits Shona. I'm sorry. It's just difficult sometimes constantly being compared to you." Emma replied, calming down a little.

"Hey. You're the one she wants in her bed now. I'm with Louise and she wants me in hers. Hannah says things without thinking - she does it all the time. She doesn't mean anything by it. You have to remember we've known each other for a long, long time. We were each others' firsts. We discovered each other before we even discovered boys."

"Yeah. OK. You never forget your first love right?"

"Something like that Emma. We good again now? Where is Hannah anyway?"

"Yeah. We're good. You're not going to tell her about my little tantrum are you? I thought she'd be back by now. She went out to call her dad to come and pick us up. She couldn't hear in here because of the noise."

"No, I promise I won't even mention it. You just needed to blow off steam - I can appreciate she can be frustrating at times but Hannah thinks the world of you Emma. She's told me so herself."

"Thanks Shona." There was a the first sign of a smile on Emma's face.

"How do you get on with the rest of her family Emma?"

"Hannah's mum and dad really make me feel like I'm part of the family when I go over and Michael..... he's a bit of a hunk isn't he? Hannah said you were going out with him for a while."

Shona had done far more than simply go out with Michael. Hannah's brother was two years older than her and she still had the sneaky pictures on her phone that she'd taken of him asleep with his impressive "morning glory".

"Yessssss. We um..... dated..... for a while......... and Ali's lovely. Her breakfasts are amazing!"

"Her dad's a bit of a letch. Was he like that with you?"

"What do you mean Emma?" Shona asked cautiously.

"You know. Staring at my bum - then looking away quickly when I catch him watching me. Stuff like that. It doesn't bother me - it's just a bit weird until you get used to it. It's not like he says stuff or "accidentally" touches me or anything."

"Bill would never do that and as long as he's just looking there's no harm is there? You DO have a cute bum after all." Shona laughed trying to make light of it. "He did the same with me and Louise. Lots of men have a fascination with pert little bums like ours."

"Thanks." Emma blushed a little and smiled. "Yeah. If he was like twenty or something I'd maybe want him to touch it!" She laughed.

"You're welcome. Listen, I just ignored it. There was no rea to worry and no point making a big deal out of it. I don't know if he did, but if he locked himself in the bathroom and had a good wank thinking about my bum then so what?."

"Oh my God! You don't think he does do you?! That would be........ Jesus!"

"No. I don't - but we'll never know will we?" Shona smirked.

"Thanks for that. I won't get that image out of my head in a hurry......."

"It took a while to get it out of mine. Why should I suffer alone?"

They were both still laughing as Jacqui and Steven returned. Shona took the opportunity to excuse herself for "a trip to the little girls room" to go in search of Hannah.


Out in the hotel lobby Shona glanced into the lounge and saw that Louise and Charlie were still engaged in animated conversation. She couldn't even guess what they were discussing but refused to let her curiosity get the better of her. Whatever is was, she'd hear all about it from Louise in due course.

She saw Hannah through one of the huge bay windows beside the main entrance. She was sitting outside on the low wall that ran around the edge of the car park.

"Hey Hans. What are you doing sitting alone out here?" Shona asked as she wandered outside and perched on the wall beside her.

"Oh hiya. I could ask you the same."

"You could babes - but I asked first. Emma's wondering where you've got to."

"I came out to phone my dad to fetch us but he's already on his way so I thought I might as well wait for him. He'll only be a few minutes. Did Emma send you to come and find me?"

"No - not at all. I think she just thought you'd been an awful long time. Everything alright between you two?"

"Yeah. I think so. Why?"

"No rea. Just asking babes. I just like knowing things are good with you." Shona smiled.

"They are. Being with Emma's just.... different. You know?"

"Not like when we were together you mean."

"Yeah. I suppose. It's like I'm starting everything over again. We just did stuff without thinking or asking hon. We knew which buttons to push on each other to get a reaction. We didn't need words - we just knew what the other was thinking or needing."

"But that's the exciting part Hans. Learning. Finding out. Discovering what makes someone giggle or moan........ and learning to love the different ways they kiss and touch you. Don't forget, Emma will be feeling the same as you are."

"I know - Don't get me wrong. I love being with her."

"Good. Will you do something for me then Hans?"

"If I can - you know that."

"When you go back in there, give Emma a kiss and a hug and when you take her home with you tonight, make love with her and tell her how much you love being with her."

"I think she knows that." Hannah said bristling a little.

"You know best babe. It's just a suggestion. You two aren't at the psychic stage yet and I think Emma would love hearing that from you - and not hear so much about what we got up to."

"Has Emma said something to you?"

"Only that she loves you to bits Hans." She smiled softly.

Shona's smile faded quickly however as she recognised the car swinging into the car park.


"So what is it you have in mind? I'm struggling at the moment to see how I as a Mistress can help you with your relationship with Jacqui."

So far, Louise had been playing along with Charlie's incorrect impression that she was capable of imposing her will on Shona to the extent of blind obedience. This however was clearly what Charlie had in mind for Jacqui. If you put aside Shona's desire for a good spanking and seeing to from an older man, her additional plan to "check him out" for Jacqui's own good could be totally unnecessary. Charlie appeared to be on the point of revealing all himself.

"I think if I give you some background into how I am set up out in Dubai, things might become clearer Louise. It's been operating for four years now and been very successful - even though it has to be kept necessarily discreet."

"It sounds intriguing Charlie. You can be assured of my discretion. Please continue."

Alarm bells weren't just continuing to ring in Louise's head - they'd been joined by sirens and two-tones as well.

"Each summer, myself and two colleagues bring what we believe are suitable young women out to Dubai not only for our own pleasure and amusement - but for the amusement and pleasure of a select few others."

"And you see Jacqui as this year's model I take it. Your contribution to the party."

"Very much so. She'll be perfect in my opinion."

"What exactly are you expecting from her? Pleasure and amusement could cover just about anything."

"Primarily, I expect obedience. It's an old cliche but if I say "Jump", I really do expect her first response to be "How high?". Performing sex with myself wherever and whenever I desire is obviously a requirement and so far, that's not been an issue. Jacqui fucks me eagerly and willingly."

"And so she should - but I got the impression that that was as much down to the effort and skill you put into her fuckings yourself as it was her own sexual appetite." Louise said flatteringly.

"Shona should be able to confirm that for you in the morning." Charlie smirked. "But Jacqui is going to have to also service my two colleagues from time to time and, when the situation demands one or two select others - either individually or in a group."

"And if she refuses? She'll be disciplined and used anyway?"

"Correct. Either disciplined by myself infront of everyone or if it's their desire, disciplined by the individual concerned and taken in private before being returned to the group to continue the session."

"So it's essentially in her own interest to accept her fate and avoid a beating."

"That's one way of looking at it but "beatings" as you put it are not allowed. It is in no one's interest to have any of the girls reduced to sobbing, shaking wrecks. Hard enough to draw tears or beg for forgiveness certainly is acceptable but not excessively hard or severe. If they're in no fit state to perform afterwards, the exercise is pointless."

"So if I understand you correctly, there are three of you - each with your own sub which you share with each other on a regular basis. Sometimes individually. Sometimes as a group. How are the others introduced?"

"Yes. You have indeed grasped the setup exactly. Others get involved by word of mouth. Peral recommendation only. As I said, it's a discreet service. It's in everyone's interest to keep it so."

"And is there a fee involved?"

"We ask for a "" towards their upkeep." Charlie smiled. "There are different levels of depending on what the girls are required to do and for how long. The girls themselves get to keep 25% as well as anything they can elicit themselves in peral s - so they do have an incentive - besides avoiding being disciplined - to perform well."

Louise couldn't believe what she was hearing. She was finding it hard to keep calm. She had more than enough of a confession from Charlie of his intent - and part of her wanted to simply take that information and expose Charlie for what he was - but he'd given no indication as yet as to what he saw as her part in Jacqui's introduction to what was basically the discreet brothel he was operating in Dubai.

Although she now had a good idea of what Charlie's proposition was going to be, she couldn't help wanting to hear it in his own words. Was he just having fun with her? Teasing her with an incredible story for his own amusement or to see how gullible she was? Louise thought not - but there was only one way to find out........ She'd keep asking questions until he got to his request.

"These girls Charlie - they are free to leave at any time if they decide they no longer want to be used in this way?"

"Yes they are - but in the four years we've been operating, I can think of only one who has. We don't keep them prisioner you know!" He laughed. "But they are all subs remember, all their needs are taken care of, they are adequately rewarded and most of all, they want to please their Master by complying with his wishes. They are generally a little older than Jacqui - mostly in their early twenties and experienced in the lifestyle."

"The latter two being things that Jacqui is not." Louise said tellingly.

"Exactly Louise. We change the girls every summer to keep things fresh. Normally I'd be bringing out someone already primed and upto to speed but with Jacqui, I've not had time to properly prepare her."

"She told us that she was only going for the summer......"

"But I did tell her she might not want to come back after the initial two months. I'm hoping that will be the case. Jacqui is aware that extending her stay would not be a problem."

"I see...... You appear to have a problem or two however. I take it that that's where I come in?"

"I knew you were the right per Louise. Indeed you do." Charlie smiled. "Jacqui just lacks "experience". I would like you to train her up and prepare her for what awaits her. I've seen the excellent job you've done with little Shona and you talk and understand my situation very well."

"I'm flattered of course Charlie but I've had eigh months to lick Shona into shape." Louise smiled at her own double-meaning. "You need Jacqui ready in what? Eight weeks?"

"Eight preferrably but that could extend to ten if really necessary."

"It's a lot to undertake. It would mean completely re-arranging my schedule and plans. Shona also keeps me very fully occupied. I wouldn't want to neglect her."

"Perhaps involving Shona could be of help. She could be an example - a role model, if you like. Accepting her routine spankings and any punishments without question and pleasuring any cock that's put infront of her. You did say that Jacqui often goes to Shona for advice - if she sees Shona for herself willingly doing whatever she's told, with whoever she's told ............"

"I can see how using Shona would help. She'll do whatever I ask and I don't have a problem obtaining willing cocks when I need one." Louise glanced at Matthew. "But even though, you're asking an awful lot in such a short time Charlie - especially since I'd only really have weekends to work with her."

"I appreciate that Louise. You would be suitably recompensed for your time and effort - That goes without saying."

"I would expect to be - especially since I'm being expected to deliver a young woman who's going to boost your bank balance. What figure do you have in mind?"

"I thought £200 per weekend?"


"Very well."


"You drive a hard bargain."

"Do you have a choice?"

"I'll have it for you tomorrow."

"All £2,500?"

"£2000 - eight weeks at £250."

"It might take ten - but if I deliver in eight, then you can call the extra £500 an early completion bonus."

"OK Louise. We have a deal."

Charlie held out his hand for Louise to shake, which she did.

"I'm taking Jacqui out to my suite at the Marycliffe tomorrow afternoon. I'd like both yourself and Shona to join us. We can explain the situation to her together - and complete our transaction at the same time."

"That's acceptable. We can confirm times etc., after breakfast. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a rather hot waiter I need to get back to......"

"See you at breakfast then." Charlie smiled as he made his departure. It was all coming together better than he could ever have expected or hoped.


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