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amber2014 75T
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8/9/2019 10:05 am
8 / 10 / 19

Thank you for reading my blog.

Activity for 8 / 9 / 2019 .

Entry 1.

I got on and entered my owners room in just my collar.

She had not been in her room over night.

My slave CT was there cleaning when I entered.

Then my slave RY and dom DB entered.

CT undressed and put her clothes in a bag and set them aside.

I had RY removed her nightie and panties and she folded them and put then of the way.

I had DB strip.

He has started being sub to .

I grabbed DB inch cock and pulled him to the hanging ropes.

DBs cock was hard and leaking.

I tied his hands to a hanging rope and raised him so he was off the floor.

I then grabbed CT by the hasir and pulld her mouth to DBs cock.

I told CT to lick and suck his cock.

I pulled RY behind DB and pushed her between his ass cheeks.

I had RY lick and tongue fuck his ass.

I told her to make sure she licked his p-spot.

I then placed alligator clips in DBs<b> nipples.

</font></b>He screamed as the teeth on the clips bit in deep.

I got a wide but short elastic strip.

I hooked one end on the left clip and stretched the elastic so the other end could be attached to the right clip.

I released the elastic and if pulled DBs<b> nipples </font></b>closer making him scream as the clips dug in deeper.

RY slammed her tongue in and of SBs ass licking his p-spot

CT was now taking the inch cock deep in her throat and gagging then pulling back to lick and suck just the head.

DB squirmed on the ropes his<b> nipples </font></b>stretched by the elastic as his cock and ass were used.

I uses a 4 foot braided leather whip with one knot on the end and lashed CTs cheeks 20 times each driving her mouth down DBs cock with each lash as she screamed on his cock.

Her cheeks had deep bruises from the knot.

Then I lashed RYs cheeks 20 times each driving her tongue deeper in DBs ass as she screamed in the ass.

The 20 lashed to T+RYs cheeks left them deeply bruised also.

I put the whip down and raised RYs hips and drive my hard clitty in her cunt.

I slammed over her p-spot and each hard thrust pushed her deeper between DBs ass cheeks.

RY moaned and pushed back and squeezed on my clitty as she licked DBs p-spot.

I reached around DB and [pulled the elastic stretching it and making him gr4oan as the clips dug deeper in his<b> nipples.

</font></b>My right hand was stroking RYs clitty as I drove over her p-spot.

I came in her cunt and she milked my clitty as I had her and she shot on the back of DBs legs.

I pulled leaving RYs cunt gaping and leaking.

I moved to CT and lifted her hips and drove my still hard clitty in her cunt.

I plowed over CTs p-spot with each thrust driving her mouth down DBs inch cock more and more.

My right hand stroked CTs clitty not and when I droved deep in her cunt and came I had CT .

She shot over the front of DBs legs.

I pulled the elastic between DBs<b> nipples </font></b>making him scream louder.

I pulled of CT cunt leaving it gaping and leaking.

I had CT and RY get on their knees in front of DB.

I slammed in his ass driving in and and pounding his p-spot.

My right hand slapped his balls back and forth.

DBs cock was hard and throbbing.

I had him as I shot deep in his ass.

I felt him milking my clitty as I stretched his balls and he shot over CTs and RYs faces.

Both opened heir mouths and caught his .

My clitty still thrusting in his ass milked his p-sot making him more on RYs and CTs faces.

I pulled RY and CT up and licked DBs off their faces then kissed them sharing his .

RY then left for r/t.

DBs cock was softer as I wrapped an elastic strip around the cock.

I held one end and pulled the strip stretching it and wrapping it around his cock.

Then I fastened the ends together.

The elastic squeezed tight on DBs cock.

He moaned as his cock was squeezed.

I had CT lick the head of his cock making him grow in the elastic.

I got a cup of liquid.

It was the liquid that the women use in their dildos when the use my slaves.

The liquid is a strong mixture that gets the cock or clitty hard and keeps it that way.

It also stimulates the balls making them produce more .

I pinched DBs nose making him open his mouth and I poured the liquid down his throat.

His body responded quickly as his cock strained in the elastic.

CT licked the head more and fondled his balls.

DB groaned and squirmed on the ropes.

I picked up the whip again and lashed DBs cheeks times each leaving deep bruised in each cheek.

DB screamed with each lash and his cock got harder in the elastic coating which squeezed it tight.

CT licked the head getting pre now.

DB needed to leave for r/t.

I removed the elastic from his cock letting it get hard.

I moved behind CT and slammed my clitty in her cunt.

I drove in and hard and fast rubbing he p-spot over and over.

I held my creamer in my left hand and stoked CTs clitty with my right.

My clitty plowed over her p-spot with every thrust.

CT squeezed and pushed back on my clitty.

I droved deep and came in CTs cunt and as she milked my clitty I had her .

I caught her in my creamer.

My right hand and clitty milked CT getting more in the creamer.

I came more in her cunt then pulled .

I then cleaned my from CTs cunt and raised up and kissed her sharing as our tongues danced.

Then the all gone I left for r/t.

Entry 2.

I got on and found DB using CT and sub US watching in my owners room.

DB was slamming in and of CTs moth as she sucked and licked his minch cock.

I moved behind DB and side 3 fingers of my right hand in his ass and started working them in and and over his p-spot.

I pushed 3 fingers of my left hand in CTs cunt and worked them over her p-spot.

DB was throbbing and leaking in CTs throat as CT started leaking on the floor.

My hands moved in and with my fingers rubbing DBs and CTs p-spots over and over.

I pulled my fingers of DB and CT.

I moved behind CT and slammed my clitty in her cunt.

I drove in and hard and fast.

My tits bouncing with each thrust over CTs p-spot.

DB reached over CT and pulled and squeezed my nipple and kissed .

I drove deeper in CTs cunt and she sucked harder on DBs cock as it gagged her with the deep thrusts.

Sub FI entered naked.

I called her over to lick and tongue my cunt.

I pushed back on FIs tongue then drove in CTs cunt and over her p-spot.

I felt FIs tongue licking my p-spot.

My right hand stroked CTs clitty and my left held the creamer.

I felt FI start sucking on my cunt and I started shitting in her mouth.

FI chewed and swallowed over and over as I fed her my shit.

I thrust deep in CTs cunt and came as she milked my clitty getting more .

I had DB and he shot in CTs throat making her gag.

DB was then gone.

I pulled CT up and kissed her sharing DBs as our tongues danced.

FI pulled from my cunt one he had been fed.

I broke the kiss with CT as sub BO entered.

I pulled BO to the padded and lifted her to on=e of the dildos and slid her cunt down the 8 inch dildo.

I tied BO to the and then her hand over her heads.

sub US had entered in just as tight cock ring.

His cock looked it was being cut in half by the tight ring.

I put his on the other dildo atop the .

His ass slide down the 8 inch dildo and I tied him to the and his hands over is head.

He and BO were facing each other.

USs cock head and BOs clitty head almost touching.

I placed alligator clips in BOs and USs<b> nipples.

</font></b>The sharp teeth bit in deep.

I then tied a core through all 4 clips and pulled it tight making them scream as their nipple stretched and the clips bit in deeper.

I had FI start licking the cock and clitty.

I then pulled CT over to FI and had her start fucking FIs cunt.

Her hard deep thrusts drove over hid p-spot and made his clitty hard and leaking on the floor.

Sub PA entered and DB returned.

He had lost his signal.

He called PA over.

Pa was stroking DBs cock and getting his inch cock hard.

Then she licked the cock and closed her mouth over the head and sucked.

I moved behind CT and slammed my clitty in her cunt.

Every thrust I made rubbed CTs p-spot.

This drove her clitty deeper in FIs cunt as he licked faster on the throbbing and leaking clitty and cock.

The dildos on the still drove up and down in USs ass and BOs cunt.

Both p-spots were rubbed over and over and they leaked on the .

I pressed the button on the remote and the dildos shot the liquid provided by the women that use it in their strap-on dildos when they fuck others.

This liquid makes cocks and clitties hard and makes the balls produce more .

CT had to leave for r/t.

I puled of her cunt and pulled her from FIs cunt.

CT left as I drove my clitty in FIs cunt and plowed over her p-spot.

BO was gone and FI was now just licking USs cock as it grew in the tight ring.

US grunted and moaned in pain.

I turned the machine off and then lowered the rope and untied USs hands.

I then untied him from the and lifted him off the dildo.

I leaned US over the to lick and suck the dildo clean and had FI clean her cunt of the liquid.

PA was taking DBs cock deep in her throat and he held her head making her gag and fight for air.

PA fondled his balls and sucked harder even as she fought to breathe.

I moved and squatted over a plate and shit - giving another treat for FI.

US left for r/t.

FI crawled to the plate and ate the shit.

I then left for r/t.

Entry 3.

I got on and finished yesterdays blog.

There was no one in my owners room

I then got off alt.

Entry 4.

I got on and did the above blog entries then went to around.

My slave RY was in the gallery and I took her to my BDSM Palace3.

I entered in my black leather outfit the 6 inch stiletto heels on my knee high boots clicking on the floor.

RY was naked and kneeling in the center of the room.

I had a black leather paddle in my right hand.

The paddle had 1/4 inch sharp studs on one side.

I stopped in front of RY and used the paddle to lift her head so I could look in RTs eyes.

She shivered.

Then suddenly I whacked her tits 5 times each with the paddle.

The sharp studs digging in deep and breaking the skin and blood oozed from her tits as she screamed.

I lifted her head once more with the paddle and looked in RYs eyes.

Her body was shaking.

I pushed my right boot forward and started rubbing RYs balls and clitty with the toe.

She moaned and started humping my boot.

I lifted the front of my skirt and then pressed my hard clitty in RYs mouth.

She licked and sucked on my clitty as I let my skirt fall down covering her head and leaving her in the dark.

I used my left hand on the back of her head on the outside of my skirt and pushed her on my clitty as I thrust in and out of her throat.

RY gagged over and over as she sucked and licked.

I had the in my right hand and I rubbed it over her sore bleeding tits.

RY moaned on my clitty.

Her<b> nipples </font></b>were harder and she pushed on the rubbing paddle.

RY was still humping my rubbing boot.

I reached down with the paddle and whacked each of RYs cheeks 5 times making her scream on my driving clitty.

Her cheeks were bleeding form the studs.

With lout warning I then pissed in TYs mouth and down her throat.

She gagged and swallowed then sucked harder on my clitty.

I was still driving in and out of her throat.

RY humped my rubbing boot toe as I leaked pre cum in her mouth.

I slammed deep in TYs throat my left hand held her head down making her fight to breathe.

My boot moved faster and pressed harder on RY throbbing clitty.

She still humped my boot.

I came in her throat and the blast of cum gagged her more and I stayed deep in her throat until her face turned blue.

Over and over my shooting clitty gagged RY a s I filled her mouth and throat.

I pulled out of her mouth letting the front of my skirt drop back in place.

I turned around and lifted the back of my skirt and pushed my cunt back on RYs mouth.

I dropped my skirt ;putting her in the dark once more as I had RY licke and tongue my cunt.
Her tongue drove in and out of my cunt and licked my p-spot.

I squeezed my cunt on her tongue masking her moan as she licked.

I made sure her tongue licked my p-spot.

I pushed back with my right boot and the heel rubbed over RYs throbbing clitty as I pushed back on her tongue with my cunt.

My clitty was harder and throbbing as she licked my p-spot and drove her tongue in and out of my cunt.

RYs clitty was leaking on the heel of my right boot as it rubbed hard.

RY was humping my boot heel.

I squeezed tight trapping her tongue then released it to let her lick faster and then squeezed tight over and over.

I pulled my cunt off her mouth and let my skirt back fall in place as I turned around.

The front o my skirt up again as I drove my clitty in RYs mouth and down her throat.

I let my skirt put her in darkness once more.

I slammed in and out of her throat the toe of my boot on her clitty once more getting covered with her pre cum.

Like the slut my slave is she humped my boot faster and harder - leaking more pre cum.

I slammed deep in her throat and came over and over as she sucked.

I gagged her with my cum and then had her cum and she shot over my boot.

I pulled out of RYs mouth and pushed her head down to my boot.

Her head now was not covered by my skirt.

I had her lick her cum off my boot toe.

I made sure she licked her cum off my boot and that her tongue shined my boot.

Then I pulled her up and kissed RY sharing in her cum and my cum as our tongue played.

Then we both left for r/t.


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