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amber2014 75T
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8/11/2019 8:14 am
8 / 12 / 19

Thank you reading my blog.

Activity 8 / / 20 .

Entry 1.

I entered my owners room and saw she had not been in over night.

My slave CT and switch were in the room.

CT started undressing and was nude.

I moved my chair and sat down - my bare cheeks on the soft leather.

CT put her clothes in a bag and sat them the side then went get coffee.

I watched her cunt open as she bent get a cup.

CT brought a cup of coffee on a tray and my special creamer was also on the tray.

I put my cream in the coffee and took a drink.

I kissed CT and shared the coffee.

Then I took another drink and kissed TO sharing with him also.

I stood and moved CT so her back was to me then spread her legs wide.

I rubbed my clitty up and down her crack and over her rosebud.

CT moaned and pushed back.

My right hand stroked her clitty and my left hand held the creamer to catch her pre .

I pushed through her rosebud into her cunt as I kissed the back of her neck.

CT shivered and pushed back on my clitty.

I moved in and of her cunt and rubbed her p-spot with my clitty.

I called over fuck my cunt.

His hands spread my cheeks and his cock rubbed over my rosebud.

I moaned as he licked over the back of my neck and I pushed back on his cock.

TOs cock popped through my rosebud and into my cunt.

I felt CT squeezing my clitty as she moved to meet my thrusts.

I squeezed TOs cock and humped back to meet his drives in my cunt.

I drove in CTs cunt as she pushed back on my clitty then I humped back on TOs driving cock as he slammed in my cunt and over my p-spot.

TOs right hand was squeezing and pulling my balls .

I humped his cock faster and then slammed harder and deeper in CTs cunt.

I stroked CY clitty faster and she leaked more pre in the creamer.

Sub SV entered naked and knelt watching.

I squeezed tight on TOs cock and had him in my cunt.

I milked his cock with my cunt as he worked his hand on my balls.

I came in CTs cunt and felt her milking my clitty as I stroked her clitty feeling it throb and leak.

I came again in CTs cunt as I had CT .

CT shot in the creamer.

My right hand milked her clitty as my clitty rubbed her p-spot making her more in the creamer.

TO was gone.

I pulled of CTs cunt and had SV come and clean my from her cunt.

I moved in front of CT and pressed my cunt on her mouth and had her lick and suck TOs and my cunt juice out.

CT moaned in my cunt as she pushed back on SVs tongue.

CTs tongue drove in and out of my cunt and licked my p-spot making my clitty hard.

SV still licked and sucked on CTs cunt as CT finished cleaning TO and my cunt juice from my cunt.

CTs cunt clean I moved SV to suck CTs hard throbbing clitty.

I moved behind SV and slammed my clitty in her cunt.

I drove in and out over his p-spot making her leak and throb as she sucked CTs clitty.

My right hand was stroking SVs clitty as my left held the creamer her clitty.

CT was throbbing and leaking in SVs mouth as I drove over SVs p-spot making her clitty harder and leaking.

SV leaked in the creamer.

I slammed hard in SVs cunt and came as she milked my clitty

I had CT and she shot in SVs throat making SV gag on the .

SV milked my clitty with her cunt as her mouth milked CTs clitty

CT and I both gave SV more .

I had SV and she shot in the creamer.

I had CT clean out SVs cunt getting my and SVs cunt juice.

Then I kissed CT and shared in my and SVs cunt juice.

I pulled SV up join the kiss.

Our tongues danced as we kissed and shared the .

Then I left r/t.

Entry 2.

I got on and finished yesterdays blog.

Then I looked around.

I talked in the gender exchange room but nothing developed.

I went my blog and finished the above entry.

Then I looked around again

Nothing developed so I did this entry and got off alt.

Entry 3.

I got on and looked around.

Nothing developed in the lobby, the gallery or the gender exchange room.

I went back my owners room and poured a white wine.

I sat in of the bar stools .

My bare cheeks on the soft leather, my legs wide apart and my balls hanging off the stool.

My back to the bar as I watched the room.

DB entered and since he wants serve me I had him strip and lick and suck my clitty and balls.

DB was on all 4s.

I sipped the white wine slowly as his tongue moved over my balls then my clitty.

He closed his mouth over the head if my clitty and started sucking.

Then DB started bobbing on my clitty.

I was getting harder and leaking in his mouth.

I lifted my legs and put them over his shoulder with my bare heels on his back.

I rubbed my heels on his back making him moan.

My slave RY entered but did not have very long.

I had her pull her panties down and move to stand next to my chair.

I licked the head of RYs clitty and tasted her pre .

She moaned and her clitty grew harder and I started sucking and bobbing on her clitty.

I started thrusting in and of DBs mouth as he sucked harder and bobbed on my throbbing clitty.

I gagged DB over and over as I sucked harder on RYs clitty.

My right hand went to DBs hair and I slammed his head down my clitty and closed my thighs on his head.

He was gagging as he sucked and I throbbed deep in his throat.

I had RY and she shot in my mouth - I gagged and I milked her clitty getting all of her .

As RY came in my mouth DB reached my<b> nipples </font></b>and I had RY cane his ass cheeks 5 times each.

I came in DBs throat gagging him more as I kept his head from moving with my thighs.

DB was fighting air.

I pulled off RYs clitty and she left r/t.

I opened my thighs and pulled DBs head up letting him gasp in a deep breath.

I spit RYs over DBs and he moaned realizing he looked like a sissy slut.

I moved my feet off DBs back and pushed him away with my feet.

DB sprawled on his back on the floor.

I told him when he served as a sub he was a sissy slut.

I told him if I was not pleased with his I might start dressing him and show him dressed in all of the alt rooms.

He paled and said never.

Subs PO and FI entered naked.

I put FI on all 4s and had PO slam her clitty in FIs mouth.

PO slammed in and out hard and fast making FI gag as FI licked and sucked ROs clitty.

I then had DB move behind FI and slam hs fat inch cock in FIs cunt.

He spread her cheeks and FI screamed as he slammed in her cunt stretching her open.

I moved behind PO and spread her cheeks and slammed my clitty in her cunt plow in and rubbing her p-spot.

I had her throbbing and leaking in FIs mouth.

My thrusts drove her deeper in FIs throat.

I pulled out of POs cunt and moved DB I drove my clitty in his ass making him groan as I slammed in and and rubbed his p-spot.

I drove his cock deeper in FI cunt.

FI squeezed hard on the inch cock.

hen I moved back POs cunt and slammed in and harder and faster before moving back DBs ass.

I had PO and DB leaking and throbbing in FIs mouth and cunt.

FI sucked hard on POs clitty and squeezed tight on DBs cock as her mouth and cunt were plowed over and over.

I stepped back and had PO and DB both the time.

They shot in FIs holes making her gag and moan as her throat and cunt were filled.

FI milked PO and DB getting more .

PO and DB had r/t.

I then got off alt.

Entry 4.

I got on and finished the above blog entry.

I looked around then came back here and did this entry and got off alt.

NOTE: Again alt is losing things have been saved. - For 4 times now I have had to put the back in date at top of this blog entry.


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