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amber2014 75T
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8/17/2019 6:07 am
8 / 18 / 19

Thank you for reading blog.

Activity for 8 / 17 / 2019 .

Entry 1.

I entered owners room in just her collar and could not determine if she had been in overnight because others had the room.

There was no in the room so I went and looked around.

ALT showed slave RY in the gender exchange room.

I went there but she was not there.

I talked in the room for a while.

sub PB asked me go his room and I tried get in the room but alt would not let me in.

Then checked and alt was still showing RY in the gender exchange room.

I went owners room and slave CT was there

CT undressed and I put her clothes behind the bar where she could find them later.

I moved chair and sat down bare cheeks on the soft leather.

switch entered naked.

I watched CT make coffee then bend get the cups.

Her cunt gaped open as she bent for the cups.

CT brought me coffee and special cream on a tray.

She fixed as coffee and added cream and gave it him.

I put the cream in coffee and took a drink.

I pulled CT closer and slid mouth over her clitty and soaked her clitty in the coffee as I licked.

CT moaned. watched and drank his coffee.

PB entered and I told him I could not get in his room and he went to fix the problem.

I slid mouth off CTs clitty and got out of chair and down on all 4s.

I pulled CTs clitty back in mouth and told her to fuck mouth.

Then I told TO to fuck cunt.

tongue swirled around CTs clitty as she started moving in and of mouth and down throat.

I sucked hard and gagged when she drove deep.

I felt TOs hands rubbing cheeks and then his cock moving up and down crack and over cunt entrance.

His right hand started stroking clitty making it grow and leak.

I humped back meet TOs cock as he pushed it in cunt and ovr p-spot.

I squeezed tight as he stroked clitty faster.

I bobbed on CTs driving clitty gagging as I licked and sucked.

CTs clitty was throbbing in mouth and leaking pre cum.

I felt TOs cock throbbing in cunt as clitty throbbed in his hand.

DB entered.

I had SB move behind CT and slam hos 10 inch cock in her cunt.

His hard thrust rubbed her p-spot and drove CTs clitty deeper in throat.

I sucked harder as I gagged.

tongue swirled around her clitty.

cunt squeezed TOs cock harder and harder and clitty leaked and throbbed as he stoked clitty.

I had cum in cunt as I pushed back and squeezed his cock.

I milked him getting load after load.

I had CY cum in mouth and I gagged on the cum then sucked and licked her clitty getting more of CTs cum.

I had DB cum and he slammed deeper in CTs cunt and shot over and over as she milked his 10 inch cock with her cunt.

I did not cu then.

I pushed of cunt and squeezed tight keep his cum in gaping cunt.

I pulled of CTs mouth and stood as I had DB pull out fo CTs cut.

CTs cunt was gaping and leaking DBs cum.

I had TO kneel next to CT and then DB on the other side of CT.

I stood in front of them and stroked throbbing clitty.

I came over the 3 faces.

They opened their mouths and got some of cum as I covered their faces.

I kept squeezing cunt tight keeping TOs cum inside as I licked cum off the 3 faces.

I kissed CT, and DB sharing cu=m as our tongues danced.

Then I left for r/t.

I still squeezed cunt tight holding the cum inside.

Entry 2.

I got on and worked on blog.

I stopped and checked owners room and found slave FG there.

I took him to BDSM Palace.

I entered in black leather outfit with owners gold leather collsr on neck.

heels clicked on the floor as I entered,.

FG was naked and kneeling.

His balls still stretched from the other day were resting on the floor.

I stomped left boot sole on FGs balls and ground them the floor,.

FG screamed and the scream echoed around the room.

His cock was hard and leaking.

I lifted boot off his balls and FG sobbed but his cock was hard and leaking.

I pulled FGs hands behind his back and cuffed them there.

I got a wet leather cord and tied end on his balls pulling it tight.

I pulled the other end his cuffed hands and stretched his now swelling balls as I tied the cord the cuffs.

The cord ran through his ass crack.

FG groaned as his balls swelled and turned blue then purple.

heels clicked as I walked the cabinet and selected a candle.

As I walked back sub SP entered dressed in a sports bra, shorts, hose and heels.

I had SP remove the shorts.

I lit the candle and dripped the wax into FGs cocks slit.

He screamed as the wax burned in is slit and started plugging the slit.

Once FGs cock was filled with the wax I put the candle .

FG groaned and sobbed as his pre cum backed up in his cock and balls.

The wet cord dried more stretching his balls and they were just outside his ass hole.

I told SP to slid her cunt down FGs cock facing him.

That way her clitty would rub FGs belly as she rode his cock and trails of pre cum.

SP was gone.

I lited the front and back of skirt.

I straddled FGs cock and slid cunt down taking it deep in cunt.

FG groaned as his cock got hared

I squeezed hard on his cock as I started riding it hard and fast.

clitty was leaving trails of pre cum on FGs belly.

I felt his cock throbbing but knew he could not cum with the wax plug in his cock slit.

I reached FG and pushed his balls in his ass hole.

He screamed louder as his balls were forced in his ass.

I rode his cock harder and faster as I squeezed harder on the cock.

cunt was breaking up the wax plug n FGs cock.

I shrugged shoulders letting vest move off tits and left hand pulled FGs mouth<b> nipples.

</font></b>He sucked and licked then the other nipple as I slammed over his cock.

clitty was throbbing and leaking more on his belly.

I squeezed even harder on FGs cock and worked cunt breaking up the wax plug.

I came hard and covered FGs belly with cum.

I had FG cum and hen screamed as the pieces of wax shot with his cum into cunt.

I milked FGs cock getting more and more cum.

I came over his belly more also.

I stood sliding full cunt off FGs cock and turned around and pressed cunt over his mouth.

I squeezed and pushed his cum and cunt juice in his mouth as I had him lick and suck.

I filled his mouth with his cum and cunt juice.

Then I started feeding FG breakfast.

I shit in his mouth and he chewed and swallowed.

As I fed FG I reached down and pulled FGs balls from his ass.

Then I cut the cord off his balls letting the blood floe return his balls..

FG screamed over and over as the blood flow started.

His screams did not stop him eating his breakfast.

I finished feeding FG and turned around and pissed in his mouth giving him his morning juice.

FG drank his juice and sucked clitty getting more.

I then un-cuffed his hands and FG left for r/t.

I finished the above blog entry then this and got off alt.

Entry 3.

I got on and looks around.

I was not sure what I wanted as I stopped in the lobby the gallery and the gender exchange room.

Nothing developed - just some small talk.

I came and did this entry then got off alt.

Entry 4.

I got on and looked around.

I talked in the lobby, the gallery and the gender exchange room.

Nothing developed so I did this entry and got off alt.


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