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8/18/2019 6:52 am
8 / 19 / 19

Thank you for reading my blog.

Activity for 8 / / 20 .

Entry 1.

Alt was slow letting me on but when I got on I checked my owners room.

I was in just her gold leather collar and saw she had not been the room over night.

My slave Ct was showing but alt was slow posting or not posting comments we both made.

CT undressed and went to get me coffee.

I sat in my chair with my bare cheeks on the soft warm leather.

I watched CT put her clothes behind the bar in a bag

Then she bent over to get cups for the coffee and in watched her cunt open.

ALT was so bad I was trying rebooting as was CT.

But nothing helped.

ALT still was slow or not posting as well as giving white screens and snot showing the list of who was in the room.

CT and I both had had it with alt and got off.

Entry 2.

I got on and alt was much better.

I did the above entry then went to look around.

My slave RY was shoeing but not there when I got to the room.

I went to the gender exchange room talking when I decided to go to my oweners room.

I moved to the bas\r and got a coffee and added my special cream.

I then sat on a bar stool - my bare cheeks on the soft leather and sipped my coffee watching the room.

My slave FG entered and I sent him to my BDSM Palace

I entered I my black leather outfit with my owners gold leather collar on my neck.

My heels clicked on the floor as FG entered naked.

FG knelt in front of me and I got off the stool and kicked his balls w3ith the toes of my left boot.

I drove his balls deep in his body as he screamed.

FGs cock was hard and leaking.

I then kicked him to his back on the floor.

FG groaned as he hit the floor.

His cock was sticking up and leaking.

I moved closer and raised my boot and slid the tip of the 6 inch stiletto heel in the slit of his cock.

FG screamed as I pushed the heel in the slit.

l then started moving it in and out going deeper each time I pushed down the slit of his cock.

He was raising his hip trying to hump my heel with his cocks slit.

His balls finally popped out of his body and he groaned.

I pulled the heel out of his cocks slit and it was oozing pre .

I then stepped on his body and my heels digging in deep I walked to his chest and stood with the stiletto heels digging in FGs<b> nipples.

</font></b>He screamed and moaned as my heels broke the skin and his<b> nipples </font></b>started bleeding.

I stepped off his body and my heels clicked on the floor as I walked back between his legs.

His balls were resting on the floor and I stomped them with the sole of my right boot.

I crushed his balls to the floor and his shrill scream filled the room.

I the twisted my boot sole on his balls grinding them into the floor,.

His screams echoed around the palace.

I lifted my boot off his balls and hells clicking I walked and straddled his head.

I lifted the back of my skirt and squatted over his mouth.

I started feeding FG my shit.

He eagerly chewed and swallowed all I gave him to eat.

I used the crop in my right hand to lash his balls times g3tting loud screams as welts covered the already sore crushed balls.

I finished feeding him and stood and turned and lifted the front of my skirt and slid my clitty in his mouth.

I pissed over and over washing my shit down his throat making him gag.

Female sub SY entered naked.

I pulled her to the hanging ropes my heels clicking on the floor.

I tied her hands over her head to a hanging ropes and raided her off the floor.

SY was swinging from her arms as I walked to the wall and returned with a leather cord.

My heels clicked on the floor both ways.

The leather cord hand a fist size knot an a 1 inch knot of leather.

I pushed the 1 inch knot in SYs ass and the fist sides one in her pussy.

SY screamed as her holes stretched open.

I then used the cords to secure the knows so they would not slide out.

I pulled FGs head under SYs feet and had him lick them as she groaned.

Then she squirmed on his tongue.

I used a rubbed paddle to whack SYs ass cheeks over and over.

Her cheeks turned red as she swung faster.

SYs pussy was filling with her juice and some was seeping out around the fist sized leather knot.

Male dom SK entered and was naked on the sofa stroking his cock as he watched.

I grabbed FGs hair and pulled hi on the floor so his cock was under DYs feet.

His throbbing hard cock rubbed pre on her feet.

SY moved her feet on his cock as she swung back and forth.

SY screamed and her body shook as she had an orgasm.

Her pussy filled more with her juice as more seeped around the knot.

I cut the cord and pulled the knots from her ass and her pussy.

The backed up pussy juice squirted out over FGs cock.

He moaned and leaked more pre .

I called SK over to fuck SYs gaging wet pussy.

His cock slammed in and out as his fingers rubbed her clit making her leak even more juice.

I lifted the front of my skirt and drove my clitty in her open ass and felt SKs cock against my clitty - separated thin membranes inside SY.

SK drove in and out of SYs pussy as I meet his thrusts driving in SY ass.

SK twisted and pulled SYs<b> nipples.

</font></b>Making her groan.

SYs feet were rubbing on FGs hard throbbing cock as FG started thrusting up.

SK moved his hands off SYs<b> nipples </font></b>and leaned don and started sucking and bitting her<b> nipples.

</font></b>He used his teeth to stretched her<b> nipples.

</font></b>I bit deeply in SYs left then right shoulder marking her shoulders.

I still drove in and out of SYs ass.

SK droved deep in SYs pussy and came over and over as he bit harder on her<b> nipples.

</font></b>SY had another orgasm and her juice squirted out around SKs cock.

I slammed deep in her ass and came .

ST milked SKs cock with her pussy and my clitty with her ass.

FG came shooting over SYs feet.

SK pulled out of SY pussy and her pussy ran her juice and his .

I pulled out of SYs ass and pulled FG up to clean out my .

Once her ass was clean I pushed him to her pussy to suck out SKs and SYs pussy juice.

I left for r/t.

Entry 3.

I got on and found my slave RY in my owners room.

I took her to my BDSM Palace.

I entered in my black leather outfit and gold leather collar.

My 6 inch stiletto boot heels clicked on he floor as I walked into the room.

RY was nude except for my pink collar around her neck.

I grabbed RYs hair and drug her across the floor to the bar.

I pulled her up on one of the bar stools with the 10 inch dildo sticking up.

RY groaned as I lifted her up and slid her cunt down the dildo.

RYs clitty was hard and throbbing as the dildo rubbed her p-spot.

I tied RYs legs to the stool.

I pulled over a milking machine and attached the hose to her clitty.

Then I took a hose from the milking machine and hooked it to the machine controlling the dildo in the stool.

I turned on the dildo and it started driving in and out of RYs cunt making her moan and get harder as it rubbed her p-spot.

I turns on the milking machined and it started sucking RYs from her clitty and balls and putting it in the heated tank of the dildo machine.

RY groaned and moaned as her clitty was milked and her cunt fucked the 10 inch dildo.

Once there was in the heated tank I pressed the button on the remote and it started shooting RYs into her cunt through the dildo.

I placed alligator clips in RYs<b> nipples </font></b>and she screamed as the teeth dug in deep.

She screamed louder when I twisted the clips back and forth.

RYs<b> nipples </font></b>were seeping blood from the clips.

Over and over was milked from RYs clitty and shot into her cunt.

Breeding RY with her own .

I ripped the clips out of RYs<b> nipples </font></b>leaving them bleeding more as she screamed.

RYs clitty was still being milked but now I=there was no to be gotten.

I turned off the milking machine and pulled it off her clitty.

The dildo was still driving in and out of RYs cunt and rubbing her p-spot.

I turned off the driving dildo and RY sat on the 10 inch dildo moaning.

Her seeped from her cunt around the dildo.

I untied her legs from the stool.

Then I lifted her off the 10 inch dildo.

RYs cunt was gaping and leaking her own .

I put RY on her knees her cunt leaking on the floor.

I lifted the front of my skirt and slammed my clitty in her mouth.

I pounded in and out hard as I moved her head over my clitty with my hands in her hair.

RY gagged over and over as she sucked and licked my clitty.

I slammed her head down my clitty gagging her and holding my clitty deep.

RY was fighting for air.

Female sub SY entered nude.

Male dom SK was there watching.

I came deep in RYs throat making her gag on the .

Then I pulled back out of RYs throat and finished on her fact.

I let her gasp in air as she swallowed my .

I started dragging RY to the bed and as we passed SY I grabbed her in tow.

I lay on my back on he bed and pulled SYs pussy on my still hard clitty.

Her body was pressed on top of my body.

I pulled RY so her clitty was in SYs mouth

RYs balls were over my face

I called SK over to fuck SYs ass.

I licked RYs balls as she drove in and out of SYs mouth making SY gag on the driving clitty.

SY sucked and licked RYs clitty.

I was thrusting up I SYs pussy as she squeezed my clitty.

SK slammed his hard cock in EYs ass driving in hard and fast.

SY squeezed on SKs cock and my pussy as SK and I slammed in and out of her pussy and ass.

SY gagged as she sucked and licked RYs thrusting clitty.

I licked RYs balls then started sucking them as I managed to catch them with my mouth.

RY slammed harder and faster in SYs throat making her gag as I started biting RYs balls.

My clitty and SKs cock rubbed inside SY - separated only thin membranes.

Sub TM entered in her corset, hose, heels, clitty cage and collar.

Her cunt, caged clitty and tits exposed.

A female SB entered and watched.

SK came deep and hard in DYs ass and she milk his cock with her ass.

RY came in SYs mouth shooting hard and deep making her gag.

SY sucked and licked RYs clitty getting more .

I stopped biting and licking RYs balls.

Then I came in SYs cunt - shooting deep and hard.

SY screamed o RYs clitty as her orgasm hit and she squirted on my shooting clitty.

My and her juice seeped out around my driving clitty.

SK pulled from SYs ass and she leaked from the gaping ass hole.

I called TM over to lick SYs juice and my off my clitty and balls.

My clitty got hard as I watched SY clean RYs clitty.

Then I had SY and RY move off some and RY licked and sucked my from SYs pussy.

SY squirmed and orgasme3d in RYs mouth.

Then RY moved behind SY and cleaned SKs from SYs ass.

TMs caged clitty was straining and leaking as she sucked my clitty.

I was throbbing and leaking in TMs sucking mouth when I started thrusting and out making her gag more.

TM groaned as her clitty pressed harder in its cage.

I came in TMs throat masking her gag on my .

RY finished cleaning SYs ass and they kissed and shared.

TM left for r/t.

I got off alt for r/t.

Entry 4.

I got on and worked on my blog for a while then left for r/t.

Note : What is it alt has against dated in my blog?


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