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amber2014 75T
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8/19/2019 11:01 am
8 / 20 / 19

Thank you for reading blog.

Activity for 8 - 19 - 2019 .

Entry 1.

I checked owners room when I got on.

I as always there was in just her gold leather collar.

Dominique had not been in the room over night.

slaved RY and CT were in the room.

I took them to BDSM Palace.

I entered the palace in owners collar and black leather outfit.

Then 6 inch stiletto heels on knee boots clicked on the floor as I walked into the room.

CT undressed inside the room and left her clothing in a bag the door.

RY entered naked.

I grabbed them their hair and drug them to the padded with the 2 - 10 inch dildos sticking up off its top.

I lifted CT up and slid her cunt down on the dildo.

She moaned as her cunt was filled and her p-sot was rubbed the dildo.

I tied her feet the .

Then I lifted RY on the other dildo.

She was facing CT and the tips of their clitties touched.

I tied RYs feet the as she moaned and squirmed on the dildo.

I then cuffed their hands behind their backs.

I started the machine controlling the dildos and they started driving in and of CTs and RYs cunts.

Every thrust rubbed their p-spots making their clitties harder and leaking more pre .

I kisses CT and RY and they responded.

Then I dropped down and licked and kissed the heads of the touchi9ng leaking clitties.

left hand was pulling and twisting RYs<b> nipples </font></b>as right pulled and twisted CTs<b> nipples.

</font></b>CT and RY were kissing and moaned in each others mouth.

I opw3ned mouth and managed get both clitty heads between lips as I started sucking as I licked.

The driving dildos were constantly rubbing RYs and CTs p-spots.

I pulled hands back from their<b> nipples </font></b>and picked up the remote for the dildos.

I pressed the button.

Then dildos squirted from its heated holding tank in RYs and CTs cunts.

RY and CT moaned as their cunts filled with the wet .

I was still sucking on their clitty heads as I licked fast.

I has CT and RY and their mixed in sucking mouth and leaked on the padded .

Sub TA was in watching.

I turned off the dildos and the up down movement stopped and RY and CT moaned as they cunt gripped the now non-moving dildos.

I milked their clitties sucking harder and getting more from both.

I untied their feet from the padded and lifted them off and put them leaning over the lick and suck the 10 inch dildos clean.

Their hand still cuffed behind their backs.

I then licked and sucked the from their cunts.

CT licked over her dildo then slid her mouth over the head and sucked.

She took is deeper in her throat slowly as she sucked.

RY licked the dildo then deep throated the 10 inch dildo and sucked it clean as she pulled back.

tongue went in deep in CTs cunt and licked her p-spot as I suckled the .

Then I moved RY and sucked the as I slid tongue in and of her cunt rubbing her p-spot.

I finished cleaning their cunt and the dildos were clean.

I pulled them up and kissed then sharing the as tongues passed it back and forth and danced.

I un-cuffed their hands as we shared the and rubbed<b> nipples.

</font></b>RY left for r/t.

I lifted the front of skirt and slid clitty in CTs mouth.

I felt her squeeze and and suck on clitty as I moved in and of her throat making CT gag.

right hand started stroking CTs clitty as left held creamer catching her pre .

I slammed hard and deep in CTs throat with throbbing leaking clitty.

I came over and over as she milked clitty.

I pulled of CTs mouth and finished on CTs .

I then kissed CT and we shared from her mouth as our tongues danced.

Sub SJ entered.

I had SJ remove his shorts and then cuffed his hands behind his back.

I moved behind SJ heels clicking on the floor.

I then pushed his legs wide and bent him at the waist.

I put creamer on the floor in front of SJ.

I had CT get down and lick and suck SJs cock as I lifted the front of skirt and slid clitty in his ass.

I pushed the creamer CTs clitty catch her pre .

right hand stroked CTs clitty.

I drove hard in SJs tight dry ass and he groaned.

thrust drove his cock deeper in CTs mouth as she sucked and licked.

I was throbbing hard and leaking in SJs ass.

right hand stoked CTs clitty having her leak in the creamer.

I felt SJ squeezing clitty as he pushed back meet thrusts over his p-spot.

I pulled of SJs ass and spanked his cheeks 5 times each with left hand then drove back in his ass.

SJs cheeks were stinging and red as he groaned.

I came over and over as SJ milked clitty.

CT was throbbing in right hand.

I had CT and she shot in the creamer as I cam in SJs ass.

I then left for r/t.

Entry 2.

I got on and worked on blog.

I finished yesterdays blog.

I stopped to around and found slave FG in the gender exchange room.

I took BDSM Palace.

He entered naked as I entered in black leather outfit and boot heels clicking on the floor.

As it always is owners gold leather collar was around neck.

FG was kneeling and his stretched balls were on the floor.

I stepped on his balls with the sole of right boot and then twisted foot grinding his balls into the rough floor.

FG screamed as his cock got harder and leaked.

I pulled boot off his balls and the had FG get on all 4s.

I tied a tight cord around his balls and pulled it tight cutting off the blood flow.

FGs balls started swelling and turning color.

I then pulled a cat=rt FG and tied the cord from his balls the cart.

FG groaned as I pulled his balls back while ting the cord.

I the stepped in the cart and lashed FGs ass cheeks with crop getting him moving.

He screamed as his balls were stretched.

The cart started moving.

I guides him of the room and across the rough ground.

FG screamed as his balls were jerked back and forth the bouncing cart.

I stopped him and put a 50 pound weight on the cart then got back in the cart.

I got FG moving again.

He screamed even louder as his balls were stretched longer.

The cart bounced on the rough ground harder with the extra weight and FG sobbed and groaned.

His cock was hard and leaking.

His balls stretched and swollen were purple in color.

I guided him back to the room and stopped the cart.

I got off and untied the cord from his balls from the cart - his balls still tied and swollen.

I lashed his balls times with the crop getting even louder screams echoing around the room.

I lifted the front of skirt and slammed clitty in FGs ass.

I slammed in and as I slapped his purple swollen balls.

I drove over his p-spot making his cock leak ore and more on the floor.

I came in FGs ass and he milked clitty getting more as his cock throbbed.

Then I pissed in his ass and he squeezed and milked clitty getting more of piss.

I pulled of his ass.

heels clicked on the floor as I walked around FG.

I lifted the back of skirt . and turned around and pressed on FGs mouth.

I started feeding FG his morning treat.

He chewed and swallowed shit as I fed him more and more.

Once I finished feeding FG I turned around and lifted the front of skirt.

I pissed in his moth washing shit deep as he drank piss.

I finally cut the cord off his purple swollen balls and FG screamed as the blood flow returned.

Pulling the cart with his balls had stretched tem another 4 inches.

They now hung his knees.

I went work on blot.

Then I got off alt.

Entry 3.

I finished the above entries and then went around.

Nothing developed so I got off alt.

Entry 4.

I got on and looked around.

Was in the gender exchange room for a while.

Then did this entry and got off alt.


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