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Inspirational Sayings
Posted:Oct 3, 2018 4:54 pm
Last Updated:Apr 12, 2019 7:46 pm

One of my pet hates is inspirational sayings. One of my mind games is turning them around or altering them. I think they make just as much or even more sense after.

Poverty can't buy happiness either.

Women are OK but you can't beat the real thing.

From mighty oak trees little acorns grow.

The carrot is mightier than the stick.

As ye reap, so shall ye sow.

The best way to get over one man is to get under another one.

The only thing better than an understanding woman is an underlying one.

He who is lost ….. hesitates.

A hard man is good to find.

If you think you are a wit - you are half right

I just hate intolerant people - they really piss me off.

Nostalgia is just not the same as it used to be.

Deny everything - it makes it easier to change your story if you to.

not a gynecologist but I don't mind taking a look.

The earth will inherit the meek.

The mind is like a parachute – except in the direst emergency it's better to keep it firmly closed and sit on it.

Time is on nobody's side.

If nobody was there to see, how do you know tree in the forest fell?

Cowardice is the better part of discretion.
Leaders and Rulers
Posted:May 16, 2019 2:52 pm
Last Updated:May 20, 2019 7:28 am

There are two types of top politicians in the world, the leaders and the rulers. While these terms might seem synonymous, there are some major differences.

A leader will try to gauge the will of the people and garner support for policy initiatives, then allow others to carry through with implementing them. This type of politician may fail to achieve some of their aims but also may succeed in achieving things far beyond their direct authority. A classic example is Jacinda Adern. She believed in implementing a capital gains tax and appointed a study group which heavily recommended this. But the mood of the people was against it, the numbers in parliament did not support it, so she walked away from it. Not just temporarily either. She publicly stated that she would not try it again in her time as PM. By contrast, the gun control law was passed very rapidly, with only one dissenting vote in parliament. Th*t's unheard of! And now she is leading a meeting with such figures as Trudeau and Macron to try to keep the worst extremist violence off social media sites. How that will go remains to be seen.

A ruler on the other hand will stubbornly try to force through their view of how things should be. They will not worry if they alienate people but will rely on their direct authority to override any opposition. They will not easily back down or defer to the views of others. Sound like anyone you've heard of? The exploits of one I am thinking of are so well documented that I hardly need to list them here.

Some will support one style and others will support the other. I am not trying to make value judgements here. I have my preferences and others have theirs. I think a truly great politician needs to combine elements of each side, but those kind of people are few and far between.

As in politics, so in BDSM. Both involve interchanges of power and authority, just on a different scale. So which type of dom are you, the leader or the ruler? Or which type do you prefer?
A Non - Person
Posted:May 15, 2019 1:25 pm
Last Updated:May 16, 2019 2:58 pm
Received my new eftpos card. Seems I am now a non-person. All I have to do is visit my branch, show some ID to prove I am really nobody at all and load a PIN, then I am good to go.

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Keep the Driver Happy
Posted:May 15, 2019 12:22 pm
Last Updated:May 16, 2019 2:53 pm

OK, one last post reminiscing about my glory days running the pub

I realised very quickly th*t it to keep the delivery truck drivers happy. They are your only direct point of contact with the supplier and they can make things much easier or much harder for you. I had a few spare pallets in the back yard and I used to tell them, just dump the pallet and take an empty and they could be away in 5 mins. Then I could stack everything correctly, bring old stock to the front without a pile of new stuff cluttering up the storeroom. When stuff was missing from the order I never berated the driver. Simply asked what can we do about it? I believe I got better service by being reasonable. It wasn't the drivers fault and ranting at them doesn't make the stuff magically appear. Usually they would organise a courier or another driver they knew would bring it, sometimes later the same day.

The exception to this rule was when there was a case of rum missing but the driver insisted it was among the other stuff and pressured me to sign the docket anyway. There was one docket for, say, 25 cartons of dry goods, another for 5 cartons of chilled, another for 4 cartons of frozen and another for 1 carton of spirits. The driver said the rum was included with the 25 dry goods cartons. I knew it should be separate. So I physically climbed in the back of the truck, which I wasn't supposed to do, and found the rum behind some other goods in a far corner. Nice try mate but I'm not th*t easy to fool. Curiously, th*t driver wasn't around much longer. I never reported anything but I guess he tried it on elsewhere as well.

Later stuff began arriving shrink wrapped on a pallet so drivers and other sticky finger types couldn't filch anything along the way, and I just had to sign for receipt of the pallet load. Man we went through some stuff, especially over summer. There were two main grocery suppliers and two main liquor suppliers, along with milk, eggs, soft drinks, fresh vegies and coffee beans, which came by courier. Kegs and crates and cartons. One supplier used to cram two pallets of booze in a transit van. They were over a ton each so it was grossly overloaded. He arrived one day and the load had shifted. The side door was bulging out and no way we could open it. Had to pass everything out the back.

I enjoyed th*t side of the job, keeping tabs on everything we had in stock and what needed to be ordered.
Respect and Trust
Posted:May 15, 2019 1:33 am
Last Updated:May 15, 2019 11:18 am

Seems to me these go pretty much together. Many say they must be earned and I was going to disagree because we accord those we don't know or have just met a certain level of respect and trust. Then thinking it over I decided I agree up to a point, because whether th*t level subsequently goes up or down does depend on their actions toward us.

We should respect and accept the rights and choices of strangers, their right to courtesy and privacy and their choices of friends, partners, lifestyle and sexuality. This respect should not need to be earned although it may erode pretty quickly if they behave badly. I read so many times of ( mainly ) women who get abused when they turn down the advances of some jerk off alt member. I would say you no longer owe that person respect at all, as they have shown themselves unworthy of it. On the other hand, ones respect for a person may grow if they act well, show kindness and patience and honesty and thus prove themselves worthy of greater respect. So yes, this is the respect th*t is earned, over and above the basic respect shown to strangers.

Similarly with trust. I have just driven back from dinner with my d*ughter, and I trusted all those driving the other way to stay on their side of the road. Also, when meeting a prospective partner we have to show some level of trust or the relationship will never get off the ground. Those are the basic levels of trust we show in strangers. If we are prudent we will temper th*t trust with sensible precautions. If they behave well the level of trust will grow and the need for precautions will diminish. Th*t increased level of trust is earned. But if they behave badly and take advantage of your vulnerability then your trust will collapse to the extent th*t you may find it hard to trust others in the future.

So I think both are true. There is an inherent level of respect and trust toward others but it's a kind of provisional thing. We adjust it up or down based on experience. Greater respect and trust can only be earned by good actions, and lesser respect and trust are earned too, by bad actions.
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You Can't Have it Both Ways
Posted:May 10, 2019 7:52 pm
Last Updated:May 12, 2019 8:33 pm

When I ran the pub I had a manager for the bar, which saved a lot of late nights. Like many of our generation, he hated to admit when he was wrong. Now and then he would make an error in the ordering, then complain to the wholesaler when the wrong stuff turned . They were supposed to know what we usually ordered and realise there was a typo. Except now and then I would request something different as a trial or seasonal thing or whatever. And when the wholesaler sent our usual, the manager got all snooty because th*t wasn't what he ordered and they should follow instructions.

He was a bit of a difficult guy but he was honest and reliable and I really didn't want to work in the bar. I much preferred the cafe and accommodation side of the business.

I have some more to say on the pub and ordering goods but it can wait til next time. My weekend starts in a few minutes and it's only one day this week, so bye bye
A Load of Bull
Posted:May 10, 2019 3:54 pm
Last Updated:May 12, 2019 11:33 am
This is why I am always a bit wary of the bulls round my place!

Posted:May 10, 2019 12:03 pm
Last Updated:May 10, 2019 4:50 pm

Nurse went to the ballet last evening and came home escorted by a police officer, right to our door. There were police with dogs and rifles all over our street. Seems the neighbour a couple of doors down had a few problems with her boyfriend. Same neighbour a couple of months ago also had multiple cops round her place, but without the dogs and rifles, and in the morning her car was stranded across the footpath considerably bashed about. I don't know if that was the same boyfriend or not.

If some mothers do 'ave 'em then some gals can pick 'em. And of course there are four kids in the house watching and learning from their role models. Thing is, she's no deadbeat herself. Works as a nurse at the hospital, owns her own home, seems pretty onto it. How a single lady these days can find a decent guy I don't know. I accept she wants to get laid, but my goodness the trouble it brings into her life. I think I'd turn lesbian!
Goblin Forest
Posted:May 10, 2019 12:12 am
Last Updated:May 10, 2019 11:31 am
I have posted this pic before but it will be new to many here. It's the altitude stunted beech forest, high on Mt Manuoha in the Urewera rainforest, about 3 hours drive from my home. I suppose it could be called a cloud forest.

They say that when the wind blows you can sometimes hear the little people shadowing you, and even catch just the briefest glimpse of movement if you turn suddenly, but they are always too quick to show themselves clearly.
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