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A Female Led Relationship..a topic that rarely gets talked about..i want your opinions
Posted:May 18, 2019 8:10 am
Last Updated:May 19, 2019 7:14 am

It's sorta rare for anyone to talk about a FLR.

I think it's because it sorta wide can range from simple domestic discipline full power exchange and ownership.

A Female Lead Relationship is basically the woman wearing the pants in the family.

Which at first may make some men balk....

BUT lets be honest guys..most relationship/ households are already controlled by Women.

Most guys sheepish have to phone the wife before they go all tim the tool man taylor and buy any big purchase or tool. Most guys phone their wives about hanging out with the boys or going on a guy's get away.
These men aren't telling their wives ...they are getting permission.
Whens the last time you heard a wife ask a hubby for permission to buy shoes, clothes etc. She doesn't

So lets not act like a woman being in control is this extreme fetish.. its most men's daily life.

Im attracted to FL R because it removes the biggest problem in any relationship ....fighting

Alot of times a guy will do or say something without processing how it affects her.
She then internalizes it and stores up the ammo for a later fight.
We all have been in arguements where she brings up how you left your dirty socks on the hamper six months ago.

Now imagine a woman being in control of a relationship.

I honestly would rather have a woman instantly confront me with some behavior that she didnt like.
Id rather have her beat my ass red right now..then store up the anger and use it against me 3 months down the road. Hell 3 months from now i wont even remember the action.
And 3 months from now does nothing to correct the behavior now that pissed her off. I could be making the same mistake groundhog style for 3 months.

Say at night i threw my dirty clothes around the bedroom instead of putting them in a hamper.
I am unaware this is making her not doing it on purpose to upset her.
But it goes on night after night and she doesnt say anything.

A FLR gives her the voice of authority...tensions between the couple can easily be resolved if she immediately puts out the fire..puts her foot down.
She asserts her authority and corrects the behavior. The offense is dealt with, he is disciplined. His behavior changes and all is good. He becomes a better male.
There is more harmony in the relationship

I also like the idea that she is the household/ relationship decision maker.
She may allow the male to voice an opinion..she may want his imput. But she makes the decision that is best for them.
This really removes the burden from the male and reduces tension in the relationship. There is no hard feelings from the male because he knows she is right/ the leader.

The problem with most relationships is they are still acting like indivuals instead of a team..
And by team i don't mean equals...
You can't have two captains..
For something to operate efficiently you have to have a leader and a follower. The male has to submit..
The degree of the FLR is really up to her..but it honestly is
A part of most households already..its very natural.

I just believe the more authority she takes the smoother the relationship works..two heads arent better than one.
A sub controlling the narrative
Posted:May 18, 2019 7:04 am
Last Updated:May 18, 2019 8:38 am

A friend clicked on a blog about this female led relationship couple. Who now have cranked out a few books and are using the blog as a self promotion.

My friend told me the mistress in the blog sounds like she is really a man/ a man writting the blog pretending to be a woman.

I replied the blog is too cerebral to be a man. Im thinking it is a case where the submale is doing the pushing in the relationship...

By this i mean....the hubby/ bf is horny...wants to try bdsm.
He keeps on working on her until she finally gives in.

She thinks okay..this is cool..because she gets to be in complete charge...she gets to control the pace. Their bdsm lifestyle is what she wants it to be.

But he will keep on pressing...trying to bring more ideas into the relationship.
Shes in control but she is being indirectly influenced by his desires..
Till you get to the point where she has indeed taken complete control of the sub...but he still pushes for more..

Its sorta like cuckholding..usually the hubby will approach the wife with the notion. At first she usually is reluctant.
But the more he pushes the more she is willing to try.
So perhaps she goes to a bar and meets a few men.
She luvs the attention but isnt ready to sleep with others.
The wife comes home excited and shares the adventures with the hubby.
So eventually she sleeps with other men..the hubby then encourages her to share the play by play/ or actively watches.
He still is the pushing the narrative..cause a real cuck wants to be cut off sexually..he only wants to live vicariously through her adventures.

So sure it looks like the woman is empowered...she is getting the sex,attention she desires..
But there was always alot of influence by the hubby.

I call it the push..whereas i find this completely does happen. A male that does give up power to a dominant has to realize s/he may run with push
But then he gets what he gets..he may end up in a cuck situation...which is cool...but only if its the dominants idea
Personal rant๐Ÿ˜ฒ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ‘บ๐Ÿ’ฉ robert patterson as batman!!!
Posted:May 17, 2019 6:30 pm
Last Updated:May 18, 2019 7:04 am

First off not sure if this is true or some bs.
But it was mentioned twilghts robert patterson may a detective orientated batman movie.

Now sure i have to laugh....batman was my childhood hero..according to the comics he is 6'2 250lbs of pure muscle..
So yeah jason ( forgive my spelling) closer to batman than the twink from twilight.

Sorry but you can't put lipstick on a pig..

Dont give a fuck how close he resembles a billionaire ..

Go fuck off and do a remake of 50 shades then...

tired of an actor thinking he is skilled enough to batman..
Your not fucking big enough...piss off..its simple as .
Batman isnt this wimp in bulletproof is cloth in the comics and batman does get injured...his back was broken by bain

Sure batman is super nutballing whiskey tango..but if you try to exact vengeance in the real world you have to be a big dude..
Im not small at 5'11.. 200lbs...but im not taking on a 6'2 250 dude.

Hell i dont fill batmans boots and im a tough guy..
How the fuck can robert patterson even consider the role

Sorry i google his height and weight..dude comes in at 6'1 160lbs...basically what i weighted in high school..
And he wants to be..batman..really? Are you fucking kidding this a joke?

Fuck off...your not batman..or atleast your not my batman

Fuck tired of these actors thinking they can step into the batman boots.
1 comment
Posted:May 16, 2019 7:49 pm
Last Updated:May 17, 2019 4:41 pm

So yeah i have a deck that never has any problems..this past winter the bottom gravel foundation area froze over.
I thought leo you fuck you forgot to clean the gutters. I figured the overflow cause the water down there..The were skating on fucking ice

When it warmed up i did just that.. i cleaned the gutters and it was dry.

I go out today and there is like a half inch of water in the gravel...


I dig down and it is around the foundation..i thought my outside faucette broke..leakedl

But i dug deeper..only to find behind my deck stairs is a fexi hose through my foundation..

The water was coming from there..

I asked the guy at home depot wtf..

He said it may be the storm may be a natural spring or maybe a leaky fire hydrant uphill from the house

He doubted that it was my house water supply..

And no it didnt smell of

Hopefully it is a temporary thing that i can fix with a flexihose
Lilli's blog challenge..why i chose to be kinky
Posted:May 16, 2019 6:46 pm
Last Updated:May 17, 2019 4:53 am

I honestly don't believe it is a choice.. naturally a submissive .

But the choice part comes from my actions and how far i want to dive into the lifestyle.

It might shock some to hear i literally could come home from work..strip completely naked and assume the role as some woman's dog..yep i said it.

And no i don't mean it in a kinky play way..i mean literally live as her dog.
And be totally content in this role.

I think happiness really is in the mind's eye and the relationship between Dominant and sub.

It's really how far you wish to explore with someone
Combining bdsm and cartoons to make a point
Posted:May 16, 2019 6:24 pm
Last Updated:May 17, 2019 4:38 am

I guess my new thing is making memes. Taking a pic and giving it a deep bdsm meaning..

So i present " catdog"..

Bonus points to those get the cultural referrence..

Catdog litterally is one end cat..the other end dog.

See pic below in the comments section.

Now noone wants to be catdog..i dont even think catdog wanted to be catdog..

Hell being catdog may even be one of your hard limits...

(Note this is where i relate the cartoon to bdsm..)..

But maybe some cute dominant out there thinks you'd make a cute catdog...have you ever tried being one?
If not how do you know you wouldn't make a great one?

I think as subs/ slaves we give into our fears and basically cock block a dominant. We deny their ability to creatively mold us with the threat of just ghosting.
It's easier to walk away then to submit and find out what particular fetish entails.

Hell the first time i ever encountered someone like this was my first munch in pittsburgh pa...this couple looked and casually said they thought id make a wonderful pony ....was pretty surreal. ( and no not in a bad this day i wonder what would have happened if i hooked with this couple.

Should it matter what a dominant sees us as...sub/ slave/ whore/maid/sissy/dog/pain / gimp etc..

I think we scoff alot of lifestyle practices and sorta regulate them to niche groups. Like oh..they are the horsie people

I mean i thought dogplay was a.....bitttt extreme...only did it once but she was a fucking dancer...i mean hello..she was a dancer...

And i never tried it again..until i got into it a bit with my ex..
I found it very surreal and satisfying. But my ex is my ex for a reason and isnt gonna happen again.

Now as a sub i enjoy it...but perhaps a Domme wants me to be a sissy..i dont cross dress...have no interest in isnt for me...but

A good sub knows to let it go and allow the dominant to mold them...who knows perhaps id make a great..sub/slave/whore/maid/sissy/ well we already know id make a good / gimp,etc.

Hell i might even make one hell of a catdog.
Its not about thoughts on this subject matter
Posted:May 15, 2019 5:48 pm
Last Updated:May 16, 2019 4:18 am

When i first heard the phrase it's not about you ( the submissive)..i honestly think it was in some bad bdsm porn.

Even worse were the ceo types that now professed they were super subs or sluts or whatever...and what they needed didn't matter..
I found that phrase funny and these subs were posers

I've always tried to match my interest with hers.. i mean subs have limits right?....i didn't want to be with a needle wielding..omg sadist!!!!!!

So i just avoided these types..

But times change and i change.. im slowly starting to realise when you box in/ limit a dominant in you are basically stifling their creativity.

If they see you as a cowboy, then you should just embrace it and be the best one you can be.

It helps unlock their kink mental box and helps push your submissive boundaries.

Im not saying you need to jump in with both feet....but society already restricts a dominant...
There are obviously things they can't do in the vanilla why would you restrict them in the bdsm world.

Ofcourse safe,sane and consensual.
2 Comments men steal your light..( serious question)
Posted:May 15, 2019 5:13 am
Last Updated:May 15, 2019 5:29 pm

I remember this odd episode of friends where the girls ran around with this feminist self help book about men stealing women's light.
So ofcourse we all laughted it off..

But im wondering about it...was i stealing a Domme's light?.

I mean i have a big personality..i do enjoy talking about the lifestyle..
But i wonder if my problems with my ex domme stemmed from me taking center stage. She was very new to Domming..we knew one another..we had alot of lifestyle stuff in common so we got together.

But it seemed like i pushed the narrative. I mean im not pushy or needy. But just in our emails i would be one to broach a lifestyle topic.

I just assumed i needed to because she was new to that end of the domination.

I feel like i failed as a sub to her because i stole her light. I didnt just wait and let her develope organically.

Mind you i wasnt now looking back i did push without being aware i did..i was being leo..
Instead i should have been a complete sub

I think when males step back women step forward. He cant be in that space if he wants her to shine.
The empty vessel..your opinion
Posted:May 15, 2019 4:14 am
Last Updated:May 15, 2019 5:53 am

The more i read the more i learn.

I used to think i was a great guy...well certainly not a bad one. I am not a dick pic guy, i'm not into this to get laid, im not a do me guy, etc. Im not a noob..been in the lifestyle for 20 yrs.

I felt this alone seperated me from the herd. I was really wondering if i didnt fall off the world looks wise or maybe the lifestyle passed me by.. i never had to try this hard to meet someone in the past.

I always presented myself as a canvas..something for someone to create i was always open to demoing or letting someone learn on me.
Hell i was always patient with new Dommes or those that wanted to explore

I got back into the lifestyle and ran into dommes that wanted a relationship. Seemed everywhere i turned all women wanted that.
I was sorta discouraged...i thought wow now they want mr perfect? Its hard enough to be a great i also have to fill the boyfriend role? I felt it added extra pressure..and these women would be extra

Im a nice guy,a sweet sub..but im not rolling in money...

I read this caption by a Domme on one of her pics..this is me paraphrasing it

She wrote about women not being the facilitators of your kink...that women really want one dude that will give her all his attention.
The guy must be a helper to her and unlighten her load.
But most importantly she is looking for that one sub to really invest herself in..

And it made me wonder if im not approaching this all wrong...instead of worrying about being mr perfect or living up to some high standardard..

I should become a simple empty vessel...
Imagine an empty coke bottle being filled with colorful sand at a states fair...
The bottle is empty..slowly the sands fill the space and creates a work of art.

A male that comes to her with no expectations or reserves

A male that she can fill with her desires and passion...and really unleash her artistic creative dominant being..

That's the greatest gift a sub can give.

I previously wrote one can be strong,empowered,confident, controlling in the vanilla world...
But i think vanilla people keep this in check.

And even in the lifestyle i believe some Dominants keep this in check.

I really think women desire the she can fill him. She can take off the high heels,let down their hair and let her inner goddess shine
Do Dom/mes channel their dominance
Posted:May 14, 2019 5:58 pm
Last Updated:May 15, 2019 3:46 am

This thought occured to me as i drove down the highway.

We always hear the term.. "channeling one's submission"..

I was curious what this means to you.

About the only time ive heard it was in reguards of males doing things they normally wouldnt engage in..( like strap on play)...they channel it as an act of power exchange or obedience.

The more i read Domme blogs ,the more it seems like they want one sub worthy of their desires..perhaps they hold back a bit in the vanilla life.
With this sub they can truly explore who they are as a dominant personality..
I mean a woman can be strong,commanding, a leader in the vanilla world, but does it really compare to the bdsm world.?

So i wondered do Dom/mes channel their dominance?..
I mean there must be a difference between ordering around an employee and ordering around a sub.
Plus the very act of say controling or discipling a sub must up the dom juice..right?

Is this really a thing...or are you the same in the office as you are in the dungeon

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