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Chopping the chop district down or mayors gone wild
Posted:Jul 1, 2020 8:15 pm
Last Updated:Jul 2, 2020 4:04 am

I find it interesting that the mayor of seattle finally told..omg..

Cops? To invade the socialist " chop" cop zone..

Due to violence.. huh?

And there is no mention of the 500 or so " peaceful" protesters that made a personal visit to her house..

Funny when she is protested the actually law enforcement body is allowed to do their jobs..

this mayor is a joke and needs to be recalled.

Chop is no more...and its funny how quickly this socialist utopia/ no cop zone came what the fuck was the mayor afraid of..

Wondering how many people launched lawsuit against the city for lack of police protection..

Apparently those black lives didnt matter
St louis homeowner points gun at protester...and here comes the spin
Posted:Jul 1, 2020 4:58 am
Last Updated:Jul 1, 2020 4:59 am

I love how the media takes a simple story and spins the fuck out of it.

The man in question went on chris Cuomo and tucker Carlson tv shows last night.

Chris literally asked this man how he enjoys being the face of the anti blm movement..

Really ? Chris did you really just ask that.

The man,the st louis home owner is also an attorney.

He claims he has no problem with blm. He isnt the face of anything anti

He claims that the couple lives in a gated community and protesters ripped down a fence and entered his property.

The protesters were mearily looking for the mayor's house ..
( im not sure how protesting in a group before an elected officials house is considered " peaceful"...if anything it is intimidating

Kinda ironic that chris cuomo also lives in a gated community in a very fine house...he walks around naked and it was caught on his wife's live yoga stream.

I wonder how chris would have reacted to numerous people entering his property.

He might have had to put on some pants..

Then chris follows up by telling this homeowner that he isnt using you like a they did on Tucker's show...

Huh? Chris you literally asked this man how he feels about being the poster for the anti blm.

You went with the spin before the homeowner could even tell his side of the story..

And this is why journslism is dead
Between joe biden and a hard place ( and no i dont mean his penis)
Posted:Jun 30, 2020 9:07 pm
Last Updated:Jul 1, 2020 5:03 am

Alot of people think wow betwen the corona and blm protest it should be an easy win for joe biden..

But honestly jump in and lets go for a ride,.there is sandwiches and lattes in the back.

People will assume biden won ( but did he really? Like hillary and all those super delegates loyal to the clintons or the direct interference by the dnc in the debates to eliminate minority candidates..had anything to do with it).

But im not hear to argue..obviously joe won and that means socialist democrats need to get into the back of the bus.
AoC can ride the hump.

Middle of the roads democrats rule..right? Joe won..he said he's not a socislist.

But will he now bend to reflect what is going on in the streets..

And if so will the new socialist joe biden be hated by the millions of middle of the roads dems that got him " nominated".....unless that was a farce.

Joe cant go all liz warren now can he..see this is why the fuck liz warren should have been the candidate numbnuts..

But duh..politics., next idiot up..guess its crazy joe's turn

Pretty obvious his nom was rigged.

Joe biden..stuck between being moderate and trying to fit in with the blm croud.

Grab your popcorn as a 70 yr old white dude tries to embrace blm.. its worth the price of admission..

Like omg had a black male had a black female senator, you had a soviet socialist, you had an openly gay mayor, you had a well white with a few sprinkles of American indian senator..

And you chose uncle joe???

And this is the guy you want to run against trump? Fuck its like mitt romney 2.0

Even know im right.

And yes you need to be mad
Science is flawed..proved by science
Posted:Jun 30, 2020 8:23 pm
Last Updated:Jul 1, 2020 5:00 am

I went on boredpanda..

This one scientist tried to prove why you need to wear a mask..

And ill preface this by saying im not anti mask.

But dude if your gonna use " science"..then don't let " science " invalidate your arguement.

Basically this guy had culture one he coughed with a mask and the other without a mask. He did the same with a pseudo sneeze.

He then grew the cultures...basic microbiology.

He then showed the non mask wearing culture to have more growth.

But he even admits that the covid 19 particles are smaller than vapor droplets...even the n95 3m mask is not rated to filter out these tiny particules.

Yet he insist mask are good cause they catch alot of water vapor in which the covid 19 ride on.

Dude covid 19 will go through a 3m mask...God knows how easily they pass through a cloth mask or a snot rag bandana

You sneeze,,the water vapor gets caught in the material but how much covid 19 is launched into the air,,,

I not saying a mask doesnt give any protection...but can we just honestly believe in science..for a momment.

But lets get real and stop being me a study where a simple cloth homemade mask is effective against covid 19..

And ill show you ERs full of medical professionals drapped in gowns,face shields, gloves and self ventilators/ breathing apparatus ...nurses refuse to quit unless they have the proper ppe.

None of them would get close to a covid 19 patient in just a standard surgical mask...more or less a home made pos do rag

But hey its a great way to shut up karen and keep her shopping..get her back on planes or to the movies

What ever happened to dr fauchis advice to just wash your hands and don't touch your mouth. Guess that advice just went down the toilet
What happened to that advice to just stay the fuck home..

Seems pretty good to me..and he's a professional virologist for like 5 presidents

Yet even fauchi..hail the lil demi god...refuses to shut anything down this time.

And God forbid anyone with balls to even suggest the spikes in covid 19 could even be related to protesting thousands strong for 3 weeks plus..that fucking close to one another

Makes you wonder if the response to the virus is now all political..

No mask,,maybe mask but god forbid you shorten the supply for real medical staff, well maybe omg wtf you azzhat and going all karen in 3.,2..1,,why arent you wearing a mask..i'm calling the police.

Yes businesses in kc have been karened by not following a policy that does little good to stop the spread of the disease.

Like i said im not anti mask.. i think it does offer a lil protection...but its like buying a truck stop condom..

Something is better than nothing.. but not really

Thank you ..protesting doesnt give you immunity and neither do cloth mask...quit being so ignorant..look up the size of the corona virus and then look up the rating size for a 3m 95 rated mask..its not magic..

It's science..small particles will go right through.

Sure a mask will help stop the full force of talking,screaming,coughing or sneezing..i never said im not pro mask..

But bro your sporting a trucker condom..i guess its better than nothing.
Is this really about racism or is it about power
Posted:Jun 30, 2020 7:27 pm
Last Updated:Jul 1, 2020 5:00 am

I am not one to paint a group of people or movement with a broad it blm/ the protesters or the police..i think there are ALOT of good people wanting to do good

But i think there are momments when you say...really?

Is this about racism or is it about power.. watched a pride parade video...yes apparently gay people can actually be allowed to celebrate..on their month..despite corona or the protest

Sorry i didnt catch the location. But basically blm brought in a big truck and blocked the street..right in the middle of a pride parade. They refused to move unless their demands were met...which included not allowing any police floats in a gay pride parade..and for them to sever ties with peaceful gay loving police.

Huh? You do realize there are gay/ bi and yep black officers..
But fuck we need to severe all times with law enforcement cause some black lady with a truck said so..

And ofcourse the head of the gay pride parade caved in.

Now your different. Hate to say it...but..yeah your boy would...fill in the blank. It rhymes with would have knocked that bitch..out..

Not playing

Then in my own back yard...lawrence ks. Home of kansas hicktown as you can imagine and still call it a " college" town..

But as liberal AF as a kansas town can be..and that's saying ALOT

And you literally have protesters screaming the a college town where the main industry is ku..

Is " racist" and they need to defund the lawrence..aka..the campus cops now.

It's like live in such a vaccume...ku probably is the most non racist,most safe college hick town you will ever live in. Like omg stop the drama.. we need to take a trip into the inner city of kc..maybe 13th and vine.

So in certain this racism or is it about a power omg.

How insane are people
Andy samberg and a hulu i have your attention
Posted:Jun 30, 2020 6:53 pm
Last Updated:Jul 1, 2020 5:00 am

I saw a clip for a movie made for hulu. It stars andy samberg and it looks like they combined the wedding crashers with groundhogs day.

Apparently this woman is at some wedding only to find out that she keeps repeating the same day over and over

And somehow andy may be the key to all of this..

Im a huge fan of groundhogs day and have no problem seeing the same plot vehicle used in another movie.

But i get the feeling that the woman is new to all of this and andy has been there for a long long time

He has this..fuck doesnt matter..theme going on..

I was curious as to your thoughts. Can a movie just dive into a theme we are in a time loop so lets do wacky dangerious shit because none of this matters. If andy's character doesnt care..,.should we?

Atleast with groundhogs day bill murrays character tried to change, he tried to saving the cat in the tree or the old man freezing to death..i think i remember bill buying him soup at the diner?.

None of it matter yet he still showed up to prevent after day...maybe for years..
Which probably was his saving grace ( alot of people think the movie is a metaphor for hell)

And i ve love andy..wished him nothing but the best on snl or Brooklyn 911..

But its like they gutted groundhogs day and stole its plot skeleton and then gerbil stuffed wedding crashers up its asshole.

Just curious If this interest you

I know andy is a funny guy and most likely fun
AF to hang with..

But i better get some character change up in this bitch
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Kneeling and the anthem
Posted:Jun 30, 2020 6:17 pm
Last Updated:Jun 30, 2020 8:30 pm

The one thing ill never understand is why did kap feel the need to kneel during the national anthem.

And how exactly does kneeling relate to police violence or racism?

They claim he did it because this was his biggest platform in front of a national audience..

Huh? Instead why did he just come out with a blm t shirt least then he would have just been fined

Atleast that way his message would have been clearly communicated.

I mean black athletes like lebron james do this all the time.. they get their special few minutes and then they play ball..

And noone cares..kap did this motion to piss people off..the same with the piggie socks he wore etc.

Kneeling solves nothing..hell the usnw team had to change their policy..if you dont want to be out there for the anthem then you can remain in the tunnels..

Meaning one team member actually stood during the song..

And then doesnt look good when the rest of the team is look like you dont support the team or blm..are you racist?

Remember this is the team that got rid of a team member because her religion didnt agree with homosexuality and she refused to wear an lgbtq patch ( cause one's sexual orientation has alot to do with soccer)..

Sure i totally understand that your against police brutality...

But how does kneeling solve anything...? Now it seems like the members are forced to kneel avoid feeling like the lone hold out..
And if your not kneeling..then yeah ,maybe you should stay in the tunnels

Can we defund this team? Seems like a bigoted bunch.

They are for blm yet they are 99 percent white and 100 percent upper middleclassed or rich priveledged people..
There are no women from the inner cities on this team..

None of these women ever had a problem with the police...unless your hope solo..but the being pretty, white keeps you on the national team despite being drunk and charged with domestic battery..

Or nany Rapino insisting that lesbians are better than straights..cause you need them on your team to win championship..

Yeah quite the progressive bunch..

But hey they will kneel for yeah
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Being do you fight the feeling of wanting to jump back into the hopper
Posted:Jun 30, 2020 5:36 pm
Last Updated:Jun 30, 2020 5:54 pm

By this i mean it gets a bit lonely in bdsm by ones self

I was curious how do you keep yourself from contacting someone from your past or an ex Dom/ sub. I seem to keep going in in my case alot of women i contacted all belong to similar or the same group

I found myself wanted to write that woman i had the bad meet and greet with..the one where we sat on a couch for over 3 hrs and just watched aquaman .
The one where i literally had to get out of there. I was that bored. Despite going through both of our play bags..she wanted to watch tv

But i stopped myself from writing today

I think i just want to be with someone so bad that im willing to fit in with matter if the fit is good for me or not..

The last Domme wasnt a good fit...i felt like there was no chemistry...yet we did have alot in common scene wise.

So it's hard to let go and move on..

I think part of it is because im not a bad guy,not a bad sub,they could do tons worse..

There is a part of me that hopes there will be a letter from them wanting me back...

Yet that letter never comes...

See your boy either has no irons in the fire or it seems like 2 or 3 want to be with me ( not bragging,.it's just my luck..i then have to chose one and let the other go).
And usually chose the wrong one..
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Netflixs you bitch and the fundamental changing of a character
Posted:Jun 30, 2020 5:11 pm
Last Updated:Jun 30, 2020 8:27 pm

I learned today that copywrites are only good for 90 yrs after the death of an author..

Which im fine with...characters should be in public domain after so many years

But i always thought that meant you got to use the imagery. Say have bill and ted travel back in time and meet up with huckleberry finn.

I had no clue public domain literally meant you can take the established character and now dick with them anyway you want.

Imagine if jk rowlings dies today..her grandkids could literally see someone make a harry potter movie where harry is a trump supporter ( oh the horrors..jk would be doing feminist backflips in her grave).

So yeah netflixs now wants to make sherlock holmes into a soyboy..
And no im not referring to his sexual orientation or his political leanings..i mean writing Sherlockholmes with alot of emotions..

Which would be like giving lt commander data or sheldon cooper a wide array of emotions.

It's a fundamental change in the character...

And the only thing that might stop this is a lawsuit...sir conan apparently threw together like 10 more holmes stories before his death. These stories are not in public the family may have legal claim to sherlock still.

But omg netflix first you ruined anne shirley of the anne of green gables fame..

Now you want to change one of most universally recognized character ever???
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Even odder my ex is following my cant make this shit up
Posted:Jun 28, 2020 7:33 pm
Last Updated:Jun 29, 2020 4:29 am

Bro.. the real problem with fet that it is easy look an ex and see what they are ..

And no im not that creepy stalker type.. God bless them in whatever they choose.

But it's so weird see a Domme that i talked with for over a month before a meet and greet..due the corona

And there literally was no chemistry...despite exploring both our toy bags....shes rather watch 2 1/2 hrs of aquaman...than with ..

Then come find shes in now interested in my ex..

Its funny and creepy at the same time..

But hey your boy gets around...and if it brought the two together..its good.

Yet so weird at the same time

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