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sarahslavetrans 49T  
1 posts
8/20/2019 1:34 pm
slave...who I am

How to use your slave
Here's a few ideas how Sir enjoys using a slave like me. Please let me know if you have any ideas so I can pass them along to Master.

* Sit back and make him suck your dick, nice and slow.
* Train him to deepthroat your cock.
* Fuck his face, balls-deep, like it’s a pussy.
* Cock slap him.
* Make him lick your sweaty balls.
* Straddle his face and teabag him.
* Spit on him.
* Make him clean your sweaty ass after you work out.
* Piss on him.
* Piss down his throat.
* Piss in his ass.
* Make him drink your piss from a glass.
* Piss on a pair of underwear, or a jock strap, then wring it out over his face.
* Finger his hole.
* Fuck his ass.
* Spank him.
* Paddle him or whip him.
* Fuck him with a dildo.
* Tie him up and use his holes.
* Smack or slap his face.
* Call him names.
* Tag team him with a buddy.
* Gangbang him with a group of friends or strangers.
* Make him sniff and lick your piss and/or cum-stained underwear.
* Gag him with your dirty underwear, jockstrap or cum rag when you’re fucking him.
* Cum on his face.
* Cum on his face and make him wear the load out in public.
* Cum on his ass.
* Cum directly down his throat.
* Cum in your hand, and make him eat it from your hand like a dog.
* Organize a bukkake and cover his face with multiple cum loads.
* Make him eat your cum off your buddy’s cock.
* Cum on the floor or a table and make him lick it up.
* Make him drink your load(s) from a shot glass.
* Cum on food and make him eat it.
* Flick or twist his<b> nipples.
</font></b>* Write names (e.g., faggot, bitch, pig, slut), pictures (e.g., a cock and balls, a pig face, a toilet) or phrases (e.g., insert cock here, with an arrow pointing to its holes) on his body.
* Make him wear a butt plug out in public (e.g., to the bar, to the gym, to the grocery store).
* Piss on his underwear then make him wear them home.
* Don’t let him cum.
* Make him ask your permission to jerk off or cum.
* Make him eat his own cum.
* Make him jerk off or finger himself while you and/or your friends watch.
* Make him watch while you fuck another faggot.
* Position him beneath you while you’re fucking another faggot and make him lick your cock as it goes in and out of the faggot’s hole.
* Make him eat your ass while you’re fucking another faggot.
* Make him clean your cock off after you fuck him.
* Make him clean your cock off after you fuck another faggot.
* Make him eat your load out of another faggot’s ass.
* Take photos and/or videos of him servicing your cock.
* Tie his cock and balls with a shoelace.
* Blindfold him when you use him.
* Fuck him with a condom and make him drink the cum out of it.
* Make him fuck another faggot, or get fucked by another faggot, while you watch.
* Make him and another faggot fuck themselves on a double-ended dildo while you watch.
* Make him lick your feet.
* Use him as a footrest.
* Make him give you a massage or footrub.
* Hock a loogie in his face or down his throat.
* Cum in his ass..
* Make him pee at the urinal (e.g., at the movies, at the gym, at the bar) with his pants around his ankles so everyone knows he’s a faggot.
* Shave his body.
* Save your piss in a bucket, and make him bathe with it.
* Keep him in chastity.
* Decide what he wears.
* Require his nudity in your home no matter who may be present.
* Make him wear a collar and leash.
* Keep him in a cage.
* Make him do domestic chores for you (e.g., laundry, cleaning, shopping).
* Make him sniff poppers, then use him.
* Make him wear a ball gag.
* Make him crawl in your presence, like a dog.
* Make him eat his meals out of a dish.
* Torture him with hot wax.
* Make him give himself an enema — with water, or perhaps your piss — while you watch.
* Engage him in forced workouts.
* Fuck him with found objects around your home (e.g., a broom handle, a beer bottle, a carrot, a cucumber, a wooden spoon).
* Make him beg for your cock.
* Feed him your pre-cum.
* Make him lick your sweaty pits.
* Make him call you “Master” or “Sir.”
* Make him wear a hood while you use him so that the only sensation he has is the feeling of your cock in his hole.
* Make him lick you head to toe.
* Make him pick your pubes out of your underwear and eat them.
* Make him wear a puppy tail in his ass.
* Make him lick your boots.
* Make him do a strip tease for you.
* Make him service you in a public place (e.g., a restroom, a park, your car).

jasonarg3333 34M
20 posts
8/20/2019 1:39 pm

There are so many i would luv to do on this list..the condom 1 ..pissing in my ass..making me wear pissy underwear..very nice xx

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