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subuser0804 55M
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8/13/2019 4:18 am
for a friend

Maybe what you need is someone who will come to your house, they will take you into your lounge.
You will be told to stand in front of them
to place your hands behind your head and to stick out your tits
to spread your legs
you will have to hold that pose whilst your inspected, eyes down looking at the floor.
you will be told to raise your skirt, above your hips
then to push your knickers down as far as your spread legs will allow.
you know he is looking at your cunt.
he moves round you looking at your arse.
he tells you to bend other as he stands behind you.
he tells you to push your knickers down to the ground and to step out of them as you will not need them.
he tells you to spread your legs again when your knickers are off.
he is back in front of you checking out your cunt again.
he tells you to remove the skirt too.
he has you stand up straight hands behind your head, displaying your cunt.
he tells you to unbutton your blouse.
he takes out his phone and takes a picture as you strip.
he makes you pose cunt on display blouse held open showing your bra covered tits.
he tells you to take the blouse off.
then the bra
he makes you pose naked as he takes your photo, hands behind your head.
he tells you to touch your tits, to roll your nipples, he takes more photos of you.
he tells you to touch your cunt.
to open your cunt for him
to put your fingers in your cunt.
he makes you touch your clit
he tells you to rub your clit as you are told to turn round.
he makes you pull your arse cheeks apart and show him your arse.
he makes you finger your arse as he watches.
now he has your body he will start to take away any control you have.
he may first make you walk naked to your bedroom.
he has you stand by the bed legs spread of course.
he blindfolds you
he tells you to get on your bed
he has you spreadeagle yourself
he ties you on the bed spread eagled.
he then gags you.
he now has your body and if he has tied you right has removed all your power. he will only untie you to make you change position to be retied, or remove your gag to use your mouth.
he will then explore your body, he may tease you about how you react or what he plans to do to you.
he may make fun of you as you react to how your used.
he may be gentle or rough
he may care for your pleasure or take pleasure from denying you any pleasure or release.
all you know is you will be used however he wants, for as long as he wants and you are completely in his control, helpless to resist. HIS SLUT

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