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It all cums together Part 2
Posted:Nov 21, 2019 4:19 pm
Last Updated:Dec 6, 2019 8:59 pm
Hey y'all. The weather’s been so cold here recently that I’ve been stuck inside a lot and decided it was about time write the next part of my blog. In my last post, I described greatly enjoying my first fucking from Richard. Something that usually doesn't happen on a first date, but I was more than eager be on the receiving end of whatever he wanted do me. I never had a steady bf up that point in time, mainly just hooking up with random guys on occasion and doing crazy stuff with them. I was always home way before midnight so I guess that may have been part of my Dad's uncertainty about whether I was sexually active or not at the time since I had never ever spent the night away from our home. But y'all know, you don't have spend the night away from home be getting banged regularly from random guys. So hopefully with me putting myself there both Richard and Tom the way I did, with explicit pics and my consent to whatever they wanted, it was going to off for me. Now that they knew I was in them, hopefully I would be able get with them fuck on a regular basis.

So in that first week and a half or so after hearing from Richard, I was fucking him any chance I could get. Besides the hard fucking on date , it was just hard regular sex, oral, missionary, doggie, etc. At that point in time, he had never tried anything kinkier or rougher with me, nor had he shown any interest in anal. But about a week and a half in things, he came over bc we had made plans go dinner and a movie. When he showed up at my house, I was home alone, and I wasn't dressed for going even though we were supposed right away in order eat before the movie began. When I opened the door for him, I was wearing some tight black leggings and a tight black top. I had a small lacy thong on underneath the leggings, but no bra on under my top bc I didn't need . I hadn't gone without a bra while dressed around him yet so this was the first time that he saw that I do like go without a bra sometimes. I decided wait a bit on that bc I wasn't sure what his reaction would be knowing that when I go without a bra, I usually wear something tight that leaves very little the viewer’s imagination. Anyway, it was a few days before Christmas at that point, so it was pretty cold. I didn't answer the door half naked which I would have loved do. I was covered up but clearly not dressed for going on a date.

He asked me if I was ready and if I was going like that. I mean maybe I could have gone like that, but I like think I dress a lot better for a date. I mean just as revealing and sexy but aiming get lots more eyes on me. I don't think he minded how I was dressed at all bc he knew what I had underneath, and knew he was going get it some time that night. But the funny part was, I think he wanted go eat and go the movie. I wasn't interested in that at all and would much rather just stay home and fuck. He ended up taking a seat on the sofa and kind of watching his phone and noticed that I wasn't making an effort change my clothes or put on my shoes since I was totally barefoot. Then he kind of got the clue that I wasn't in the mood to go anywhere. I could tell he was a little pissed since if he knew we weren't going , he wouldn't have changed from his work clothes first. That's when he asked me, and I told him we should stay there and watch a movie instead which was basically code for I was wishing to get fucked at least twice that night rather than just once after the movie. He asked when my Dad was going to be home, and I told him I didn't know. I honestly didn't know. It could be in 30 minutes. It could be in 4 hours. I had no idea what my Dad's work schedule was that week.

So Richard quickly assessed the situation with me changing our plans without consulting him and the fact that my Dad wasn't home, but clearly I didn't care if my Dad came home while he was there or not. And to top it off, I was dressed in my tight leggings that showed off my ass and a top that left little to the imagination. He got up from the sofa and went over to the window that looks out on our neighborhood street and opened up the curtains and blinds all the way so he could have a clear view of our driveway just in case my Dad was to pull in, he'd be able to see the headlights. He said he didn't want be making and get walked in on by my Dad since it would be slightly embarrassing for him. Of course I didn't mind the window being open and totally loved the riskiness of my Dad possibly showing up while I was getting fucked by my guy.

So once the window was wide open, he came back and sat down on the sofa and motioned for me to come to him which I did. I was ready to straddle him and start making , but he ended up forcing me down over his lap as he sat on the sofa with a clear view the front window. Next thing I knew he had positioned my butt over his knees and was in the process of pulling the waistband on my leggings down. "This is for not being clear with me about what it is you want Vanessa" he told me. Yikes! Seriously?

I laughed when he said that bc I didn’t think he was serious. He's always joking around so for him get serious all of a sudden was funny me. I mean what guy gets pissed when his wants be fucked? Anyway I laughed, but he was serious or at least doing a good job pretending. He had me over his lap in a position be spanked, and I never once thought he would be in that. So basically I was very wrong on both assumptions. He was serious and he was in spanking me. As soon as he heard me not taking him seriously he gave me a hard smack across my ass cheek. He even told me if I didn’t comply soon, my Dad would get to see my butt being spanked on our own sofa. That thought horrified me. But in all honesty, it turned me on at the time.

Next thing I knew, he had a grip on the waistband of my leggings and was pulling them over my ass and pushing them down past my knees. I wasn’t naked but I felt pretty exposed with just my lace thong on and my ass now on display him and anyone that happened walk or drive past the window. I also felt pretty humiliated bc I had never been officially spanked before. I mean I asked my Dad punish me a few weeks before so I don't count that . And I've been with guys that spanked me bc they were in it, but this felt like I was being spanked for misbehaving. It felt a little strange, but of course, the whole situation was definitely turning me on.

Richard proceeded give both of my bare ass cheeks some heavy smacking and slapping with his bare hand. At first it just felt kinda , but then I could feel my ass getting hotter as he continued. I didn't say much as he was doing it, just let him do what he felt he needed do me get my attention and teach me a lesson. I definitely wasn't complaining or asking him stop, but I would have been fine with him stopping at any point. I completely forgot about the window being open and that my Dad could show up at any time and just kind of drifted away in to my own naughty little submissive mind. A few minutes in, I wasn't even sure if Richard was turned on by the whole thing, but then I began to feel him getting hard underneath me. I didn't move at all and didn't say anything at all, but let him keep me right where he wanted me if that was getting his dick hard.

Once I knew he was getting hard from spanking me on the sofa in front of the open window, I began to moan a little bit after each smack to tease him and see if I could get his dick even harder. Then once I started doing that, I felt his left hand reach under my belly and felt his fingers reaching for the waistband on my thong. I wasn't sure what he was up to but he got a good grip on my thong and I felt him tugging it toward my belly. It didn't take much of a tugging and I felt the fabric slip between my pussy lips. I don't know how he had his fingers intertwined in my thong, but he had a pretty good grip on it and he was pulling it up hard on me. I couldn't see what it looked like bc I stayed where I was, but I'm pretty sure the front of my thong had vanished between my swollen lips.

Now at that point in time, I had never felt a crotch rope through my pussy, but I had seen lots of pics and videos of it. I definitely have gotten myself off watching other girls in pain, suffering with some harsh rope pulled tightly through their cunts. What he was doing my pussy with my own thong felt like what I thought a crotch rope would feel like even though I knew it could feel even worse. He wasn't wiggling it at all between my lips but just pulling it up hard and putting a amount of pressure against my already quivering and tender clit. Now y'all should know by now that my clit is supersensitive and I can cum pretty quickly from just the slightest stimulation of it. So it didn't take long with the combination of my thong being pulled hard against my clit, being spanked, feeling Richard's hard-on and with the window open for me start leak my juices from inside pretty steadily.

I think it was pretty obvious Richard at that point bc he had a clear view of me from behind, and I know the insides of my legs were already damp from my pussy leaking uncontrollably on me. Next thing I knew, I felt his other hand pushing my stretched and damp thong from between my ass cheeks the side so that I had nothing covering my asshole or my labia. He let go of my thong underneath me at some point and used his left hand keep the thong that was between my ass cheeks of the way while his other hand forced my ass cheeks apart. I felt so embarrassed and humiliated by him at that point bc I could feel my burning ass cheeks being spread very wide open. I knew he had a clear view of not my brown asshole which was winking at him from the degrading treatment, but also my swollen and damp hairless labia.

I would have given anything in that moment know what he was thinking of me. Looking at my asshole and wondering has been inside it? How many miles of dick have been through there? Looking at my wet pussy and wondering do I get aroused from being spanked very hard?

I was so wet from his unexpected spanking and so horny that I wanted him take me in my ass right there on the sofa in front of the open window. I would have loved feel his cock in my butt right then but would have even settled for just his fingers in there exploring and stretching me. But that wasn't be. I felt his right hand cup between my legs and feel my pussy as if he needed get physical confirmation that my body was ready for sex. As if the visual wasn't enough, he had confirm that I was soaking wet and indeed leaking on his slacks. With that, he gave my pussy a firm squeeze, smacked my ass last time and suggested we head my bedroom. I guess he didn't want take me right there in the open even though I was more than ready for it.

I ended up standing up from where I was on top of him as he was still seated on the sofa. If he hadn't suggested we head to my bedroom, I would have been more than happy to roll over on his lap so my shaved wet pussy with my thong pulled tightly through it would have been right in the middle of his lap. I mean he had just spanked my ass good, so might as well get my pussy spanked hard too. I would have definitely cum at that point from a hard pussy slapping with the window open and the possibility of my Dad walking in on us. But that would have to wait for another time. When I stood up, I could finally see what my thong looked like in front and how he had pulled it up between my legs. It looked amazing bc even though I had my thong still on, there was nothing of me hidden in front. My thong had totally disappeared between my lips and my damp smooth pussy was totally visible. I wiggled my leggings off of my feet and left them bunched up in front of the sofa. And I also pulled my thong from between my lips and all the way off my feet. It was soaked, and I left it balled up next to by black leggings. I still had on my tight black top but nothing covered my body from my waist down bc I was so horny to get to my room. I headed that direction with Richard following me. If my Dad came home while we were in my room, he would have definitely found my leggings and wet thong piled in front of the sofa but at that point, I didn't care.

Once we got my room, I closed the door but didn't lock it. I definitely didn't want the security of total privacy but wanted the feeling that the door could be opened at anytime and I wouldn't have any way to hide myself or what I was doing. Richard ended up getting on the bed up and turned on my TV for some background noise bc he knows I usually get pretty loud when I'm fucking. I ended up taking off my top completely so I was completely naked from head to toe. Then I proceeded to do all the work and undress Richard completely from head to toe. Once he was undressed, I straddled his chest facing his feet as I was going to ride his cock reverse cowgirl and hopefully take him anally for the first time. Once I got his cock nice and hard again, I lifted myself up and mounted myself down on him, impaling my dripping wet pussy on his rigid shaft. He was able to just lay back and take pics of my spanked ass with his phone, all while my door was closed and the TV was on. I was so turned on from the fact that he had spanked me and given me the crotch rope through my pussy. Plus I loved the fact that I didn't know when my Dad was going get home. If he came home while I was fucking Richard in my room, would he find my leggings and wet thong in the open? Would he hear the TV on in my room and open the door see me totally naked and riding Richard's hard dick? All of those things combined together in my mind and I couldn't stop myself from leaking and cumming repeatedly. As long as Richard stayed hard for me, I was going to keep grinding the insides of my pussy away on him.

Luckily, he stayed hard long enough and didn't cum for me. I was able to lift myself off of him and position myself to lower my ass on to his already slippery cock. It took both of us working together, but I was able to lower myself on to him and feel him inside my asshole for the first time. It had been a while since I had taken a random guy in my ass and now with Richard I wanted in my ass, it felt fantastic. I'm not sure the last time he had fucked a in the ass, but I could tell from his sounds that he enjoyed how much tighter it felt than my loose pussy. It didn't take long for me slide up and down on him for him not be able hold any longer, and I felt him shoot his load straight upward and inside of me. At that point, I was definitely spent and he slipped of me and I just kind of rubbed my spread ass cheeks back and forth on his soaking wet but limp and still sensitive cock.

I finally got off of him and turned around clean him off. Now I've gone ass straight mouth before so I wasn't hesitant lick him totally clean from his balls to his stomach. Besides, now that we were dating I wanted him to be certain that I was completely willing to be as nasty for him as he wanted or needed me to be. I made sure that he had a crystal clear view of me taking his wet, limp, filthy cock in to my mouth. Not just me kissing it with my lips or licking it with my tongue, but I wanted him to be thinking “she just took my nasty cock that was in her asshole straight in to her mouth without even a second thought.”

That’s right I did. No hesitation. No questions. No resistance. Totally submissive and more than eager to please him and clean his body. But hey I also get something out of it too bc y’all know I get aroused from humiliating stuff and tasting my own ass is a pretty humiliating sensation! I won’t deny that submitting like that and degrading myself further kept my juices flowing and my clit all twitchy.

After that session, I got cleaned up and we just hung out on the sofa for the rest of the night. Neither of us had the energy to go another round like that even though I’m always ready for more. I ended up putting my clothes in the washer before my Dad got home which is funny bc he always does all of our laundry. My Dad finally got home much later than usual and headed straight to bed for an early start the next day. He had no clue what had transpired hours before but if I was lucky, somehow the pics Richard took of me would make their way to him at some point. Once Richard was ready to , I escorted him his car, which was parked on our street, give him a quick BJ before he left. I know I could have done him inside on the sofa while my Dad was asleep in his room, but I decided not take any more chances that night since I had been pretty daring up then. It was a pretty quick like when I was first blowing boys. That was fine with me bc I had asked Richard just recline back and relax for me eat him. I didn’t want him holding on his cum at all bc I wanted show him my appreciation for him skipping the movie.


Now I didn't know it at that time, and found this many months later from my online stranger. I thought when it was happening, it was all original ideas from Richard with respect my spanking and having the windows open for my Dad. But after Richard had hooked up with me in that first week, he contacted the stranger from CL back say thanks and let the stranger know that everything Richard had read and seen about me was in fact true. Richard had confirmed in those first weeks that I was indeed willing do anything and everything, and I did have the awesome body that I was showing them in my pics. Richard had heard I had a wild side but didn't know if that was true or just rumors but I guess I had definitely proven it him.

The stranger told me all of this much later on, that Richard had texted him about days after Richard and I first got together to not say thanks but let him know that I was pretty wild. I guess the stranger wasn't expecting hear anything back from Richard after exposing me him, but he did and got all of the dirty details from Richard about what Richard was doing me as well as had a chance fill Richard in on any questions Richard may have had about me.

I found out that of the things that they talked about in particular was the pic of my spanked ass. Richard had received it whenever he got my other pics but wasn’t sure if it was even me. He asked the stranger did that me and the stranger told him directly that it was my own Dad. Even though Richard thought that was a little bizarre for a grown have her ass beaten by her own Dad, he seemed be ok with it. The stranger clarified Richard that I had provided written confessions that I had experienced being spanked and that I liked it. He told Richard that my Dad had read all of those very private confessions. He also told Richard that I had been involved in some crazy stuff with my Dad including being belted by him weeks before. That was Richard’s first clue that anything and everything didn’t just mean sucking and fucking, but that I was also up for the very kinky stuff. I definitely didn't mind being spanked and after that conversation with the stranger, Richard knew there was an open invitation for that whenever he felt the need to give me .

So Richard didn’t start spanking me on his own that night but had inside info after getting confirmation through text messaging with the stranger. My preference would have been that after I willingly let him fuck me that he would have given my ass a thorough beating but I got that once he already knew I liked it.

I’ll talk much more explicitly about this in my next blog, but that night being spanked and fucked anally was awesome. But finding out later that not was the stranger communicating with my Dad but also with Richard took me to a new, much lower level of humiliation. I knew at that point that whatever I was doing in private with Richard was making its way to my Dad via the stranger. And everything that I had been completely honest and truthful about, no matter how private had also made its way to both my Dad and Richard. Now I knew I had sought out my own humiliation and consented to it completely, but after finding that out, I felt so utterly humiliated and embarrassed that all of them knew so much and together all had me in such a powerless, defenseless and helpless position. Even though it was scary for me, I was desperate to feel even more.

I didn’t end up hooking up with Richard again after Christmas and when I did, I had learned even more about what had been going on behind the scenes that I was completely unaware of.

It all cums together Part 1
Posted:Oct 18, 2019 8:49 am
Last Updated:Nov 21, 2019 4:11 pm
Hey y’all. So I was struggling with what to call my next series of posts and I decided on “It all cums together” bc the events that happened next finally brought lots of stuff together for me and had an awesome effect on me both physically and mentally.

All of this took place during the middle of December 20, after my Dad had responded to one CL ad, and I had responded to another one. Each ad had been written the same individual man. So last blog I wrote was me asking my Dad to punish me for disappointing what I believed was a of men I was emailing with online. He did that with me undressing in front of him from the waist down and him belting my ass hard and then taking pics of it that I could show as proof to the men. After that episode, I was feeling pretty good with myself bc I had done everything that the men had asked me to do up until that point including showing myself to my Dad in my thong, showing him my boobs and then requesting punishment from him for not reporting that I had shown him my thong.

The part that I couldn’t quite figure out at that point was why I hadn’t heard anything from my friends Tom or Richard yet? It had been over a week since I had provided my sexy pics and given my written consent for them to have their way with me, and I hadn’t heard a damn thing! I mean I was busy teasing and taking care of my Dad for the men online, but I really wondered what was going on with these two guys I was pursuing. I knew they had received my pics bc the men behind the ad had so much personal info about me that there was no way they hadn’t given that up to them.

It must have been the very next day that I finally heard from Richard. I mean the day before I was in our house, in my room, lying face down on my own bed and my own Dad was belting my bare ass. I was getting all worked up with no relief except my own fingers, so when I finally heard from Richard, I was more than eager to get together with him. I had wanted him to fuck me for some time but after the agonizing week of my consensual humiliation, I was horny as hell for any cock, especially his.

So as soon as I heard from him, I wanted to get together. He came over to the house as usual but this time I’m expecting more than a friend. My Dad wasn’t at home of course so we hung out for a while before I made my move on him. I knew he had seen and read everything that point and I wasn’t about to quiz him on when he got it, what he got, what he thought of what I had agreed to. And he didn’t ask me about any of it either. He didn’t resist my advances in any way and just let me do what I had been holding back on doing for over a year of knowing him.

Once I got his belt off and pants unzipped I could tell he was up for it bc he was already showing his excitement through his underwear without even any touching. I got down on my knees on the carpet in front of our living room couch and pushed his pants and underwear all the way down to his ankles so I could get between his legs and go to work on him. At that point in time, I had sucked off plenty of guys but never at my own house. Always somewhere else but I didn’t want or need to go anywhere else since it was just the two of us at home.

Now he’s not the largest I’ve ever blown, but he definitely had nothing to be embarrassed about. His cock looked great to me as all cocks do and it was actually larger than I had fantasized about it. I did exactly what I normally do, to him, just like I’ve done for the last 10 years or so. Worked my hands, mouth, tongue, lips all around his shaft, his head, his balls not leaving anywhere without my attention. And given that it was my first time serving him, I made sure to lift his balls up and out of the way so I could get my tongue underneath him and lick his ass. I don’t know if he knew I was a nasty girl before. Maybe he knew I had a wild streak? Idk. But I wanted to show him that I am nasty and am more than ready for anything and everything.

Once I got my tongue under his balls and started teasing his asshole with it, I think my message was clear. I didn’t really look up in his eyes until I felt him reach down and lift his ball sack up out of the way and he opened his legs even wider for me. Once I saw him do that, my eyes lit up and I buried my face even deeper in to his ass so he could see I’m not afraid or shy to put my tongue in there if thats what he enjoys feeling.

I would have eaten his ass out all afternoon until my Dad came home if he wanted, but his cock was getting anxious so he was ready for me to finish him. At that point he stood up and slipped out of his pants and underwear so he could stand with me kneeling in front of him. That felt really good for me to be beneath him like that and beneath his cock. I wanted to show him that I do understand and accept that I am lower than him. I wanted him to see that I can be submissive to him and subservient to him and being below his aroused cock was one way to show that.

Once I was kneeling in front of him I went back to work on his cock using my mouth and hands and everything was going fine until he told me, “Put your hands down slut.” OMG. I couldn't believe he said that. He didn't use my name at all but called me what I was to him, slut. Now I don't know what being called degrading and demeaning names does to other girls but to me, I love it. It drives me crazy. I love hearing it and once it starts, I just want to hear more. The worse it is, the better for me. I mean hearing him talk to me like that on a first date sent a jolt of electricity straight to my already jittery clit. And once my clit gets zapped, I want it zapped again and again until I can’t but from it. Now just to be clear when I’m in a sexual situation like this, I don’t have to be told twice on anything. Whatever I am told to do, I do. No questions asked. Ever. No hesitation. Ever. No resistance. Ever. No limits. Ever. As soon as he told me that, I let go of stroking his cock and balls and dropped my arms to my sides like a rag doll for him.

His cock was deep in my mouth at that point as my eyes looked up at his. I didn’t say anything bc I couldn’t, but he knew that was what I wanted. I was still completely dressed to. I figured I would suck him until he fucked me, but I knew at that point today was going to end with him finishing in my mouth.

Now I’ve sucked plenty of guys and have been facefucked before but it was never the first time that I was with them. It was always a few dates in that guys decided that I was in need of a good facefucking. But with Richard and everything he saw and read, there was no need for him to wait on me. I was his for however he wanted to use me right then.

At first it was one hand on my head, fingers gripping my hair. Then it was both hands on the side of my head to hold my head in place. Then as his cock got harder, his grip on me increased to the point of being the kind of rough, forced facefucking that I love receiving. The kind where his arm ends up behind my head. My eyes are buried in his pubic bush and he is just staring off in to space as he uses my mouth like a cunt. If his balls weren’t in my mouth, he would push them in to my mouth to stretch my mouth even wider open for him. There’s nothing better than pushing me and my limits on a first date so I know my status. It was clear to me how roughy he was using my mouth that that was my purpose for him and I loved it.

I wanted to see how aggressive he could be with me and a couple times when he had himself stuffed deep down my throat, I started to gag and cough and instinctively put my hands up to push him back. I knew that action was not acceptable, but I had to do it to make sure he wasn’t going to let me get away with anything. Both times I pushed him back, he got on to me verbally and reminded me to keep my hands down. Then to show me this was all business for him, he pushed himself deeper still causing me to gag and choke on him. It’s definitely a nice submissive feeling when you feel a guy’s cock forced all the way in as far as it can go and his dominant hands holding you in a way that you know you can’t get him out even if you wanted to. When I from being used orally, it’s usually at that moment when I am feeling the most submissive and the most used. He let me catch my breath for the bare minimum of time so I wouldn’t pass out, but then his cock went right back in so he could feel what he wanted to feel. I loved how demanding he was of me on our first date and how dominant he could be with me to take what he wanted from me without regard for my own pleasure. I don’t know if he knew it, but I got my fair share of pleasure just from his rough use.

Once he was ready to I could feel his grip around my head, throat and neck even tighter and I just surrendered my face, mouth, and throat to him, my arms dangling my side and body going limp like a doll for him to use me for his pleasure. He came pretty hard, shooting his load straight in to my stomach I think bc I didn’t even taste him. When he was done with me, I cleaned him off got to taste him like I still do to this day.

I was grinning from ear to ear as was he bc we were both on the samw page as far as what we each needed from each other. I felt like everything was finally starting to together for me. I had successfully pleased the men online. I had teased my Dad without him having a clue about what I was up to. And I had answered that CL ad, putting my fears aside, in hopes of getting one of the guys I was after. Finally after a week or so, I had sucked off one of the them and been treated exactly like the slut I was.

Willing, consensual humiliation- mm4w Finale
Posted:Sep 12, 2019 9:56 pm
Last Updated:Oct 24, 2019 9:28 pm
Hey y’all. So this is the final chapter about my initial experience agreeing to willing, consensual humiliation. In my last blog, I had shown my Dad my boobs while pretending to look for my sports bra. And immediately after doing that, my Dad showed me a text from the men warning me to tell my Dad everything that was going on or else. I felt so embarrassed that I couldn’t even speak. But moments later, when I let them know I had done what they wanted, I asked politely for even more from them.

They gave me a break on Sunday which was nice but probably bc they were putting their next plan together. They reminded me that I still needed to be punished for not telling them I had shown my Dad my thong a couple days before. I understood that I deserved to be punished, and they asked me for ideas on how I could be punished. I told them I could spank my pussy or spank my ass or provide more pics or give them more contacts. They thought about it and told me I would learn best from pain and humiliation. I was in complete agreement that that would be the best way for me to learn.

They told me that on Monday I would have to do three things. First, I would have to tell my Dad that I had disappointed a group of men and that I needed punishment. I’d have to accept whatever punishment he decided and count aloud while it was happening. I also had to provide picture proof that I had been punished. Finally, I had to provide another contact that I could be completely exposed to. And as an added measure of humiliation, I had to write about how I felt on all three occasions. They wanted to understand my emotions and how I felt when I showed by thong, my boobs and while being punished. I agreed to all that. I felt they were letting me off super easy.

I was pretty much a nervous wreck after seeing the text they had sent my Dad. I knew at that point, he had to know something was up with me, but I didn’t think he knew anything else. I figured he was trying to figure out why I had become so uninhibited around him overnight and totally casual about showing off my body in front of him.

All day Monday I had to wait and think through how I was going to ask for punishment. I wasn’t going to be home until 5 after class and work so I couldn’t get it done until then. When I got home, my Dad was already home and I was nervous, excited and anxious to complete my assignment.

I got settled, took a deep breath and once again stepped out of my room to overcome my nervousness and fears. My Dad was seated at our kitchen table when I walked over to him and bravely announced that I had disappointed some men and needed him to punish me. I can still see the look on his face. Interrupted. Puzzled. Frowning. Confused. For a moment I thought, what am I doing to my poor Dad. He doesn’t have a clue. Why am I putting him through all of this just for my own personal reasons?

I stood there for what felt like eternity with him staring straight me straight in the eyes. There wasn’t any discussion. There wasn’t any interrogating questions. His words were very clear and direct. “Take them off.” I shivered when he said that and began fidgeting with the top button on my jeans. Unzipping them and pulling them down my legs. Stepping out of them so I was standing next to them in a crumpled up pile. My eyes were locked on his. He didn’t say a word. He didn’t say that was enough nor did he say to continue.

I didn’t ask him. He said “Take them off” and to me my understanding of his use of plural was very clear, my jeans and my thong. I reached both hands to my waist and began wiggling my thong down my legs. I ended up lifting my knee up to get it off one leg and let go for it to drop to the floor around my foot. My eyes were still fixed on his as I lightly kicked it off of my foot. I wasn’t going to take my eyes off his bc I wanted to see if he was going to look you know where.

It seemed like forever standing there like that. My jeans and thong piled up around my feet. My feet bare. Nothing covering me from the waist down below my top. Not more than an arms length from my Dad. I wasn’t budging. I wasn’t going anywhere until he dealt with me. I made no attempt to cover myself and yet he never looked down at what I was displaying for him. It was right there for him to see clearly without obstruction for the first time in a long time.

All he said was “Go to your room.” I hadn’t heard that since my mom lived with us. It had been years since she moved out.. It felt great to hear those words and made me shiver with nervousness and fear. Feelings I crave. I walked away from him wearing only my top and leaving my laundry on the kitchen floor. I went to my room and sat my bare ass down on the corner of my bed to see what would happen next. It was probably only a minute but felt like forever. My Dad came in to my room fully dressed but holding a leather belt in his hand, folded over.

He didn’t say a word as I sat on my bed with my legs apart. He did snap the belt in his hand so I could hear the stinging sound of leather against flesh. When I didn’t react at all, he snapped it again harder and I jumped. Then I decided to show him that I was prepared for whatever was in store for me and I just leaned myself back on my bed, facing him with my legs over the sides and open.

I stared at him and that was the first time I saw his eyes move to look at my pussy. He hadn’t looked at me down there yet, but finally in my room, with nothing covering me and my legs open, he couldn’t resist any longer.

I would have given anything to have known what he thought, but he’s the strong silent type. Did he notice that I wasn’t totally waxed and smooth? It had been a few days so I was starting to get a little stubble down there. Did he notice how my inner labia peeks out between my lips when I’m aroused, not like when I was a young virgin. Could he see my tan lines? How narrow they are from the tiny thong bikini bottoms I like so much.

Did he look at me and think about how many different cocks I’ve had inside there? What age was I when I started? Could he tell how much use I’ve had? What the biggest has been? The oldest?

I don’t know how long he looked at me down there, but I wasn’t moving at all. Hell, he had a leather belt in his hand! Exposed. Legs open. On display and not hiding myself at all.

Once he was done looking at my sex, he simply said, “Face down.” I was disappointed and relieved at the same time. I’ve been belted on my pussy before, but it had been a while and I missed it. Of course it stung, but I ended up cumming in the end from the painful stimulation on my clit. But I was relieved because even though I was prepared to have my pussy whipped, a belting on my thick ass is much more to my liking.

I didn’t hesitate rolling over face down for him with my legs slightly apart. He asked how many men did I disappoint and I told him 12 bc that’s how many I thought there were. He told me to count aloud each one which I already knew to do. Then he stood at my side and began. One strike at a time. Waiting an appropriate amount of time in between for the pain to sink in. I counted aloud for him. At first it was tolerable, felt arousing and I was enjoying the combination of stinging pain on my fat ass and the humiliation of requesting punishment from my Dad, but as we got closer to 12 I was starting to feel him really lay in to me and it brought me to tears.

When he was done, he asked me if I had learned my lesson and I told him I had. He told me not to disappoint men again, and I promised him I wouldn’t. I couldn’t see what my ass looked like, but it was stinging, and burning, and sore. He had finished and was about to leave when I asked him to please take a pic so I could provide proof of my punishment to the men. He obliged, got out his phone and stood at the edge of the bed looking up the back of my legs. He told me to open my legs more and he took the pics. He ended up texting them to me, and I don’t think he deleted them from his phone. When I saw the pic, I felt so ashamed. I could clearly see how red my ass cheeks were, and I could see he had me open my legs so my lips were visible to the viewer.

Once it was all over I emailed the pic to the men along with my latest contact for them to expose me to. I also wrote my essay on how I was feeling on those three humiliating occasions. I felt pretty good at the end of the day bc I had done exactly what they had asked. I felt relief and satisfaction. I had shown my Dad who I really was and how submissive I am and I had survived.

I couldn’t wait for what was next, and I still hadn’t heard anything from Tom or Richard. I didn’t know what on earth they could be waiting for.

Willing, consensual humiliation - mm4w, Part 3
Posted:Aug 22, 2019 12:24 pm
Last Updated:Sep 10, 2019 1:23 am
Hey y'all. So this blog picks up from where Part 2 ended after being blackmailed in to showing myself to my own Dad wearing just a pink thong from the waist down and the tight white tank top covering my breasts on Friday morning. The night before I was out with friends including two of them who I just knew had seen my pics and sexy confessions.

The rest of my day Friday was pretty normal and boring. It honestly didn’t cross my mind at all to the men humiliating me to let them know I had done exactly as they had blackmailed me in to doing. I was more focused on watching my phone to see when I would hear from Tom or Richard or both since I just knew they had seen and read something about me and would be contacting me soon.

But those messages from them never came, at least not the ones I was hoping for. “Hey lets get together tonight.” “ Hey how’s it going?” The only exciting messages I got evening were from the men behind the ad checking in on me to see if I had shown myself to my Dad. I told them I had, which pleased them, but they also told me they were disappointed in me for not at least sending them a message to let them know I had been successful in doing what they had blackmailed me in to doing. made me feel bad bc I was really enjoying the experience they were giving me and I wanted to do my best to please all of them bc they had given me a chance to experience this private fantasy of mine. I asked if I could try again and I would be sure to let them know if they gave me another chance. They said they would have to think about it which basically made me want to do whatever they would ask me to do even more.

I got another message from them around midnight night saying the had decided to give me another chance which was a relief for me to not be rejected men I'd never met. They had been talking to someone, I didn’t know who, but they sent me my own cell as well as part of my home to prove to me how serious they were about everything I was going to experience. Once again I was in shock, surprised and impressed they had personal info about me so quickly and easily. Seeing they had made me feel very powerless and I felt like I didn't have any options but to do as they asked which felt great to me to be in vulnerable position with them so quickly. They gave me the chance to redeem myself the next day, Saturday. My task was pretty simple but would definitely be embarrassing and humiliating for me. I would have to show my own Dad my bare chest. As far as I knew, he hadn’t seen my tits before but I wanted to continue experiencing my willing consensual humiliation at the hands of these strangers. I had already shown him what I look like in my thong, so it made sense my boobs would be next on the list. I agreed immediately, without hesitation, to showing them to him the next day. And I completely understood, accepted and agreed to the rules for it meaning not to be shy about it at all, not side boobs, full frontal, nothing on from the waist up and no obstructions at any point while in front of him. As soon as I had done it I would let the men know I was successful and how I felt.

The men asked me what my plan was for doing it, and I didn't have one. I was completely open to their suggestions on how to pull the whole thing off without being totally obvious about it. I wanted to hear their ideas bc they seem to be much better with this than I was. They suggested I pretend to be looking for a bra I can't find and walk through the house in front of him frantically searching for it. After confirming he had seen me like , topless, bare breasts, then I could miraculously find it. I thought was a great idea and totally doable.

The next day was Saturday in December and in the afternoon my Dad was in the TV room watching college football. I decided it was about time and took a deep breath and just went for it. I definitely didn't want the men contacting him and I hadn't done it yet. I pulled on some small tight Under Armor workout shorts covered my pussy and ass and nothing else. No panties underneath of course and the kind are so short you can see the butt cheeks peeking out under the shorts from behind. Nothing above my waist and no socks or shoes, just bare legs and feet. Just one piece of black stretchy material covering me as I ventured out of my room and made a bee line straight toward the laundry room. As I walked, I made sure not to run or do anything would appear to be like I was trying not to be seen. I remained very casual and calm, just walking on a mission to find my matching sports bra. I'm not 100% sure, but I think my Dad probably caught a glimpse of me out of the corner of his eye and didn't say anything, but would have seen nothing but skin and the tight shorts I was wearing. Once I got to the laundry room, I took a deep breath bc I felt like the hardest part was over, stepping out of my room without a top on knowing he was going to see me. The rest even though it wasn't going to be easy, was going to be a little less nerve wracking bc the hardest part was over.

I called out from the laundry room knowing he was right around the corner, "Have you seen my black sports bra?" I asked. I think I startled him bc he didn't answer right away and as I walked back out of the laundry room, I could see he was turning around. I walked toward him as he looked at me. All I had in one hand was my cell phone and nothing in the other. He was looking at me and asked casually, "which one?" "The black one with the Under Armor logo on it" I told him as I stood directly in front of him. I've always been very confident in my body as it has developed through the years. Normally I don't stand in front of men completely topless, but I had done it before. Sometimes its leading to sex. Sometimes just a thrill for me and a tease for them. Of course I would end up enjoying doing it and the feelings it gives me inside so much a year later I would start dancing topless at the local gentleman's clubs. I remained totally calm, casual, confident, collected even though I was standing right there in front of him not making any attempt whatsoever to cover my breasts. I knew the rules and had agreed to them. I had to be sure he had a clear unobstructed view of them. I needed to be sure he got just in case the men contacted him and asked. I don't need to tell the men I did it and then he tells them I didn't. If they ask him, I need to know he did clearly see them and I didn't hide myself in any way. I didn't make any attempt to hide them with my arms or hands or turn to the side for only a side view. I had to be sure he got a full frontal view of them.

His eyes were looking at my eyes as he told me, "Well if its not in the laundry room, then its probably in your room some where." I just kind of agreed as I stared at my phone and pretended to with Jessica. I told him Jessica invited me to crossfit and I wanted to find workout clothes like she wore. I purposely stared at my phone and not at him to give him a better chance to look at me if he wanted to without being embarrassed me seeing him. It seemed like eternity as I typed my message, but then I answered I would look again and walked away and back to my room.

It was such a rush to do knowing I had done what the men wanted and had teased my Dad showing him something I was sure he had never seen. I immediately grabbed my missing sports bra out of my bra drawer and announced I had found it. I carried it out of my room toward where he was seated and pretended to be interested in what he was watching as I pulled it over my head and arms and adjusted it over my breasts. At point even though I had done what the men wanted me to do, I decided to just have some more fun with my Dad letting him see what the sports bra does to my breasts. How tightly it clings to my tits. How it flattens my tits against my chest so they don't bounce, move or jiggle. How they are held completely still even during a heavy crossfit workout. I would have given anything to know what he thought about me preparing to go workout with Jessica wearing just the tight sports bra and tight shorts. Would he ask how many guys are there and how many looks we get dressed like ? Would he ask if my nipples get hard knowing the sports bra and shorts leave nothing to the viewers imagination. Yes, they do get hard. Rock hard and poke out from the bra and I can't do anything to make them soften. They just stick out for everyone to see and I have to live with the fact anyone can see my nipples are aroused in public. And the shorts? Well you know the shorts leave nothing to the imagination and the seam down the middle splits my bald pussy in half and puts pressure on my clit just wearing them and when I'm working out, the constant rubbing of the seam between my lips feels amazing

I had had my fun and went back to my room to send a to the men behind the ad. I was so excited doing it I debated touching myself since I really didn't have a crossfit date with Jessica. Then there was a knock on my door and it was my Dad. He handed me his cell phone to read the he had just received. "Hey Venny's Dad. Show this message to Vanessa and tell her she needs to tell you everything now so we don't have to."

I just stared at my Dad's phone. The men had contacted him the I had given them. I couldn't believe it. I felt totally betrayed them. And I read what it said. I was so embarrassed. I wanted to say something. But no words came out. I just stared at the phone and at my Dad with a deer in the headlights look on my face. Completely in shock. Frozen. I handed the phone back to my Dad and he left the room and closed my door. I wanted to bury my head under my pillows and blanket in humiliation and embarrassment for what I was deeply involved in.

I grabbed my phone to the men. I told them I had done what they had blackmailed me in to doing and I had seen the message they had sent to my Dad. They simply responded telling me I was a good girl and I needed to tell my Dad everything very soon or else they would. Then they asked me if I wanted more. They already knew the answer but they wanted me to put it in writing back to them so they had it as proof I was willing to experience even more humiliation. My fingers were shaky and my heart was racing but I typed them back, "Yes please."
Willing, consensual humiliation - mm4w, Part 2
Posted:Jul 22, 2019 8:44 am
Last Updated:Nov 21, 2019 4:24 pm
Hey y'all, so here is the next installment of what I had voluntarily, willingly, consciously agreed to experience, not knowing what to expect, but totally excited about all of the possibilities. Like I mentioned in my last blog, about 2 days after I had sent in my sexy pics and the contact info for the two close male friends I know, as well as my own Dad, I started to get emails from what I still believed was the group of men behind the ad that I had responded to asking to be humiliated. Now remember, the rules for my experience were very specific. If I wanted to experience fully consensual humiliation, I had to provide sexy pics and contact info for men who I wouldn't mind getting those pics and knowing more about this side of me. But once I provided the pics and contact info, I wouldn't be in control any more as far as if they are provided to them, when they are provided to them and what is provided to them. I would have to go about my life not knowing who knows what which is exactly what I wanted to feel, exposed but not in control.

So the first emails I get from the group of men I believe are behind the ad, they tell me my personal email address and my full name. I am surprised, impressed, and in shock bc I can't believe they got that personal info about me so quickly. My mind is racing bc I don't know who they got all of it from. Naturally, I assume its from one or both of my two male friends who probably gave up my info in order to see more sexy pics of me, but I really have no idea and I know any question I ask isn't going to be answered. All I know is that someone has probably seen my pics and has given up my personal info. My head is spinning bc I can't figure out what is going on but I am 100% sure its my two male friends. I just don't know how much they have seen of me at that point and what they are thinking about me agreeing to do something like this.

I have no choice but to go on about my life as usual, not knowing, as what I believe is still a group of men are working behind the scenes to guarantee my humiliation. Two days after I send them my pics, I already have plans to go out with friends to eat and both of the guys I provided contact info for are going to be there, just like usual since we usually go out with about 6 or 7 of us. I am so fucking nervous bc both of them will be coming to my house to pick me up just like usual and they haven't said anything and I haven't asked anything bc I am too nervous. If I ask something and they don't know what I am talking about, I will be super embarrassed in front of them. But if I ask something and they do know, they probably aren't going to say anything and just make me think they don't know what I am talking about. And what if I ask something and they do know, and then they might humiliate me even further at that point and I don't know if I would be ready for it right then. I honestly didn't know what to do or even what to wear bc if they had seen all of me and had read my private confessions to them, maybe they already had plans for me and if so, I wanted to be ready. But at the same time, if they didn't know, then they would probably wonder why I was dressing differently when we were all just going out to eat like any other time.

When they arrive at my house, my Dad is there and my two friends come inside just like usual, making small talk with my Dad and I am just standing there in silence bc I have no idea who knows what. One friend, two friends, my Dad, all of them? I mean these are guys that my Dad knows are my friends and probably never suspects I have interest in fucking them, but just two days earlier I made everything available to strangers I met online and now I have no idea who knows very very private stuff about me. I know I am ready for them both to fuck me, but I just don't know for sure if they are even interested in me that way or if they know that I am completely ready for them. I have no idea, but they all act like nothing is any different but the group behind the ad has already shown me that they have my name and email so somebody knows something.

I was 100% sure it wasn't my Dad and that either or both of my friends knew stuff and already had plans for me for that night. I left the house with both of them and got in their car and thought my Dad doesn't have a clue about what I have signed up for. I didn't talk much on the ride and I just knew we were going to head to one of their places for sex, but we didn't. We ended up going straight to the restaurant where everybody else was waiting for us. I thought damn, they are really doing a good job of keeping this a secret and fucking with me and they are really going to make me squirm I guess. I mean are they really going to make me sit through the entire dinner not knowing who knows what and then afterwards take me back to their place to double team me? I was so excited and nervous and turned on right then I could barely contain it inside of me, but I had to play along as best as I could.

So I am sitting at dinner with the two of them, a couple other girls and a couple other guys and I get a message from the men behind the ad. I tell them that I am at dinner with both of my friends right then and that I cannot stand it. I don't know anything. I don't know if they know or not or how much or anything and its driving me crazy. They ask me if I want to know. I type back so quickly, "NOOOO." I knew they wouldn't tell me even if I wanted to know, but I didn't want them to give me any clues at all. I wanted them to keep me exactly like they already had me. I felt so paralyzed at that moment like I couldn’t do anything, like I was bound, restricted and whatever was going to happen, I had no control of it at all. I felt so amazing sitting there across from two guys who I was convinced had seen everything and had read everything and even though I was amongst others and completely dressed, I felt so completely exposed and humiliated. I felt like I wasn't in control at all, and I loved how it made me feel inside. I was wearing panties at the time and I'm sure when I told the men that I didn't want to know anything and wanted them to keep me just the way I was, I am sure some of my juices leaked out of me bc I honestly wanted that feeling to continue. They reminded me that that is what I am supposed to be feeling, not being in control but definitely being exposed and I knew they were right. I wasn't in control and I was definitely exposed, but I wasn't sure to whom or how much. The men behind the ad's next message to me was much more direct, "do you want more?" When I read that, I could barely manage to focus because my fingers were so shaky as I typed back to them underneath the table. "YES PLEASE." I felt so good at that moment, I don't know what else they could do to me from a distance, but whatever they could do to my head and my body, I wanted to feel it.

As I am sitting there trying to eat and make conversation with everybody and not give myself away, the men behind the ad tell me that bc I want more, I have to complete my first blackmail test the next morning. They tell me that the next morning, I have to ensure that my own Dad sees me wearing a very small panty, thong or G-string. They remind me that they have his text number and if they check with him and I haven't done it, they will know and he will then know everything that's going on. At that point I knew he didn't know anything and I was beginning to have regrets about giving up his number to total strangers, but I agreed to what the men asked bc it sounded like a simple tease and besides I was super horny at the time and was willing to agree to anything for that feeling inside of me to continue. My Dad had seen my underwear plenty of times, but had never seen me wearing it, only in the dirty clothes pile or while he was doing our laundry. I agreed to the challenge hoping to please the men behind the ad and hoping my Dad wouldn't find out anymore. I knew that if I didn't agree to it, then whatever hadn't yet been provided to my male friends was probably going to be sent while they were right there across from me at dinner and that would be devastating.

So the whole rest of the evening, I am pretty quiet, watching my two male friends for any sign that gives away what they know, but I never got any sign. I stayed very quiet and wanted to ask but didn’t at the same time. I could feel them checking me out more than normal but didn’t know what they knew or had seen but it also was kind of exciting. And at the same time I am thinking about what I want to wear in front of my Dad to make sure he has a clear view of me. The men had made it very clear to me and I understood fully, that up top I could be wearing anything, pajama top, t-shirt, tank top, bra, whatever, but from the waist down the only thing I was allowed to wear was the skimpy panty, thong or G-string. No shorts, no pajama bottoms, not even socks. Just one small article of clothing on from the waist down and my skin had to be visible on all sides meaning I wasn't allowed to wear a long t-shirt with just my butt hanging out. My mind was thinking about what was in store for me later with my friends as well as trying to decide the perfect thong for my Dad to see me in.

After dinner, I just rode home with my two male friends and they dropped me off at my house just like usual. They barely walked me to the door and my Dad wasn't even at home so they could have come inside and we could have definitely messed around. I was confused as fuck bc they didn't say anything, they didn't hint at anything, they didn't try anything. I thought, wtf? Are they not in to me? Did they not see me that way? Have they not seen everything and read everything? Did they not like what they saw? WTF is going on? I hated that feeling and loved that feeling all at the same time if that is possible to believe. I felt like I really wasn't in control at all which is what I was hoping for.

I had made it through my first encounter with just the two of them and had survived but I was going absolutely crazy. I ended up hearing from the men behind the ad around midnight that night and they asked me how I was doing and I told them I was so excited, so turned on and was loving all of what they were doing to me. I told them that I had picked a bright pink thong that was really sexy for my Dad to see me in the next morning.

The next day after a restless night of not knowing what was going on and not being satisfied sexually, I got up around 9 or so to discover my Dad was still at home. The night before it had snowed in SA which is very rare, but it happens every 5 years or so. I don't leave my room, but take off the shirt I slept in so I am walking around my room topless. I go through my drawers to find a white tank top and pull that over my head and down. Its pretty clingy and hugs my body nicely so it leaves all of my curves completely visible even though I'm covered up. The shoulder straps are pretty narrow which leaves a lot of my side boobs visible even though my boobs were still covered. It was also short enough that left my belly exposed which I had to choose something that left enough skin above my thong visible. Once I had that on, I pulled down my pajama bottoms, I had slept commando so I just piled them in the dirty clothes and went to my panty drawer to find my hot pink thong. I pulled it out and held it up. It is pretty small and stretchy and I pulled it up my feet and legs to around my waist. It fits me super snug because of the stretchiness of it and even though it covers me in front, it leaves very little to the imagination because of the material. Its also kind of narrow in front so when it goes between my legs, it doesn't provide 100% coverage of my crotch, but mainly just wide enough to cover my slit from the top to where it disappears between my legs. If you were to look at me down there you would definitely see skin between my legs and where the thong starts, but I was all shaved down there from the night before so it just looked like my legs and not obviously the outside edges of my smooth pussy.

I checked myself in the mirror, just the tight white tank top over my boobs and the hot pink thong from the waist down. Nothing else. I turned to check myself from behind and the back of the thong disappears between my ass cheeks right at the top so nothing at all was covering my ass from behind. I knew at any moment the men behind the ad could text my Dad and ask if I had shown myself to him and I really didn't want to deal with him wondering what was going on and telling them I hadn't. I was definitely nervous and didn't want to do it, but then I just said screw it and walked out of my room like that toward where he was seated at the kitchen table.

I walked right past him, not saying a word, totally proud of myself, confident in my all natural body and my sexiness. I knew that once I was past him and in the kitchen he would get a very clear view of my ass and I wouldn't even be looking at him. I felt very embarrassed at first not seeing his face but hoping he was looking at me wearing a thong that other guys have seen me in. A thong that I have taken off for other guys to show them what's underneath. A thong that I have had removed from me by guys who wanted to get to what I had underneath. And sometimes yanked off of me when I’ve wanted to be taken roughly.

I didn't wag my tail at him as I stood pretending to look for breakfast in the refrigerator, but I wanted to make sure he got a nice clear look at me from behind for a decent amount of time. Then while I was pretending to be looking for something to eat he asked, "hey what did y'all think of that snow last night?" I was so startled that I almost spilled whatever I was reaching for, but I was also turned on bc I knew he had seen me and was paying attention to me. I grabbed what I wanted out of our refrigerator and actually turned around and walked toward him in just my tank top and pink thong. I said something like "yeah, that was crazy, it took us forever to drive home."

Even though I had been nervous at first before I stepped out of my room, when he was making conversation with me, I didn’t mind being dressed like that in front of him and after awhile it actually felt good to walk around like that. I could have taken a seat at the table across from him but what fun would that be? I ended up putting my drink and breakfast down on our center island and kind of just backing myself up against it so I could stand in front of him. I would have given anything to know what he was thinking at that moment seeing his own standing in front of him in just a white tank top and tiny bright pink thong. I mean it wasn't like I was standing naked in front of him, but it was pretty damn close. When we were talking I'd keep my eyes on his eyes to see where he was looking. I wanted to see if he would ever break eye contact with me and look down at my body that I was obviously not shy about showing. Then every couple moments I would turn to face my drink and breakfast to give him a chance if he wanted to look, I wouldn't catch him. I never caught him looking at my body which would have been so embarrassing for both of us if I did.

The whole exchange between him at the table and me standing in front of him was only a couple of minutes before he got up and said he needed to get going. In all honesty, I loved every minute of it. I felt good inside and all over. Like I wasn't hiding anything from him, which as his , I know I shouldn't have to hide anything from him. He could clearly see that I do wear the thongs and skimpy panties that he has washed in the laundry. He could clearly see what they look like on my body and they don't cover very much at all in front and don't cover anything from behind. He could see that my nipples do get hard, rock hard like little pebbles and they poke straight out under whatever I am wearing and even if I want them to soften and go back down, I can't get them to do that. They just stay pointed out and I have to deal with it especially if I'm wearing just a tight tank top bc there is no where to hide them. It should have been obvious to him that I am very comfortable with my body and my sexiness and not ashamed of it at all and not ashamed to hide it from him.

I told him I needed to get going to and he said he was glad my friends brought me home safely last night. That was awesome to hear bc even though he wanted me returned safely, he had no idea that I had wanted my two guy friends to wreck me before bringing me back home.

What did I want from that whole experience? Well I wanted to please the men behind the ad bc they had blackmailed me for the first time in to doing it, so I wanted to do it for them bc I knew that would please them. I wanted to tease my Dad for sure. I mean I had honestly given up sexy pics and sexy emails and his contact info so I had already decided I was fine with him knowing more about this side of me. But what I really really wanted was his humiliation. I mean it was just me facing him. Just the two of us. I didn't want him to hold back on what he thought about me and what I was doing. I mean I am standing there showing him I wear tiny tight Victoria's Secret thongs to cover my pussy. Judge me. Tell me that I look like a slut and dress like a slut. Ask me why I wear those when they don't cover anything at all? Tell me you can see everything so why hide it? Ask me very direct, very personal, very probing questions that every Dad should want to know about their own . Ask me directly if I am having sex with guys? When did I start? How many have been inside of my body? What do I do to them? What do they do to me? Interrogate me and don't let me escape until I answer everything honestly so that you know, and I no longer have to hide it and I can no longer deny being your slutty .

Well that didn't happen. He was very fatherly and polite and just kind of accepted the fact that I was standing there casually eating my breakfast in front of him without hiding much of myself. I had never felt like that before in front of anyone but I felt that way again when I danced topless for the first time at the gentleman's club. Those men, I knew didn't view me as someone's , someone's little girl. They viewed me from the neck down as an object. They were focused on the body that I was willingly showing them. My Dad wasn't looking at me from the neck down. He was viewing me as his and little girl and I was showing him that I have grown up and that I know I have a body that is very appealing to lots of men. And I like it.

So after that, my day was pretty quiet. I had done what I had been blackmailed in to doing. My mistake was that I didn't tell the men behind the ad that I had done it. I would soon learn that when what you believe is a group of men is waiting to hear from you and confirm that you've showed yourself to your Dad and you don't say anything, they are disappointed in you and aren't satisfied with you. I didn't think about the fact that there was a group of men somewhere waiting to jerk their cocks off to what I had done and I had let them down. My bad.

Don't worry though, the men behind the ad knew. And you know how they knew. I didn't know at the time, but they knew. They were definitely satisfied and now had even something more to work with. There was definitely more to be done to me since that first test was only showing my ass and I didn't hesitate to complete it. I had basically asked for them to humiliate and punish me more and didn't even realize it.
Willing, consensual humiliation - mm4w, Part 1
Posted:Jun 25, 2019 4:38 pm
Last Updated:Aug 23, 2019 12:12 pm
Hey y’all. So I had promised at the end of my last blog, that that was just the beginning for me. I’ll do my best to explain what happened after I started receiving and responding to the very erotic emails from the stranger who had convinced me he had been with one of my girlfriends.

Obviously for me, sex is both a physical as well as a mental experience. That should be pretty clear given how much I write about how it feels for me, and what humiliation does for me and to me. So as I am reading these emails that I believe are truly my friend's secret sex life, my mind really gets excited, and I start to crave wanting to know even more and wanting to experience even more than I already have which was pretty decent at that point in time. Having been with two men, being DP’d by them, being tied up during sex, etc. But if she was having a crazy wild sex life, then I definitely wanted one too and wanted to experience even more than her. I hate being outdone y'all.

But at that time, I didn’t have a guy who fucked me on a regular basis. Just casual fucking with whomever I happened to hook up with at the time. I was actually in a bit of a dry spell so when I got all horny and worked up from reading these sexy emails, I ended up venturing on to Craigslist looking at ads to see if anything caught my interest. I had never done that before, had no need to. Guys hit on me all the time when I'm out, and I have no problem hooking up, but I was interested in something more than just fucking. I had no idea my Dad had found his ad to humiliate me on Craigslist a couple weeks before and decided to give it a try all on my own. I saw the m4w ads which there were tons of but nothing caught my attention. Lots of cock pics though which is always nice to see. I made my way to the mm4w ads bc there weren’t nearly as many of them and bc they just sounded wilder which was what I was looking for.

That's when I came across an ad describing willing, consensual humiliation. I attached the ad here in my post so y'all can read it for yourselves. The idea was for me to feel what its like when other people know secrets about me, and I hopefully get to experience what happens when people know secrets that nobody else knows. It definitely caught my attention bc it sounded a bit like blackmail which I have always been turned on by and sounded risky and exciting. So if I was willing and consented to it, I would place myself into a vulnerable position to people of my own choosing, that I know. My sexy pics and sexy secrets, fantasies, dreams, desires would be provided to the people that I agreed to have them provided to. But I wouldn't know when they were provided, or to whom they were provided, or how much was provided. Once I provided the pics and info to the men behind the ad, then I would have to just wait on pins and needles to see if anything would happen and hopefully it would. But I wouldn't be in control of it. First the men behind the ad would and then whomever they sent the pics and info to would decide what to do next, if anything.

As you can imagine, it was a crazy mindfuck when I found out that my Dad was somewhat behind the emails that were turning me on and getting me to confess a lot of my sexy secrets. And those emails got in to my head and got me on to Craigslist where I actually searched for and sought out my own humiliation. But the craziest part was when I responded to the mm4w ad for willing, consensual humiliation, I found out about a month later that the man behind that ad was the same exact man who had written the ad that my Dad responded to and had been working with my Dad on me for the last month. That stranger wrote two humiliation ads on Craigslist. One that my Dad replied to in hopes of humiliating me and one that I responded to where I agreed to, consented to and was willing to experience being humiliated by them.

Now I can only imagine what happened when that stranger saw my honest request to give the willing, consensual humiliation a try. I mean he had to think it was impossible or maybe it was just fate??? Could it really be the same girl??? I mean, maybe he felt bad about what he was doing, tricking and deceiving me into revealing private stuff with the help of my own Dad, but once I responded to his second ad requesting humiliation, then he must have really felt justified. And I can only imagine what my Dad thought when the stranger told him I had replied to his other ad. My Dad must have been like, wtf? Are you kidding? Are you sure? Is she really in to this? And the answer was a resounding yes, she is. Here is her email as proof that she wants it.

I think at that point, they must have just both taken a deep breath and said, lets really take this slowly and enjoy every bit of it and see how far we can take her. She doesn't have a clue her own Dad was supporting the success of the first ad and now her Dad knows she is seeking humiliation from strangers online? Let's take this nice and slowly and make sure we give her the humiliating experience she is really seeking.

Anyway,I respond to the ad, lying about my age, saying that I was older than what I was so the men behind the ad would take me seriously. At that point I'm so hoping they will give me a chance to try it bc it sounds so fucking hot to willingly place myself in to that position. I mean honestly I would love to be in that position unwillingly, where people know stuff about me or have sexy pics of me and I have no idea how they know or how they got them, but this was going to be a close and safe second. I mean I was going to provide everything that I was comfortable with and I was going to provide the contacts so what could possibly go wrong? It was all completely my own choice, my own decision. I wasn't being blackmailed in to it. I was consenting to it. It wasn't like somebody was hacking my phone or Instagram or Facebook and doing it to me without my knowledge. I had full knowledge of what was going to happen and was excited to give it a try.

So I ask what I believe is a group of men to give me a chance because I really want to give it a try. They let me dangle a bit which is probably bc the stranger and my Dad were talking everything over. Eventually they respond, reminding me of what is involved. I am in full understanding that it requires sexy pics that my contacts will recognize are me, as well as sexy secrets, fantasies, dreams, desires, etc.

At the time, I don't have a clue what is going on behind the scenes in the emails between the stranger and my Dad, but I am sure it was something like, hey, you were ok with us lying to her at first to get her to reveal her sexy secrets as long as you got to read all of them. Do you want to see how far she is willing to go with this humiliation thing? If you're fine with it, I mean she is your after all, I am going to play with her, have some fun with her, and you can sit back and just watch what happens. And I imagine my Dad agreeing that since I requested humiliation, after all he's seen my emails by that point for sure, he was fine with the stranger humiliating me as long as he got to observe it.

Once the men behind the ad decided to give me a chance, I am super nervous, super excited, turned on, scared, anxious all rolled in to one. I can’t decide what to provide or who I don’t mind it provided to. I had plenty of sexy pics but had to decide which ones. The men told me to take my time deciding and even offered to take the pics of me if I needed that. Honestly that sounded hot to meet with what I thought was a group of strangers for them to take pics of me which they would in turn provide to my contacts. I thought about it seriously, but they reminded me that if I chose that option, the pics and poses would all be of their choosing meaning very revealing and very explicit so that I really feel the humiliation that I was consenting to. I decided to go ahead and provide my own pics.

When I make my mind up to do something, there is no stopping me. I send this anonymous group of strangers three pics of me. One with my face wearing lingerie, one of my boobs in lingerie, and one of my ass in lingerie. I also give them the cell numbers of three men who I know and trust. I am so excited at that point not knowing what was going to happen next and not being in control. I asked if they thought the pics were fine or if they needed more with less clothing. They told me they were fine but it was completely up to me how much I was comfortable showing. I couldn’t hardly stand it and went ahead and jumped in even deeper without them asking me to. I sent four more pics all on my own. Two of me completely nude from the neck down without showing my face, one of my shaved pussy and one more of my ass in a thong. I decided if I really wanted to experience this which I really did, then I will just go for it.

I think they were pretty impressed at that point with my enthusiasm for the whole idea, and that they didn’t have to work that hard to get sexy pics out of me. They complemented me on the pics but told me I needed to write something in my own words for the men I chose. So I did. Something so they knew it was all real and not just a prank. This is what I wrote.

"Hey guys I know you’ve seen and possibly heard some things about me that you never thought you would see or hear. Just so y’all know everything you have seen or heard is me and I willingly gave up that info exactly for this. Also whatever info you give up or me I’m ok with so I won’t be mad or anything about it. I wanted to be exposed and give up control and this is exactly what I’m getting so I’m also willingly giving myself up to y’all for whatever way y’all wish. I will not resist or object anything you say or do as I am completely yours."

At that point it was out of my hands. I was so turned on that I had done it and was hoping for anything but I wouldn’t know if, when or to whom what pics were provided.

Do y’all have any idea what it feels like when I’m around these three men, in their presence, texting, talking with them and not knowing what they have seen or read? It made me feel so small, so helpless, so powerless, so vulnerable. I couldn’t dare ask them bc what if they hadn’t seen or read anything? They didn’t say or do anything and I had no way to know if they knew or not and if they knew were they just not interested or just wanted to make me squirm. I knew what I had done. Did they know? Did they know that I knew they knew?

I hate to admit it but one of the men I provided the cell number to was my own Dad. I thought it would be fun and safe to tease him. About 2 days in to the whole thing was when “they” really started fucking with my mind and I really wasn't expecting what was going to happen next.

Modern humiliation of your wife, fiancee, gf or - m4mw
Posted:Jun 10, 2019 3:17 pm
Last Updated:Jun 23, 2019 10:47 pm
Hey y'all. So I decided to share a bit about how some of this all got started for me not just for your entertainment but also for my own personal humiliation. Now I think y'all already know that even before being on as willingvanessa, I obviously had a bit of a wild side. But I kept that side pretty much under control and hidden as best as I could. It only started to get out of control beginning back around November 2017. That was when the ad I attached here appeared on Craigslist in San Antonio, TX. "Modern humiliation of your wife, fiancée, girlfriend or - m4mw". I didn’t see the actual ad at the time, but my Dad did. I'm not sure why he was looking at CL, but that's ancient history now. He responded to the man who had posted it and told that man that he had a who he thought might be sexually active, and he was interested in how everything would work as far as humiliating her.

Now before y’all think I made this up and how do I know, about 4 weeks later, the man who posted the original ad told me everything that was going on bc he felt I should know and also bc I had been so much fun for him to play with. Of course I was totally in shock, didn't believe him and couldn’t believe that my Dad had had a part in what had been going on, and I demanded to know EVERYTHING. The man sent me all my Dad’s emails, and I got to read everything he wrote while it was happening to me.

So how did it all work, and how did I fall for it? Well the idea was so simple. Basically this total stranger wanted to find a man or woman online who was interested in humiliating a female in their life. The stranger didn’t care who she was, just that she was over 18 for legal reasons and that she was vulnerable to being humiliated. But the trick was neither man could do it by themselves. The stranger had all of the ideas and creativity, he just needed to be provided with an unsuspecting victim. And he needed the inside info that only my Dad or someone close to me could give to him.

So, I’m just going about my life, work, school, guys, parties, etc when I get an email out of the blue from this total stranger. My Dad had given him my email and my real first and last name as well as my nickname that only friends and family know. Naturally I was suspicious and asked who gave him my email. Of course he didn’t tell me my Dad did, but told me one of my girlfriends did but didn’t tell me a name which I recognized. That didn’t surprise me too much bc I asked him to describe her which he did precisely. How? Bc my Dad fed him details about her including how she dresses, how she looks and provided him with her pic off of my FB. Modern humiliation included my email and FB page, I soon discovered.

Anyway this stranger proceeded to tell me this very erotic story of what he had done with and to my friend and promised to tell me everything as long as I didn’t say a word to her bc it would be very embarrassing for her. I promised bc I was so turned on hearing all of the very explicit details that I wanted to know EVERYTHING. The more he shared, the more I wanted to know and the more I shared with him figuring what the hell right? Oh and here is the other thing that got me and made me believe him 100%. He told me he got together with her and his male friend for a threesome and told me the weekend that it was. It just so happened she had gone away that weekend at the last minute, and I totally bought in to it that he was telling me the truth. It was a lucky guess on his part but bc everything made sense to me, and I was so turned on knowing her secrets without her knowing, I opened up with this stranger over email even more figuring what was the harm.

Of course all this time, all of my sexy secrets and private confessions were being sent directly, unedited, unaltered to my own Dad without my knowledge or even suspecting it. No big deal right except when I’m hearing about my friend being with two men at once I’m sharing that I’ve done that and have been DP’d before. So my Dad gets to read me admitting that. When I’m hearing about how my friend likes anal and likes to be spanked, I’m sharing how much I love anal and being spanked and my Dad gets to read that I love anal and being spanked. When I'm hearing how my friend was tied up and blindfolded and fucked by a total stranger who she never saw, I’m sharing about the times I’ve been tied up or tied down and how I want to try being blindfolded and fucking a complete stranger. My Dad got to read all of that in my own words. I didn't even know it.

Anyhow, everything was going fine, I was clueless and horny, learning all of these awesome secrets about my friend until it all came to an end when the stranger couldn't produce any pics of what he and his friend had done to her, and I was begging him to see pics and videos. I think at that point, he figured he couldn't continue on with the lie and had to come clean to me since after all, he had achieved what he wanted and what my Dad had wanted. He got to humiliate me at my Dad's request and my Dad got to learn a lot more than I wish he knew. He learned that I was definitely sexually active even though I guess he only suspected it and he got to learn how kinky I really am.

But that was just the beginning...

Put your hands together, first time on stage Diamond - submission, humiliation, private/public expos
Posted:May 29, 2019 1:14 pm
Last Updated:Jun 25, 2019 4:03 pm
Hey y’all, this is just a little story about what I did for the first time back in February and have done a couple more times since then.

So I have girlfriends that have done a number of pretty sexy and daring things. One who has been photographed nude in an unused laundromat on the other side of town. One who works and dances at Coyote Ugly on the Riverwalk. And a couple who have danced topless at some of the gentleman’s clubs here in town. In an effort not to be outdone by any of them, I decided to give the topless dancing a try.

Now I had never actually been to this particular club or to any club like this. Not by myself, not with girlfriends, not with guy friends so I really didn’t have a clue about it other than what my friends had described to me. They told me when the weekly Amateur Night was, and I finally got up the nerve to just go for it one night. My bf Richard didn’t know about it at the time, but does knows about it now. Nobody knew I went when I did. Not my Mom, not my Dad, not my sis.

I ended up going to what I thought was one of the better, nicer clubs in town bc of its location. For those here in SA, it’s the one on 410 across from NorthStar Mall. I got there around 9 and was dressed wearing some pretty unattractive clothes, baggy sweatpants and a zippered hoodie along with tennis shoes. I brought my accessories along in my bag with me. When I got to the door, there was a line of guys paying cover charge and one of the bouncers asked if I was there to dance and I told him that I was. No backing out now I told myself. He escorted me past the guys and down a hallway to kind of like this dressing/locker room. I mean it wasn’t really a locker room bc there was no actual door, more of just like a curtain that was half-way open with girls changing and guys and girls walking in and out freely.

He pointed me to like the mom of the club who asked if I had danced there before and I told her no, that it was my first time there and my first time dancing. She explained the basics like the flat fee for dancing after 9, as well as signing in with my stage name and that we dance in the order that we signed in. She asked my stage name, and I didn’t have one. I didn't even think of that ahead of time. She told me there were no Diamonds yet on the list so she said I could be Diamond if I wanted to, which sounded like a great name to me. She asked if I brought my own music which I didn’t bc I didn’t know I could. She told me that wasn’t a problem, and I said I could dance to anything. Once I had signed in and done all the paperwork, I paid my flat dance fee and got my locker to keep all my stuff in. She made sure to remind me that the club was topless only, not fully nude which I knew already. She also told me I would have the stage for one full song, approx 3 minutes and if I wanted to do a second song I just had to signal the DJ at the end of the first song. At that point I wasn’t sure about dancing two songs, but she said I didn’t have to decide right then.

The whole time she was talking to me, other girls were getting ready, and I guess DJs and bouncers were coming in and out to get music or remind girls that they were up next. At first I thought it was kind of odd that girls were undressing and changing out in the open like that, but I reminded myself it was a strip club so everybody was pretty uninhibited. The last thing the mom asked was what I was planning to wear and I told her I was planning to strip down to my thong. She told me to let her see it which I guess made sense since it was my first time and she wanted to make sure it wasn’t too skimpy. When she asked to see it, I ended up pulling down my baggy sweatpants right there in front of her and had to turn all the way around in front of her for her to make sure it was ok. When I was like that showing her my thong, a couple men had walked past and told me I looked nice which was nice to hear even though I hadn't even started dancing yet!

After getting all the instructions, I was about 10th in line at that point. I stood near my locker to change and then was going to go out and sit near the DJ booth to watch the other girls on stage. I ended up taking off my sweatpants, hoodie, and tennis shoes and changing in to a short skirt and a sheer blouse along with heels. Underneath I had on my fav lingerie and wore a garter belt on my thigh bc my friends had told I should.

Once I was dressed to undress I went out in the club and sat on some folding chairs next to the DJ booth. There were a couple other girls waiting there and watching just like me. Most of them had danced on Amateur Night before, either there or other clubs and they all told me it was fun and I’d be just fine. I noticed they had bags or buckets and they told me the club had them so I asked and they gave me a small one with the club name on it to collect tips in. It was definitely exciting watching the other girls dance and they really seemed to know how to do it. I wasn't nervous at that point, but as time went on and my time got closer, I could start to feel the butterflies in my stomach.

I think all of the girls danced two songs. Usually stripping in the first song and then dancing topless for the entire second song. I made up my mind at that point that I wanted to do the same thing. I kind of lost track of where I was in the line so when they told me I was next, I got super nervous bc I thought I had one more girl to go before me. I went over to the edge of the stage where the steps were and when the girl before me was picking up the bills off of the dance floor, that was when they made the announcement to the club. "Put your hands together. First time on stage tonight. Diamond."

I thought, OMG, here goes and the music started and I stepped up on the stage all by myself, in front of the pretty packed club of customers. I think the biggest thing I was thinking to myself was "Don't trip, don't trip." I mean I wear heels all the time, but this was different since all eyes or at least most eyes were on me at that point and the stage floor was kind of like this shiny mirror surface so not like a regular floor. The music was hip-hop which was great bc I can definitely dance to that and I just strutted my stuff all the way to the end of the floor where one of the brass poles was. There were guys along each side of the long stage and at the end. I made that first pass with my blouse on, but as soon as I got to the end where the pole, was, I unbuttoned it as sexily as I could and twirled it around in the air and then let it fall on to the floor. I wasn't sure if I should toss it to the crowd or not, so I just let it drop. Then I turned around to face the pole, grabbed it and just wiggled my ass for all of them. Then I let go of the pole and slipped my skirt down my legs as sexy as I could until it was on the floor and then I just stepped out of it.

At that point, my heart was really racing and I was getting this huge rush bc I was only in my lingerie and heels at that point. I moved away from the pole and decided to make another lap of the stage in just my lingerie before I took my bra off for them. I didn't know if I should stare off in to space of make eye contact with the men looking up at me. Sometimes I looked down at them and they were all smiles which gave me a lot of confidence and I definitely smiled back bc I was loving it.

I got to the pole on the other end and even though I hadn't really practiced taking my bra off, I knew it was time. I faced the pole when I did it as kind of a tease and opened it from the front and just danced with my arms covering me against the pole, then I turned around with my arms covering me. I had all of those eyes on me and knew it was time to do what I've wanted to do for a long time. I lifted my arms up and grabbed on to the pole over my head. I made sure to keep my hands on the pole so they could see I wasn't shy about showing them my boobs. I just danced like that with my hands up over my head, holding on to the pole, facing the men in only my thong, garter and heels. At that point, the song was just about over and it felt so amazing for me. I didn't have to be there. I didn't have to undress like that in front of strangers, but I did it all on my own. I kept my hands out of the way so that I didn't obstruct their view of my body in any way. I wanted to feel what it felt like to be seen like that and it felt so powerful. I knew they weren't really looking at me as a person, but just enjoying looking at my body as I displayed it for them. I totally felt in control.

I tried to give them as much of a view as I could even though I had my thong on. I knew then why the backstage mom wanted to see my thong and it was bc once you're on stage, you can show them as much as you want to. Sometimes I had my legs together to wiggle down the pole, but other times, I just danced nasty with my legs open and let them get a view of as much of me between my legs as they would like which was barely covered by the fabric of my thong.

When the first song ended, one of the guys from the club had collected up my blouse, skirt and bra and handed me my bucket. I went around and picked up the bills on the dance floor bc it was kind of a safety hazard to dance again with them out there. He asked if I was going to do another dance and I told him "Hell Yes." I didn't cover myself at all as I squatted down to pick up the men's hard earned cash in my bucket and once I was done, handed it to the guy just as the second song started.

"Second dance for Diamond. Show her what you think of her guys. First time tonight" the DJ said as I started dancing again for them. This time I danced the whole time topless in just my thong, garter and heels. I have no idea how much I collected after my first dance, but I knew I could get more out of the men there if I just let go, so I just went for it. Not covering my boobs at all, just dancing and showing them as much as I legally could. I mean squatting down in front of them, legs open, with my hands in my hair or on my knees, grinding in front of them so they could see how firm my tits were, how they bounced, how hard my nipples were and how I know how to grind my pussy good on a nice cock.

The second song was over before I knew it and I was totally worked up in to a sweat and totally turned on from showing myself, exposing myself, displaying myself to this large group of total strangers. If it were legal to dance completely nude at that club, I would have totally done it without a second thought just for the excitement and the rush of feeling the men's eyes on every part of my body.

Once my second song was over, I collected up what was on the dance floor and got off in time for the next girl to get her chance. When I came off stage, the bouncer that was holding my clothes handed them to me and asked how I was doing and I told him great. He told me if I wanted to dance again, then I had to sign in again but if not, that was fine and that I was free to go through the club to try to get more tips from the men. I asked if I had to be dressed to do that and he said no, I was free to go just like I was. I had seen the other girls going through the club topless and some put their tops on but I decided to go topless so I went back to my locker to put my blouse, skirt and bra away. I didn't even check to see how much I had collected in tips yet, but I was anxious and excited to get back out there. I walked back out of the changing room in just my thong, garter, and heels carrying my bucket and proceeded to hit as many of the customers sitting at their tables as I could. I didn't bother the ones who were sitting next to the stage, but I made sure to approach all of the other ones.

At first I was nervous, but all of the men were very friendly toward me. I thought it would be hard to make small talk being undressed like that in front of them, but I think I did pretty well and tried not to focus on the fact that I barely had anything on while talking with them. I've always loved humiliation, and I definitely loved the dynamic of walking around like that in front of them while they were all dressed, knowing that they were all there to see and enjoy the female body. It really made me feel like an object which is always a nice feeling for me to have. It made me feel super sexy and super submissive to be talking with fully dressed strangers while I was just sitting there with my boobs and butt hanging out. Not all of the guys asked for my number but some of them did which I wasn't at all surprised by. They told me I looked great and that I should come back again to dance another night. I ended up giving my number out to about three of them who I thought had potential and who made me feel super sexy. Whenever they tipped me, they asked where and I told them they should choose. Some of them, I would pull the waistband of my thong out for them to slip their bills in there. Some of them I turned around and they pulled my waistband out and slipped their bills under my thong at the top of my ass crack. Some of them slipped their bills in to my garter of course where there was room. One of the sexier guys had me step up on to his chair with my legs open so he could slide the bills under my garter along my inner thigh. That felt so hot bc even though I had my thong on, I felt so naked with his two hands getting so close to my covered pussy knowing that he wasn't allowed to touch it or see it. If I had known he was going to ask me to do that ahead of time, I would have moved my garter closer to my crotch for sure, just to guarantee something would touch me down there.

The best thing that happened was I went to one of the tables in the far corner of the club where there was an older gentleman sitting. He hadn't been sitting close to the stage and when I approached him, he really complimented me on how great my body was, especially my tits and ass and he was so sincere it kind of made me blush and feel all nervous around him. He told me after I went through the club and talked to all the other men, he would let me dance for him privately and I thought that was an interesting thing to tell me. Most of the men asked me to dance for them again which I did, but he didn't ask. He told me I could. It felt like I was asking him if I could dance for him, like was my body good enough to please him and would he let me try to please him. That felt so humiliating to me and made me want to do it even more. So I hit the last of the tables and then went back to where he was seated about min later.

Once I got back to him, he was relaxing sipping his drink and had moved his table in front of him. When the next song came on, he helped me to stand up on it. This time I took off my heels so I wouldn't slip and I ended up dancing for him barefoot in only my thong and garter. It wasn't a totally private dance since other customers could see me, but I was focused only on pleasing him. I ended up dancing right in front of his face as best as I could. Giving him as sexy of a table dance as I could, showing him as much as I could of my body, hoping I was pleasing him. I don't know what all he saw between my legs, but I imagine my thong was getting pretty damp at that point from the humiliation I was feeling, and I know it wasn't covering as much of me down there as it was supposed to. Once that song was done, he thanked me and gave me a huge tip in my bucket. I felt kinda weird at that point that he paid so much to watch me dance topless and at the same time I was so turned on by it that I felt like I needed to pay him back. I asked him if I could dance for him my last song before I leave but only if he promised not to tip me. I don't know if he understood why I wanted that, but at that point, I didn't want to just dance for him as a thank you, but for me to feel the humiliation of dancing for a stranger for free. When he agreed not to tip me, it felt so incredible and totally turned me on inside. So I danced my last dance that night for him with the understanding that he wouldn't tip me for it, it was just me doing it for him. That felt so amazing that I was doing it on my own without any monetary reward at all, just the pleasure of it for me and for him.

When the song was finished, I gave him a hug and kiss on his cheek and made my way back to the changing room. I had to tip-out as they it and made sure to tip everybody and then once I was dressed in my sweatpants and hoodie, one of the bouncers escorted me out the front door and to my car. He waited until I was safely in my car and back on the road which was nice. I couldn't believe how great I felt afterwards. Not being blackmailed in to it, but doing it completely on my own. The rush, the excitement, the arousal of it all, being practically naked in front of so many strangers and not having to worry about being arrested. When I got home, nobody was home and I was able to count all of my tips. Not bad for a couple hours work. As you can guess, I've gone and done it again in the last few months.

Did anyone from work or school recognize me dancing? I don't know and I don't really care anymore. But in case any of y'all head out there on Amateur Night, this is what I looked like.

Blackmail Friday Finale- submission, humiliation, group, blowbang, creampie
Posted:May 20, 2019 6:24 pm
Last Updated:Sep 10, 2019 1:27 am
Hey y’all, this is the conclusion of the events that I willingly took part in on Blackmail Friday Nov 23, 2018.

So overall the group really worked well together on me. I’m not sure if they had discussed stuff or their plan for what they were going to do to me ahead of time or if they had ganged a girl before me but my experience was just like you see in porn which I totally loved. When I was on top like that, I guess I’d describe it kind of like riding a motorcycle or a jet ski. I mean there was the guy underneath me, inside of my pussy who wasn’t changing positions, just fucking me. I was straddling him with the guy behind me fucking my ass. My hands were out like I was holding on to the handlebars all while facing at least two cocks.

Once they were done with me like that, they worked together to keep at least two cocks inside of me at all times. The guy who had been in my pussy the whole time wanted to use my other holes and the other four wanted in to my pussy which I definitely wanted too, to feel all of them everywhere. Ended up the guy who had been in my pussy pulled out and stayed on his back next to me. They helped me to sit down and mount my asshole on to his cock, but this time facing away from him. I needed to be that direction so they could lean me back on to him and I could open my legs so they all could get to my wide open pussy. Once I was leaning back, it didn’t take long for them to start taking turns inside of me again and sharing my pussy. I was pretty worn out inside by then and none of them had any difficulty getting inside me as the first guy had loosened me up considerably. One after another they took their turns, while the guy beneath me stayed put with his cock pushed deep in my asshole. I also got to enjoy the guy underneath playing with my tits and nipples at the same time so that my mind and body was completely overwhelmed sexually. I was always looking up at at least two cocks over me, each taking turns in my mouth or both at the same time. Sometimes slapping my face or forehead with their cocks, sometimes slapping my cheeks with their hands while their were cocks inside my mouth. The other guys were either inside of me or getting ready to tag out and be replaced by the next guy in line. Whenever one of the guys pulled out of my pussy, I actually felt empty inside and my pussy was aching to be re-stuffed right away. They never gave my pussy much of a breather in between which was nice. As soon as one pulled out, the next one was right there to plug my open hole.

I honestly could have gone on like that for as long as they wanted. I was so wet, so turned on, my holes were all so wide open that everything felt good and I didn't want any of them to vacate me. None of the guys were anything super hot, but they definitely knew how to fuck a slutty girl like me. I mean I would probably never approach any of them on their own to talk, but definitely if they had approached me, I would have been open to whatever they were interested in. I wasn't disappointed at all. I mean I love older guys but these guys weren't old at all. They were probably late 20's or so and the great thing about guys like that is their cocks get so hard and stay so hard for the whole time which I love. Older guys are much kinkier which I prefer the kinky stuff but younger guys can fuck like crazy and this was all about me getting fucked over good.

I lost track of how many times I came for them but it was pretty much non-stop for the whole time which felt fantastic for me. Part of me wanted them to keep going and part of me was greedy, and I really wanted to give them their orgasms and help them to cum for me. Eventually the first guy came in my mouth probably bc it had been so long and I was really sucking him good at that point. I felt him start to jerk and spurt and I thought, OMG, here it comes and he just unloaded his thick load right in to my mouth. There was no discussion ahead of time as far as where they could cum so as soon as I felt him, I let him just dump his load straight down my throat and down in to my empty stomach. Richard always cums in my mouth like that, but it had been a while since I swallowed another guy so it felt nice to taste something different for a change. I am pretty sure as soon as that first guy came and I groaned from having to swallow all of him, that was a signal that it was all coming to an end pretty soon.

I actually felt bad for the guy in my pussy at that time because normally I don't have a guy in my pussy when I swallow cum and I think my pussy clenched pretty tightly on him and the next thing I know, I heard him moan and he couldn't hold back any longer. He didn't ask if he could cum inside of me but as soon as he groaned I felt him start to fill me inside, creampieing me. Richard never uses a condom on me now so I have gotten used to him cumming inside of me but something felt different and better with this stranger. Maybe it was more cum or different cum or just hotter temperature wise but as soon as I felt him, I started cumming all over again. At that point I had cum in my mouth and in my pussy from two different guys and there were three guys left to go.

The guy inside of my asshole pulled out bc he hadn't been in my mouth yet and the three guys who hadn't cum yet helped me toward the kitchen where the floor was linoleum and not carpet. Once I got to the kitchen, they had me kneel down as each of them lined up to shoot their loads in to my mouth. The other two guys were just watching at that point as I had already satisfied them. I just knelt back with my mouth open and my hands behind me looking up at them. One after another, they shot their streams of cum across my face, in to my mouth, onto my nose, onto my teeth, on to my tongue, on to my tits, everywhere. When they were done, I looked down at my tits and could see that I had been covered in what looked like shimmery icing. I kept my mouth open until they were done and once they were done, I swallowed the cum mix in my mouth all at once. I wasn't able to distinguish any of their individual semen at that point. I licked my lips and wherever it was that wasn't in my mouth, I wiped with my hands and then licked my fingers clean so there wasn't any drops that spilled anywhere. Even the cum that was dripping out of my pussy, I wiped that up and licked my fingers clean of it. I didn't see any on the linoleum around me which is good bc I am sure I would have been punished for wasting it and I would have had to lick it up but I made sure that none went to waste.

As soon as they were all done, everybody was laughing and smiling about how hot the whole thing had been. All six of us were totally naked, totally spent and talking. I got to have another great look at their bodies just like they got to look over my used body. They all repeatedly told me how great I was and how sexy I was and asked if they could get together with me again. I told them that I would love to but it was up to my Owner as he would decide for me. I'm not sure if they all understood the relationship I have with my Owner, but I think they respected the fact that he shared me with them, let them borrow me for the day, use and abuse me that afternoon.

At that point, I got up on my own and Brian showed me to his shower for me to get cleaned up. It was kind of a wide open shower off from his bedroom and I ended up using his shampoo to wash my hair and soap to wash my body which was kind of hot actually since it wasn't mine. The guys ended up watching me shower and clean myself and took some pics of me completely nude which I didn't mind at all at that point.

By the time I was done with the shower, I walked out to the living room and they had already dressed again. One of them had been a gentleman and gone to the SUV to get my red dress and handed it to me and I kind of laughed at that point. I could have had Brian's towel wrapped around my body, but honestly I couldn't resist being completely naked from head to toe again in front of them after I had just fucked all of them and they had all fucked me. I pretended to be drying my hair so that it was obvious I didn't mind them looking at my naked body all over again. I even carried on a regular conversation like I was completely dressed even though I wasn't.

At that point Brian told me they could take me back to the mall and I thought that was great. I mean they didn't have to, but that was very polite of them. I gave all three of the guys that weren't riding a hug and thanked them for a great time. We walked to the front door that was still unlocked and Brian asked me if I was going to put on the dress that I had been wearing that they brought in from the SUV, and I seriously asked him if I had to. I mean by that time, it was already close to 5 or so and was already getting dark. They all just smiled at my question and told me I could do whatever I wanted. I slipped on my shoes and opened the door holding the dress in my hand and headed out the front door again completely naked but this time with my dress in hand. His friend unlocked the SUV from the house so that I wasn't standing naked by the car until they got there but if they hadn't unlocked it, I would have waited naked for sure. I was on such a high from taking five different cocks in my fuck holes that I didn't care about anything else at that point, including being completely nude on a public street.

I was already in the back seat by the time Brian and his friend got in to the SUV to drive me back to my car at the mall. I got dressed in the SUV at the last possible minute preferring to stay naked for them as long as I could. Even though I was paying attention on the drive back, I still have no idea what street we were on or what neighborhood we were in. The only thing we talked about on the drive back was them reiterating how sexy and fun I was and what a great time they had. I told them I had a great time and that up until that point I had never been air tight before nor had I been with that many guys at once. I told them I had definitely completely some items on my sex bucket list for sure. Then I asked Brian if he was really going to text my mom if I didn't do whatever they wanted and he told me that he was prepared to send my mom a text at that moment with pics that my Owner had provided him. I told him that I thought that was totally hot and that I really appreciated him doing that to me at that moment, being that aggressive towards me bc it felt like the blackmail was really happening and that I really had no options at all except to submit and surrender to them completely which is what I wanted to feel. He told me, "you really love blackmail don't you?" and I told him, "Yes I do. I know its bad, but I do love the feeling it gives me inside when its happening to me."

They dropped me off at my car and made sure I was able to leave the mall safely. I felt so amazing on the drive back home, like I had conquered the world. I mean I had done it, gone there, submitted completely to five total strangers and brought them all to orgasm not to mention how many times I came myself. My Dad was home when I pulled up and even though I tried to escape talking to him, he asked how I was and I told him, "exhausted." I didn't say anything else but headed straight to my room to go to sleep.

I was pretty sore the next morning from the hard use they had given me and didn't end up texting my Owner until late in the day on Saturday. It was a pretty simple text just to tell him I was fine and to tell him thanks for setting me up like that. He asked me what happened and I told him, "what didn't happen? lol" He asked if they had tied me up and I told them that they had, that they had used handcuffs to cuff my wrists behind me back when they facefucked and deepthroated me. He asked if they had gotten rough with me and I told them that they had, specifically abusing my face, tits, nipples, pussy and ass. He asked me if they had taken any pics or videos and I told them that I wasn't sure bc I was busy sucking and fucking them all. But we all know that everybody takes pics of everything these days so if five guys get together to gangbang a new girl, I am pretty sure they took lots of sexually explicit pics and videos of me. He asked if I got their numbers, and if they wanted to see me again and I told him that they did want to see me again and asked for my number, but I didn't give it to them. I made it clear to him that I told them it was his decision. I knew exactly what was going to happen next. He was going to contact Brian and ask for the pics and videos and if Brian didn't give them up, then they would never have a chance to see me or fuck me again. If I were Brian, I would have handed over everything they had to my Owner so they could all blackmail me further, but not every guy is as smart about this kind of thing as my Owner. Brian and his friends didn't want to play that game and so I've never been set up with him and his friends again.
Blackmail Friday Part 3 - submission, humiliation, group, blowbang, restraint, bondage, discipline,
Posted:May 7, 2019 12:57 pm
Last Updated:Jun 13, 2019 11:56 am

Hey y'all this is a continuation of Part 2 of Blackmail Friday, Nov 23, 2018.

I was able to catch a bit of a break for a moment and watched as Brian took a seat on one of the chairs across the room. "Get on your hands and knees and crawl to me slut" he told me. I hadn't been made to crawl in a while. The last time was a more playful situation, but his tone was very serious so that command kind of took me by surprise. I immediately rolled over on to my hands and knees and slowly began to crawl across the rug towards Brian. It felt so degrading to have to do that in front of them all. It wasn't like I was wagging my ass and teasing them as I crawled, I was just crawling like a for them on all fours. My tits were hanging down completely unsupported and I could feel them swaying from side to side. I was not only beneath all of their cocks as they stood around me, but I was beneath all of their knees which made me feel even lower, less human, than I already felt around all of them. I got to Brian as he was sitting with his legs apart, his limp cock dangling down on the chair. He was holding his phone which he had turned around to face me.

At first I thought he was going to show me that he was filming me, but instead he showed me his draft message. "Do you recognize that number?" I stared at what he was showing me and it took me a minute because I can't remember everybody's number easily. I looked at him and said, "That's my mom's number. How did you get that?" He didn't answer me which was fine bc I knew exactly how he got it. My Owner had provided it to him to use as extra leverage and advantage over me. I didn't have time to read what the message actually said, but I know it had to be pretty damning. I was actually a bit pissed that he had taken things to that point. I had already agreed ahead of time to submit and surrender to whomever met me at the mall that day in order for my mom not to know anything about me. I mean I rode in the SUV with them, stripped naked on my own for them, entered their house freely, and even let them choke me to the point of almost passing out and now, for him to shove his phone in my face as a visual reminder of how far I had allowed this to go? I made eye contact with him while still on my hands and knees and asked him to please not send anything to my mom. I said, "I don't know where I am at. I don't know any of you guys. I will let you guys do anything you want to me. No limits. Please, please don't her."

Brian put the phone down on the chair and reached down with his hand and forced his right thumb in to my mouth and held my chin closed with his hand. While holding my head still, he slapped my cheek hard with his other hand. "You're going to do exactly what we want or your mom will read and see everything about her slut ." I sucked his thumb hard in my mouth as he told me that and nodded my head in agreement that I completely understood what he was telling me. He slapped my cheek again for reinforcement and then pulled his thumb out of my mouth. I knew his friends were behind me, and he told me to put my head all the way down on the floor and reach around and spread my ass cheeks. I put my head and face down flat on the rug and reached back behind me to spread my ass out wide. I felt so humiliated showing myself to them. I mean its one thing to let guys to look at my naked body, but now I was being made to display parts of me that can't be seen easily. They could see everything. My asshole twitching and my shaved cunt with my swollen labia jutting out of me. I know they could definitely see how wet I was because I knew I was leaking my juices inside from their humiliation. And it was embarrassing bc they could probably smell my arousal too, once my legs were open.

I could feel different hands on my ass squeezing it, slapping it, smacking it, spanking it and knew I wasn't going to protest anything they did. I thought finally they were going to get inside of me, but instead, each and every one of them got behind me and buried their face in to my ass. And I mean fucking deep too. I couldn't see, but it was like one guy put his face between my ass cheeks and another guy pushed his face in deeper. I know that my ass is one of the favorite things guys notice about my body, but these guys seemed to be really in to it. Don't get me wrong, I'll eat and lick a guys ass out as long as he wants me to, but feeling one after another back there, nose buried, tongue deep inside me, licking and nibbling on all parts of me back there, I was in heaven. I guess they decided if they were going to eat my ass out, they would do it before all their cocks demolished it and filled it with cum. Fine with me. I could have stayed like that for hours, and they knew I was loving it bc I couldn't stop moaning from how great it felt.

But eventually it came to an end and I guess they decided their cocks all needed attention. They grabbed me by the hair and yanked my head up off the floor so I was kneeling and sitting back on my feet. That's when what I am used to seeing in porn finally started. The typical blowbang where the girl is in the center of the group of guys and all their cocks are at her eye level. Every where I looked, there was a cock. I had a mouth and two hands and I went to work on as many of them at a time as I could. I always had one in each hand and at least one in my mouth. Sometimes they were able to work together to get two in my mouth, but most of the time it was just one. I was really trying to focus on the one in my mouth, but its hard when there are so many. Eventually it got to the point where one guy at a time took his turn in my mouth to deepthroat and facefuck me. I've been facefucked lotsa times before, but they were really pushing my head down on their shafts each time. So much so that I was coughing and spitting and snot coming out of my nose. My chin was buried in their balls, pressed hard against them. Anytime I used my hands to help me, they all told me to put my hands back down.

I thought I was doing good at obeying them, keeping my hands out of the way so they could use my face for fucking, but eventually one of them knelt behind me to hold my hands behind my back while others forced my face on to whoever's cock was next. I was definitely loving the variety of shapes and sizes of dicks that I was feasting on for sure. One of the guys told me to keep my hands down or else they were going to have to tie me up. I had been submitting the best I could up until that point but as soon as I heard there was a chance they would tie me up, I decided to do my best to give them a reason to do that. I used all of my strength to break my hands free so I could get to the guys cock and balls in front of me. They didn't like that at all bc they were in control of me and now I was trying to take control of the situation. I kept breaking free and they finally had enough so one of the guys reached in to a nearby drawer and pulled out a pair of handcuffs.

I could see them out of the corner of my eye as they were hanging down as he was walking toward me with them. I didn't get a really good look at them, but they weren't the really chrome shiny ones. They were more of like dark grey or black so I knew they were authentic and not just some novelty toys they had. I wasn't really sure if Brian was in to S&M play or not, but if those were his, he definitely spent some $ on S&M handcuffs. As soon as I knew they were going to cuff me, I let go of the cock and balls I was playing with and lifted my hands up and placed them on top of my head. I've never been arrested for anything y'all, but I've seen guys kneeling with their hands like that before so I knew that was what I was supposed to do.

The guy in my mouth backed out and I think all five of them watched as the guy behind me grabbed hold of my left wrist and slapped the metal cuff around it. Then he put my arm behind my back, pushed it up in an uncomfortable way and grabbed my right wrist. As soon as my right wrist was close, he closed the cuff around it so both of my wrists were handcuffed behind my back. At that point I knew, this dude is definitely some kind of law enforcement bc he knows how to subdue a nasty little law breaker like me.

Once my wrists were cuffed behind my back with legit handcuffs, I was finally beginning to feel what I had been hoping to feel. Complete helplessness and powerlessness, totally naked, with a group of strangers. I couldn’t hide my body from them nor could I protect it. They had all the power and control over me to do whatever they wanted to. I mean I guess I could scream or bite back but I’m sure they had a plan for that as well.

As soon as my wrists were cuffed, my nipples became rock hard like any time I’ve been tied up. It was obvious to them as there was no way I could hide it or make them soft again. I guess my hard nipples was a signal to them that they needed some abuse bc next thing I know they were all focused on my tits. It wasn’t like there were 10 hands on me at once. But each of my tits was being molested by a different guy. Squeezing. Twisting. Pinching. Pulling. And there wasn’t a damn thing I could do to stop them. I’d try to pull away to get a break or twist my body but it was useless bc any way I moved, they would return me to my starting position so they could continue. All I could do was watch and feel what they did to me. The worst part was I was loving every second of just having my tits abused by them. One guy would be holding one breast and sucking my nipple so hard which felt fantastic while my other breast was being held in place and slapped hard across the nipple. Top to bottom. Bottom to top. Side to side. They did everything. I was groaning and moaning from the mix of pleasure and pain they were giving me. They would pinch my nipples, pull them upward and slap the tender undersides of my tits which hurt even more.

If they weren’t abusing my tits, their hands were between my legs fondling my pussy and asshole. It was completely overwhelming for me to be treated like that. There was no possible way I wasn’t going to cum repeatedly from being molested non-stop by five guys, and they knew it. Once I started cumming for them, they only increased the intensity bc they knew I was loving it despite my pleas for them to stop.

I’ve never been tortured sexually or sadistically. This was more torment than torture but if they had decided to really torture me I know my body was ready for it. The combination of pain, humiliation and pleasure that I was feeling was very addictive and I definitely wanted to feel even more.

I think after forcing me to cum like that, all my moaning and groaning and wetness, they all were more than ready to fuck me. One of the guys came back holding some clamps and they clamped both of my tits. Not like alligator clamps or anything, more like for chips or paper or something. Not directly on my nipples but one on each side. The pressure of the two clamps on each breast kept my nipples hard without needing to stimulate them directly. Once my nipples were clamped, I just kind of waited patiently for them to figure out how to tuck me. I knew with five of them it was going to take some coordination and teamwork but I was confident they were going to fill all of my available holes.

With me still kneeling, one of the guys with a larger cock laid on his back next to me. His cock was right in line with my pussy and he was stroking it to keep it hard. Once he signaled that he was ready, the others helped me to stand up and step over him. Then they helped guide me down on to his cock. Normally if my hands were free I’d reach down and guide him inside of me but I didn’t have that luxury. I had to wiggle myself down and let them help me to get his hard dick inside.

Once he was inside my cunt, everything was fine. It felt great to finally have one of them inside of me. I mean I had been wet and horny since the mall and I was finally getting what I wanted. I tried my best to grind his cock, milk it with my body, but it was difficult without using my hands. I don’t think they were interested in me fucking them as much as them fucking me. It wasn’t long before I was being bent forward to lay down on the guy underneath me. My clamped tits were pressed against his chest as he was thrusting in and out of me. As soon as I was bent forward, one of them got behind me, kneeling down on the outside of his friends legs. That’s when I felt the DP for the first time that day. The first time I got DPd, it felt really bad and I didn’t like it at all but overtime with the right guys who know how to do it, it’s definitely one of my fav sex positions.

At that point I had two cocks inside me and I knew from that point on I was always going to have 2 inside. They seemed to know what they were doing and weren’t going to all swap or change positions on me at once, but only one hole at a time. I could see the other three guys in front of me as I felt the two going back and forth between my legs. At that point, they uncuffed me so I could prop myself up on my own. I moved slightly to the side to make things easier and was faced with the remaining three dicks. I kept myself up using only one hand. The other hand I stroked the fifth guy while the third and fourth guys took turns in my mouth. I had three cocks inside of me and at times, four if they double stuffed my mouth.

This was the way it was for the first round. The guy underneath started there with his dick in my cunt and the other four rotated. The guy in my asshole pulled out only to be immediately replaced by the guy I was handjobbing. Then one of the guys in my mouth would move to my hand to make room for the guy who had just vacated my asshole.

I was doing really good until the first guy that was in my asshole was in my mouth. That was when I tasted my own ass for the first time that day. I mean no big deal bc Richard has always gone straight A2M on me with either his cock or his dildo so I have definitely tasted my own filth before. But this time the combination of everything and tasting a total strangers cock after he had been plowing my asshole was too much. I started cumming right away and that was the beginning of multiple orgasms until they all had finished.

I felt bad bc I didn’t think I was going to cum so easily. I didn’t give the guys in my cunt and asshole any warning bc when I start cumming, I clamp down pretty hard inside and I know they could feel it. I felt both guys stop moving as my muscles tightened around them and tried to milk their cocks prematurely but they weren’t having any of it. They let me ride out that first wave of orgasms and once they were recovered they just started pistoning in to me again. All five of the guys knew I had already cum from being penetrated in all three holes and they just laughed at what a total slut I was being for them.

Once all of the guys who weren’t in my pussy had a time in my mouth and asshole, they decided it was time to change positions. At that point I felt so filthy bc every time I tasted another cock right from my ass, I couldn’t help but cum again.

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