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What is the longest amount of time you have had an erection?Anything Goes71  16  5/26/2019
What percent of the "Real Lesbians" group are actually men?Anything Goes19  6  5/26/2019
Male PussySE Michigan Diaper Lovers110  14  5/24/2019
have you or have notHHHDOMS room14  3  5/24/2019
What is the best Bondage position for fucking male pussy?Male Pussy565  39  5/24/2019
How Do You Want To Fuck Male Pussy Or Be Fucked?Male Pussy383  34  5/23/2019
For punishing a submissive's ass, the best is...Male Pussy119  22  5/19/2019
Have you ever gone to work with a buttplug in your ass?Anything Goes316  58  5/18/2019
Which hand do you tend to masturbate with?Anything Goes159  34  5/18/2019
How many inches would you like to add to your dick?Anything Goes119  23  5/18/2019
New HHHDOMSROOMHHHDOMS room41  3  5/15/2019
what,s your pleasureneed to give and get47  13  5/10/2019
Which do you like ?Keyholding41  3  5/9/2019
Which do you like most ?Male Chastity44  1  5/9/2019
You want me asBrothel for sluts and wives186  30  5/6/2019
JILL's BEST STORYsluts, cunts, useful fuckmeat73  5  4/30/2019
WHAT SHOULD JILL WEAR?sluts, cunts, useful fuckmeat63  12  4/30/2019
Condom or no condomsluts, cunts, useful fuckmeat170  36  4/30/2019
How far would you travel to meet someone from this site?Anything Goes173  43  4/30/2019
we are together in Adult TheatreAdult Theatre & Gloryhole fun!95  13  4/27/2019
Hello....Portland/Vancouver Sex Club26  3  4/25/2019
Littles Fun StuffMommy's good girl71  12  4/23/2019
Corporal And Fucking Male PussyMale Pussy130  17  4/18/2019
Masturbating While Viewing Photos On Alt.comMasturbation Club108  24  4/11/2019
Tits Adrenaline.The Alternative Alt Blog104  14  4/6/2019
Final FourSports of all Sorts31  6  4/6/2019
Final FourSports of all Sorts6  2  4/3/2019
Final FourSports of all Sorts8  2  4/3/2019
Does size matter?Married BBW Slut Wives140  17  3/29/2019
Which type of fruit are you most likely to fuck?Anything Goes102  17  3/28/2019
FUCK, SUCK, SLAP OR PASSsluts, cunts, useful fuckmeat83  15  3/26/2019
do you crave moreFemale Sluts Needing Use51  4  3/18/2019
If you could change your body, would you?Forced feminisation241  38  3/14/2019
If you had a chance to watch guys suck cocks...Girls watching guys suck cocks94  14  3/13/2019
Does size matter?Married BBW Slut Wives42  4  3/13/2019
What percentage of men have had sex with a vacuum cleaner?Anything Goes126  23  3/10/2019
jack of spadesWHITE SLUTS FOR BLACK COCK108  9  3/7/2019
What color of toes do you likeForced feminisation258  65  3/3/2019
Fuck posisionCows milking and breeding barn98  12  2/22/2019
Is it possibleCuckold Humiliation69  8  2/13/2019
sub 4 useTurk's Place54  5  2/8/2019
My picksSports of all Sorts52  5  2/5/2019
jack of spadesWHITE SLUTS FOR BLACK COCK15  1  1/31/2019
beta white boi support of Black only womanWHITE SLUTS FOR BLACK COCK35  5  1/31/2019
Every chick looks better...ima's fan club45  9  1/31/2019
Number of Older men for younger womenOlder Men for younger women122  16  1/2/2019
We Decide!MSL's Girls House Only54  6  12/31/2018
College Football ChampionshipSports of all Sorts24  9  12/26/2018[View All]

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