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Group posts by DependOnMe
DateGroupTopic Title# Responses
Mar 21, 2019Male PussyPictures Of YOUR Male Pussy17   
Mar 20, 2019Male PussyWelCUM To This Group29   
Mar 15, 2019Male PussyBI FOR BDSM PLAY11   
Mar 14, 2019Male to male I so need to be used1   
Mar 14, 2019Male PussyMale Pussy Porn12   
Mar 14, 2019Masturbation ClubAss play4   
Mar 8, 2019SE Michigan Diaper LoversMale Pussy7   
Mar 8, 2019Anal Sex LoversFucking Male Pussy3   
Mar 8, 2019Male PussyMale Pussy9   
Mar 5, 2019Male PussyNew , Am so ready3   
Mar 5, 2019Male Slave HumiliationDetroit Male Sex Slave1   
Feb 25, 2019Diaper punishment!About Diaper Punishment2   
Feb 24, 2019Diaper punishment!The Diaper Punishment Group4   
Feb 20, 2019Male PussyBondage Forced Male Milking13   
Feb 15, 2019SE Michigan Diaper LoversGroup Participation2   
Feb 8, 2019Extreme Toilet GamesForced To Pee And Poop In A Diaper While While Bound6   
Jan 31, 2019Male PussyAnal Fingerfucking4   
Jan 31, 2019enema groupBDSM Enemas3   
Jan 29, 2019Male PussyHow Do You Want To Fuck Male Pussy Or Be Fucked?3   
Jan 28, 2019BI-SEX, ANAL, ORAL & PISSMale Pussy7   
Jan 27, 2019Diaper Lovers & Adult BabiesDirty Diaper Change Pictures20   
Jan 26, 2019PissVitamin C Pee1   
Jan 25, 2019SE Michigan Diaper LoversDiaper Punishment Challenge4   
Jan 25, 2019PissI will1   
Jan 25, 2019SE Michigan Diaper LoversWhat do you do in a diaper?12   
Jan 25, 2019age play and infantilismGoing Number One, Two, AND Three In A Disposable Diaper3   
Jan 25, 2019Anal Sex LoversIs anyone here still having anal?1   
Jan 22, 2019Diaper Lovers & Adult BabiesHave You Tried Wetting Or Messing Wearing Only Plastic Pants?7   
Jan 20, 2019SE Michigan Diaper LoversGoing Number One, Two, And Three In A Disposable Diaper And Plastic Pants11   
Jan 20, 2019Men Only - Str8/Bi/GaySpanking naughty bois1   
Jan 17, 2019Prostate milkingCNC Forced Male Milking1   
Jan 17, 2019PissPissing In Clear Plastic Pants2   
Jan 15, 2019male milkingElectro Cock Milking2   
Jan 14, 2019Extreme taboo no limitsIn search of a kinky, strict Master1   
Jan 13, 2019Men Only - Str8/Bi/GayNeed bondage pix m2m5   
Jan 13, 2019BI-SEX, ANAL, ORAL & PISSLooking for piss play, give and receive!!1   
Jan 13, 2019PissClothed or naked1   
Jan 10, 2019Masturbation ClubHow do you like to do it?9   
Jan 10, 2019male milkingforced2   
Jan 10, 2019post your humiliation ideasDiaper Punishment4   
Jan 10, 2019Pisslets liven this group up2   
Jan 10, 2019Masturbation ClubBondage Forced Masturbation3   
Jan 9, 2019Men Only - Str8/Bi/Gayneed my first dick3   
Jan 8, 2019SE Michigan Diaper LoversHello Everybody3   
Dec 8, 2018Extreme taboo no limitsRequired post..1   
Nov 22, 2018Corporal PunishmentWhen did you first learn that spanking could make for good sex?3   
Nov 22, 2018Corporal PunishmentForcing A Male To Cum By Whipping His Cock And Balls2