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Group posts by joyceMtoF
DateGroupTopic Title# Responses
Mar 25, 2019Sissy MaidsPics of attractive sissy maids9   
Mar 25, 2019Michigan Anal Sex ClubAnal Sex In BDSM Play2   
Mar 24, 2019Anything GoesFucked Up Shit1   
Mar 24, 2019Anything GoesRate the Bitch1   
Mar 24, 2019Anything GoesWhat the fuck is this?2   
Mar 23, 2019sissys for BLACK MENThe porn I watch!9   
Mar 23, 2019sissys for BLACK MENAnother white sissy for for Black men4   
Mar 9, 2019Anything GoesAre you flattered if a fag flirts with you?2   
Mar 9, 2019sissys for BLACK MENPics of Black fucking white4   
Mar 9, 2019sissys for BLACK MENOne more find of black on white2   
Mar 7, 2019Anything GoesToilet humiliation1   
Mar 7, 2019Anything GoesWhat Lines WILL you cross?2   
Mar 7, 2019Anything GoesWomen having sex with a garden hose2   
Mar 1, 2019Anything GoesLines that You will not cross. Are there any?1   
Feb 22, 2019sissys for BLACK MENMore pics of Black tops and white bottoms5   
Feb 21, 2019sissys for BLACK MENCould he be a God?3   
Feb 18, 2019Anything GoesSo when getting a package don't have a decent tip???4   
Feb 17, 2019Anything GoesI have went on a BDSM site and become a member2   
Feb 17, 2019Anything GoesRedneck Christmas Decorations2   
Feb 15, 2019sissys for BLACK MENThis is my favorite sport!2   
Feb 15, 2019sissys for BLACK MENImagining this is me on the bottom2   
Feb 15, 2019Sissy Maidstransformed from male servant to sissy maid1   
Feb 15, 2019Anything GoesDo you think about it when you know you are going to have sex?7   
Feb 15, 2019Anything GoesMen spanking women1   
Feb 11, 2019Anything GoesWhats the difference between kinky and perverted3   
Feb 8, 2019sissys for BLACK MENI have been so horny lately for a Black dick up my ass1   
Feb 8, 2019Kennel & CagesKnot for my birthday1   
Feb 8, 2019Anything GoesDo you confront fakes on this site or do you simply ignore fakes on this site?1   
Feb 8, 2019Anything GoesShe-males and dogs8   
Feb 8, 2019Forced feminisationIf you could change your body, would you?1   
Feb 8, 2019Anything GoesGetting fucked with a corn cob2   
Feb 5, 2019Shemales in the BDSM LifestyleWhat do you like about shemales?1   
Feb 4, 2019Tgirls who need menLasting Relationships...1   
Feb 3, 2019sissys for BLACK MENbbc sissy hypnosis14   
Feb 3, 2019Tgirls who need men"Need"1   
Feb 1, 2019Anything GoesHave you ever gone to work with a buttplug in your ass?1   
Feb 1, 2019Anything GoesWhich pictured Domme would you most like to serve?7   
Feb 1, 2019Anything GoesBeer Bottle In The Ass1   
Feb 1, 2019Anything GoesHow often do you wake up with wood?1   
Feb 1, 2019Anything GoesHow many inches would you like to add to your dick?1   
Jan 17, 2019Michigan Anal Sex ClubStrap-On Anal Sex1   
Dec 31, 2018Anything GoesAre you turned on by a woman wearing thigh-high boots?1   
Dec 31, 2018Anything GoesWhat would you do?1   
Dec 31, 2018sissys for BLACK MENAnother find of Black on white4   
Dec 29, 2018Anything GoesWhy did you join this site? What has kept you here?1   
Dec 24, 2018SAMM scene room 1posting to get intranswoman slave2   
Dec 24, 2018Anything GoesBound and Gagged Women1   
Dec 24, 2018Sissy MaidsAnother internet find3   
Dec 19, 2018Anything GoesNaked Bowling3